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Haimanti Shukla | Bangla Adhunik / Modern & Bengali Devotional / Shyamasangeet Collection

Trained formally in Indian Classical Vocal, Hoimonti Shukla is a renowned singer across all genres of Bengali music, covering the entire spectrum from Bengali Modern / Pop to Devotional Bhajans / Shyamasangeet (songs dedicated to Goddess Kali). She is also an excellent concert performer, and has traveled globally participating in numerous events organized by expatriate Bengalis. Listen to Bengali Songs on our Live Internet Online Streaming Radio Station, and buy Bangla Songs online at the best prices form our secure trusted Digital Sales Partner Store:

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Sumitra Sen | Rabindrasangeet

An icon in  the genre of Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore Songs), Sumitra Sen joined Gitabitan at an early age. Later on, she studied with Soumendranath Tagore and Anadi Kumar Dastidar.

Sumitra has been associated with Rabindra Bharati Univeristy since 1970, eventually retiring as the Head of the Department of Rabindra Sangeet. A regular artiste on All India Radio / Akashvani for over half a century, Sumitra also has the distinction of being associated with Doordarshan (pseudo-government controlled TV channel) from the day Doordarshan was founded.

Winner of the HMV Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to Rabindra Sangeet, Sumitra Sen has sung many Bengali Film Songs and has albums published by numerous record labels, including SaReGaMa (erstwhile HMV), Soundwing, EBI, Atlantis, Raga Music, and so on.

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Rupande Shah | Aanand | Devoted Rabindra Sangeet & Classical Singer & Dancer | Best Price from WBRi Affiliate Online CD Shop

Rupande Shah has a major contribution to the development of cultural and music institutions in Gujarat, India. This live recording from Saptak Festival is an example of her dedication and inspiring performance.

WBRi Secure Digital Music Storew: RUPANDE SHAH - AanandTracks
1 Raga Kedar - Khayal 'Sej Nis Nind na Aaye' in Vilambit Ektaal
2 Raga Kedar - Khayal 'Chatur Sughar Balama Re'in Drut Ektaal
3 Raga Basant (Khayal 'Phoolwa Ab Phool Rahi Baname' in Madhya Tee
4 Raga Basant (Khayal 'Sarasarang Phool Rahe' in Drut Ektaal

Somdatta - Reflections | Exclusive WBRi Online Download | Rabindrasangeet From Multi-Talented Grand daughter of Debabrata Biswas

25 Boishakh Tagore Songs Special WBRi Exclusive Album for you

REFLECTIONS is the 2nd Rabindra Sangeet album from Somdatta.

Somdatta, born in Kolkata, raised in Ahmedabad and currently a resident of the United States, received singing lessons from her father, Late Jati Shankar Chakraborty. She is also an accomplished n Bharatnatyam Dancer, having learnt from Mrinalini and Mallika Sarabhai at the Darpana Academy of Dance in Ahmedabad. Her latest album Reflections has 10 songs sung in the tradition of Somdatta's legendary grandfather, Debabrata Biswas. Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya adds his great skill to Somdatta's singing as well in Reflections.

Somdatta's first album was named Uttarshuri.

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Srikanta Acharya | Part -1 | Complete Online Discography | Listen to Free Previews & Download MP3 Bengali Songs Online | Bangla

Sadhana Sargam

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Srikanto Acharya, born in Kolkata, learnt singing at Dakshinee Music Academy - a music school known for excellence in the genre of Rabindrasangeet (Tagore Songs). One of the icons in contemporary Bengali Modern Songs (Bangla Adhunik Gan), Rabindrasangeet, Shyamasangeet (songs dedicated to Goddess Kali) and Nazrulgeeti, Srikanta Acharya has recently diversified into genres like Devotional Bhajans (you can download his excellent Offerings / Hindi Bhajan songs here).

Debabrata Biswas / George Biswas / George-da Part 1 | Rabindrasangeet | Preview Free and Download Bangla Songs MP3 Online Shop

Four Decades before the emergence of Oo-La-La Pagla Haoa, Debabrata Biswas upped the ante on his contemporary culture police by singing Rabindrasangeet (Tagore Songs) in inimitable emotion laden recordings and performances, resulting in having some of his records blocked from public release by tradition-anchored self acclaimed puritans.

Roquaiya Hasina Neely | A telephone interview | WBRi Bangla Radio Speaks with Neely in Dhaka From Washington

Washington Bangla Radio (WBRi)spoke with the extraordinary Rabindra Sangeet singer Roquaiya Hasina Neely today over telephone before airing her album "Baaje Jhornar Gaan". Neely speaks informally with Supratim Sanyal of WBRi about her childhood, her parents, musical career highlights and offers tips to young and upcoming Rabindra Sangeet singers. A must listen for Rabindra Sangeet fans. A WBRi exclusive Podcast.

Tarun Banerjee | Bangla Adhunik Gaan | Bengali Adhunik Songs | Rabindra Sangeet

Bangla Adhunik / Bengali Modern songs & Rabindra Sangeet / Tagore Songs by Tarun Bandopadhyay are evergreen favorites of Bangla Music lovers. Tarun Banerjee is one of the shining stars of the Bengali Music Golden Nostalgic Period / Nostalgia Age / Swarna Joog of Bangla Gaan. His Adhunik / Bengali Modern Bangla Songs and Rabindra Sangeet songs are cherished collectibles in a majority of Bengali households even today.

The nostalgic Bangla Adhunik Songs of the Bengali Swarnajug era are famously romantic and are mostly Bengali love songs in nature. Various subtle and strong sentiments are expressed with poetic license in extraordinary beautiful albums that are great works of art. The dry reality of post-modern Bengali song writing and music composition found today is a far cry from nostalgia era bangla adhunik gaan. Focus has also shifted away from high art to the physical, and though love is still often the subject, it is not uncommon to find a bangla song about sex and the human body any more. Western Rock has long celebrated making love in love songs, and Bengali music is not far behind.

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Balam | Balam | Get the album from the famous ex-Warfaze Singer and Producer from WBRi Online Affiliate Store


Album: Balam

Balam is a talented and versatile singer, performer and producer from Bangladesh and is well known for his unique blend of Bengali World Fusion. Balam is a natural in music. When Balam was in the eighth grade at school, he composed the popular Warfaze song "Mone pore jaye amar koishor". Balam was a cofounder of the Bangla Band "Renegades" in 1995, when he graduated from secondary school. Renegades released the album "Phiriye Dao" towards the end of 1995.

Babukishan Krishnendu Das Bengali Baul Songs | Bangla Baul, Sufi World Folk Fusion, GypsyIndia | Purna Das Baul, Nabani Das Baul

Babukishan Baul - Krishnendu Das Baul - son of Purna Das Baul - grandson of Nabani Das BaulKrishnendu Das Baul, popularly known as Babukishan Baul is a Multi-Instrumentalist Music & Dance Instructor, Composer, Performer and Film Music Project Designer. He is the grandson of Guru Shri Nabani Das Baul, and the son of Samrat Purna Das Baul and Manju Das.

Babukishan comes from an old and very traditional Baul folklore family. His grandfather, Guru Shri Nabani Das Baul, was a much celebrated singer and poet who was instrumental in bringing the Baul culture of Bengal to fame with the respected and admired status it enjoys today. Nabani Das Baul often collaborated with the writer of India's National Anthem, a great poet, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, Rabindranath Tagore, in popularizing the music of the Baul.

Nabani Das Baul opened the doors for his people to the world. In keeping with this tradition. Babukishan's father, Samrat Purna Das Baul, a modern, popular legend among the Bauls, opened up the doors even further by collaborating and jamming in live performances with the top Western and European acts of the 20th century. Babu is a music designer, singer, and author renowned in India for his work in both the recording and film industries. He plays a variety of music combining new age, and world fusion, with traditional folk music in authentic Bengali Baul style.

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