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Centenary of the Capital: Delhi - A Palimpsest of 100 Glorious Years

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By Sameer Pushp
PIB Features

New Delhi, Dec 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio /  PIB India) Delhi a magnum opus was build and destroyed seven times, tells the saga of the bygone era. Endowed with the power and charisma of creating myth; transcending moments of history- Delhi completes 100 glorious years. As a narrative of extraordinary time, Delhi has recorded amazing kaleidoscopic breadth of events – sometimes tragic, often triumphant as the stupendous talent of people.

A city brimming with life has many stories wrapped, frozen in time, yet eloquent in their immediacy. There is much more to Delhi than her legendary history, rich cultural heritage, cultural diversity and religious unity. Delhi is a palimpsest, bearing the complexities, the contradictions, the beauty and the dynamism of the city where past coexist with present, many dynasties ruled from here and the cultural elements, absorbed into daily life. One side is monuments, icons of testimony to the grandeur of the past and, to other side is a long suffering Yamuna depicting the follies of the present. Delhi has a multilayer existence and is among the fastest growing cities. Stretching beyond seven cities created around 13th and 17th centuries; Delhi urban sprawl is extensive and still growing. There are skyscrapers, residential colonies and busting commercial malls all testimony to the changing time. Delhi soul is its energy, effervescence, ebullience manifested in the spirit of people. In a quest to build home and hope millions work here with zest, liveliness and fervor. Delhi embodies the subtle fusion of diverse ideas, of variety, of novelty of tradition through many decades. The uniqueness of Delhi is its strength to rejuvenate and withstand the test of time, which can be seen in its life style.

Rezala (Mughlai Food) From the Kitchens of the Nawab


A few weeks back I was watching Satyajit Ray’s film Shatranj ki Khiladi and quite enjoying the fact that the nawabs had so much time to laze around and gorge on some exotic nawabi khaana. Well, I was certainly thinking of Wajid Ali Shah who was known to be foodie. When he came to Calcutta, it is known that he brought all his chefs and cooks to supply him his daily dose of food glorious food. 

Alcazar Show (Pattaya, Thailand)


“No see Alcazar Cabaret?” came the question with a broad smile. “I beg your pardon?” I surprisingly asked the lady at the travel desk of Dusit Resort of Pattaya. I was not ready for this funny question. “Alcazar, Pattaya’s culture show” was the prompt reply. The name Alcazar always reminded me of Tintin’s friend, General Alcazar. No one in Pattaya could tell us why the renowned dance programme was named so. 

Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja


Name of the Puja Committee : Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee,
                                               5/1, Kashi Bose Lane, Kolkata – 700 006.

History Of this Puja          : It was the foregoing time of 2nd World war. In the year of 1937, the British empower stopped the puja at ‘Simla Bayam Samity’ in North Kolkata, which was mainly organized by some freedom – fighters. They came to Kashi Bose Lane CIT park along with some local enthuastic youths & residents & arranged & started the Durga puja at Kashi Bose Lane ground, but in the time of 2nd World War (in 1939), this tune of had been loosened for one year due to the socio-economic situation. But then , this durga puja continues till now with adding various dimensions to Kolkata Durga Puja Festival & enriches the significance of Bengali culture world wide. In 2012, Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee will be going to celebrate 75th year i.e. the Platinum Jubilee year to poise the projection to the masses & to develop a well entrenched tradition in Bengal rather in Indian socio-economic landscape for attracting visitors from far & wide and also for winning their hearts. The main objective of this puja is to provide the message of peace to the masses with endless joy, prosperity, love & happiness forever.

Sonar Kella (The Golden Fort-Jaisalmer-Rajasthan-India)


Every Bengali knows the golden fort of Jaisalmer as the ‘Sonar Kella’ and probably loves it more after Satyajit Ray’s eponymous film starring Bengal’s favourite fictional detective Feluda.

Lena Meijer Children's Garden (Grand Rapids, United States)


Like every year, India celebrated Children’s day on 14th of November. But there is a place in the Frederick Meijer’s garden in Michigan that celebrates Children’s day everyday of the year. Since this garden has no age bar, we visited the place to feel and enjoy the childhood days, once again. The garden is a unique place for the children to learn, explore and enjoy.

Legoland, Windsor-UK (Children's Day Special)


Imagine a land, dedicated to children, a kingdom with no limits on adventure and excitement, a safe and happy place where the imagination knows no bound. Lego land, in Windsor, is the answer. A place where the fun never stops and the children reign supreme. Windsor, a small town in the district of Berkshire in UK, hosts this wonderful place for children.

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