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Rabindrasangeet Singer Dr. Utsab Das: Finding Happiness in Singing and Serving (WBRi Feature)

Rabindrasangeet singer Dr. Utsab DasCalcutta, July 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Utsab, or Dr. Utsab Das, a singer by passion and a doctor by profession, comes from a family where his both grandparents are doctors, and mother a singer. Utsab has found happiness in both. Read all about Utsab and listen to his songs on WBRi.

Sayantanee Dutt - Bengali Poem Recitation (Bangla Kobita Abritti)

Sayantanee DuttOriginally from Bhowanipore, Kolkata, Sayantanee Dutt lives in Fremont, CA with her  husband and son, balancing between a full time job as a computer software professional, being a mother of a 11 year old son and indulging in acivities following her passions. Of all the various roles she adorns as a woman - daughter, wife, mother, aunt - being a mother is closest to her heart.

Listen to her Bangla kobita (Bengali poem) recitation recordings and read all about Sayantanee on WBRi.

DEENGA - The Kolkata Bangla Folk Fusion Band Sets Sail on the Ocean of Music (WBRi Exclusive Feature)

Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga (Bengali Folk-Rock Fusion)
Deenga performing live on stage

Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga Official LogoWashington DC, May 10, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Thir name, "Deenga", literally means a small boat in Bangla language. They are six guys sailing on an ocean of music. Meet the promising young Bengali folk-rock fusion band from Kolkata.

Deenga’s members are influenced by different genres of music which is reflected in their compositions. Deenga is very much influenced by Bengal's folk and rural songs, and they rearrange those songs to create their signature sound.

Their philosophy is to do simple music and spread peace and harmony. Deenga’s first album published by Asha Audio in   2005 was titled "Bhese Pori" (let's sail).

Formed in 2003 when six like minded professional musicians thought of getting together and doing something on their own, Deenga are a pretty well known band in today's Kolkata music circuit, which they attribute to their belief and confidence on themselves and hard work, though they, of course, feel there is still a long way to go. Their music is sometimes about the present political scenario, love and emotions of human heart, and the society we live in. "Nothing is compared to hard work and dedication. Music flows from your heart so don’t be too technical…it is feel that gives rise to good music" summarize Deenga about the path to musical success.

Kolkata Bangla Band Deenga (Bengali Folk-Rock Fusion Songs)
The sailors of Deenga

They like to imagine themselves to be sailors on a Deenga. Meet these sailors and listen to their songs via WBRi.

CHARBAK DIPTA - The Young Singer from Kolkata Experimenting with Rabindrasangeet, Nazrulgeeti and Electronica

Charbak DiptaCharbak Dipta grew up in Bongaon in West Bengal, India. His dad, Diptarup Das, is an amateur film-maker and ardent music lover while his mother Sanchita Das is herself a singer. Being the only son, Charbak grew up in the musical environment and started taking music lessons from his mother from the age of two and half.

Influenced by various Ustads and Pandits of Indian classical music ranging from Ustad Abdul Karim Khan to Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, from Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan to Vidushi Girija Devi, Charbak's idols are Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty who later became his Guru, and Satyajit Ray. He initially took lessons in Tabla and then started to learn Hindusthani classical vocal. His mother was his first guru, and later he became a disciple of Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan and Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan. Whatever little knowledge of music he has now is because of these brothers. They trust him as a student and have complete faith on his musical ability.

Charbak also took lessons in light music from Indrani Sen and Rabindrasangeet form Shrabani Sen. He has blessings from Sumitra Sen, the Rabindrasangeet veteran who loves his music. In addition, he has learnt to play the guitar and classical piano from Dolna Day School and the prestigious Calcutta School of Music.

Charbak has now evolved into professional singing, and appears on TV channels like Tara Musik, TV Southasia and more, as well as various community and commercial radio stations like Friend's FM in Calcutta. He is a semifinalist in the Television reality talent hunt competition show "KHOJ 2 - The Search" and a City Winner of Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth show. Read all about the young talented singer and listen to a few of his songs on WBRi.

Anushree Gupta - The Young Singer-Songwriter from Kolkata Celebrating Life with her Songs | WBRi Feature

Anushree GuptaWashington DC, March 27, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Born and raised in Kolkata Anushree Gupta grew up in a joint family amidst lots of love, lots of music and lots of poetry. Her dad was an expert Table player (though he chose to not play professionally) and her mother is a talented singer. Her grandfather has been a major inspiration for Anushree - he used to write beautiful devotional songs that she would sing with him. They spent magical moments together with music.

Read all about Anushree and her songs and listen to her beautiful texture online on WBRi.



Kalamandalam Calcutta has been one of India’s most respected dance institutes for South Indian Classical dance. For more than 4 decades, the academy has been imparting dance training to students from Calcutta and around the country. WBRi caught up with Kalamandalam’s secretary Shri.Somnath.G. Kutty to know more about the founder, the institute and its Premier Classical Dance Troupe of Kolkata, Performing Wing. 

Rajesh Kumar - The Young Magician and Illusioninst from India

Rajesh Kumar is an a illusionist, street magician, mentalist and metal bender from India. He has appeared in a TV show and named India’s Magic Star on STAR One TV Channel (now folded into STAR Player).  This was one of the most successful Television shows on STAR One having top TRP. Rajesh is one of India’s leading modern illusionists.

Read all about Rajesh Kumar and watch a video of his Indian magic performances on WBRi. Also do not miss our exclusive interview with the young magician Pouroosh Sorcar (P C Sorcar Master).

Rajib Karmakar - Talented Upcoming North Indian Hindustani Classical Instrumental Sitar Artiste

Rajib KarmakarCalcutta, Feb 12, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Born in a highly cultured musical family of Bengal, Rajib is a one of the most promising young musicians. He started learning the sitar at the tender age of four from his father Sri Durgadas Karmakar who was a strict disciplinarian, a purist and perfectionist and it was under his long and arduous training in all aspects of Sitar playing that Rajib emerged as a talented and sensitive young artist while still in his tender years.

He gave his first public performance at the age of six and at the age of 12 he performed on All India Radio. After that he was fortunate enough to be the Gandabandh Sagrid of Ustad Ghulam Akbar Khan, son in law of legendary Ustad Nissar Hussain Khan of Rampur Sahswan Gharana, where he was first trained in the classical vocal music that forms the foundation of the "gayaki ang" which is much prevelant in his playing .

Read all about Rajib and listen to him playing the Sitar on WBRi.

Somnath Roy "Tattu" - Composer, Producer and Music Director from Mumbai Noted for Promoting Fresh Talent Worldwide

Somnath Roy (Tattu)Mumbai, Feb 5, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Somnath Roy, widely known as Tattu, is a well-known music producer, composer and music director living in Mumbai. His efforts in supporting new singers, musicians and producers who need the nuts-and-bolts to complete their musical projects and to launch them globally are appreciated by many. He is known to handle such projects within defined time and budget constraints and makes arrangements for digital release in 240 countries while keeping in mind the business objective to cater to all requirements of his clients.

Supriyo Dutta: A Young and Talented North Indian Hindustani Classical Vocalist of Indore Gharana - WBRi Feature

Supriyo Dutta

Washington, DC, Jan 15, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) SUPRIYO DUTTA was born to Shri Tapas Dutta and Smt. Soma Dutta in a Bengali family. His vocal music training started from the very early age of five years solely on the interest of his mother. At the age of fourteen he started training with Shri Bidhan Mitra which changed his attitude towards life and developed in Supriyo a keen interest in Indian Classical Music.

Later Supriyo was guided and trained by Late Pandit Ramkrishna Bose of Indore Gharana as a National scholar in HindustaniVocal Classical Music. Supriyo has already performed in various reputed concerts in India and abroad. He has graduated with a Master's degree in Arts as the Gold Medalist (1st class -1st ) from Rabindra Bharati University in his field of Vocal Classical Music( Kheyal ).

Supriyo DuttaSupriyo is groomed not only as a performer in Hindustani vocal classical music but also as an established teacher on this field. He is training students not only in vocal music but also in various different musical instruments where he is teaching to play proper Hindustani Classical Music. He is even attached to an institution where he is training almost 1000 students & holds workshop classes whenever he is touring abroad for performances.

His versatility not only ends in Pure Classical Music but also in Semi - Classicals like Thumri, Bhajan, Raagpradhan, etc. He has given a number of such performances onstage as well as in television channels; also performed as a playback singer in a couple of Title Music under reputed Music Directors.  In recent times he is also working on the idea of blending rock/jazz/funky western grooves with hard core Indian Classical Music. These performances are receiving overwhelmed responses from audience and media in recent times .

Read all about Supriyo and listen to his performances of Hindustani Classical ragas in the complete WBRi feature.

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