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South African Tourism offers a host of facilities for Indian tourists

Kolkata, Auhust 16, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): South Africa has always been one of the most popular nation of tourist attraction. Such is its popularity among tourists around the world that every year at least 10% of The Nation’s total GDP comes from the tourism industry. And to encourage its tourism in future, the tourism department has started ‘Learn South Africa’ class room training programs. This program was first introduced in 2010.

Emirates increases flight to Kolkata and Dhaka

Kolkata, April 10. 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Emirates’ passengers in Europe, the Middle East and North America can now enjoy more convenient connections to West Asia as the airline increased frequencies to Dhaka and Kolkata last week.

Dharmendra Celebrates his 79th Birthday On the Sets of 'Second Hand Husband'

Mumbai , December 12, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): Dharmendra along with Gippy Grewal, Narmada Ahuja, Deepa Bisra and director Smeep Kang celebrated his 79th birthday in the sets of Second Hand Husband in Punjab on 8th December, 2014.

The starcast made it special for Dharmendra by surprising him with a birthday cake in the middle of the shoot of the film.

Deepika Padukone on Europe tour with family; Taking a break after two years

Deepika Padukone takes a break

Deepika Padukone, who is riding high on success and constantly racing on the top takes time out to pamper herself and spend some time with her family. She leaves on a holiday for 15 days with her parents and sister to Europe. The actress gets to spend quality time with her family after almost 2 long years.

Aurum Communications Pvt. Ltd. awarded digital duties for Magic Holidays

Aurum Communications Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded the digital duties for Magic Holidays, a property of the Panoramic Group of Companies.

Travel companies initiates aggressive marketing campaigns for summer holidays

Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Global AdvertisersGrowing inspiration and increasing disposable income have given rise to outbound tourism of India. An estimated 50 million Indians are set to travel overseas by 2020. The wide spread market of discerning Indian travelers have caught the attention of several international tourism boards, cruises, airlines and allied services. Therefore, to grab the interest of Indian travelers this summer, tourism companies are aggressively promoting their destination and services in India via outdoor advertising.

Emirates Offers Special Advance Fares for Summer Travel

“These special fares offer U.S. travelers a world of inspiration for their summer travel plans,” said Matthias Schmid, VP Sales USA, Emirates. “With seven gateways in the U.S. and a global network of 128 destinations worldwide, Emirates gives globetrotters a broad range of choice and now even more value for money.”

In Quest of Our Glorious Past: Cambodia

Dr. Ratan Lal BasuAs soon as I looked out the exit gate of Phnom Penh Airport at late afternoon I felt as though I have entered into an unknown enchanting world radically different from the drab modernized Bangkok where I had been only a few hours ago. Later on I was marveled by the exquisite architecture of the city, a fine blending of French and Buddhist architecture.

তুমি যে আজ কল্পতরু ঠাকুর: দক্ষিণেশ্বর থেকে তারক ঘোষ ও জয়া বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় (KALPATARU UTSHAB at DAKSHINESWAR)

Tarak Ghosh

The following article is in Unicode Bengali font. Tarak Ghosh and Jaya Bandopadhyay report from the Kolpotoru Utshob at Dakshineshwar.

Tarak is a writer and a journalist, managing editor of NEWS3, and former journalist for the Bartaman, the Telegraph and other dailies and journals.

Jaya is a former Journalist of CVP television & news agency CTVN plus, Sristi and M9 Bengali Channel. Photography is her hobby.

You can send your creative writing to for consideration towards publication in our Bengali online Magazine section.

Kalpataru Utshab at Dakshineshwar

কাশীপুর উদ্যানবাটি থেকে দক্ষিণেশ্বর।পথের শেষ থেকে শুরু আর এক নতুন পথের দিশা।লক্ষ মানুষের হৃদয়ে আজ শুধুই রামকৃষ্ণনাম।তবু ভবতারিণী মন্দিরের পাশ দিয়ে বয়ে চলা গঙ্গায় আজ কেন কান্নার এই চোরা স্রোত?ঠাকুর, তুমি তো নারীর মধ্যে দেখেছিলে দেবীর চিন্ময়ী রূপ, তাঁকে বসিয়েছিলে দেবীর আসনে।আর আমরা? আমরা তাকে ঠাকুর, তুমি আমাদের চৈতন্য দাও,দাও বিবেক।দূর কর মনের মধ্যে লুকিয়ে থাকা পশুটাকে,যাতে আমরা নারীকে আর পণ্য না ভাবি। তুমি যে আজ কল্পতরু ঠাকুর - দক্ষিণেশ্বর থেকে তারক ঘোষ ও জয়া বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়

Kalpataru Utshab at Dakshineshwar

স্থান কাশীপুর উদ্যানবাটি। তারিখ ১৫ আগষ্ট ১৮৮৬।সময় রাত্রি ১ টা বেজে ২ মিনিট। অমৃতলোকে চলে গেলেন যুগপুরুষ শ্রীশ্রীরামকৃষ্ণ।তার ঠিক কয়েকমাস আগে জানুয়ারী মাসের প্রথম দিনে শ্রীরামকৃষ্ণ এক অপরূপ রূপে আত্মপ্রকাশ করলেন এই কাশীপুর উদ্যানবাটিতেই।লীলাপ্রঙ্গকারের ভাষায় এই দিনটি -‘ঠাকুরের  অভয় প্রকাশ অথবা আত্মপ্রকাশপূর্বক সকলকে অভয় প্রদান’ এর দিন ...

Kalpataru Utshab at Dakshineshwar

Kolpotoru Utsob at Dakkineshwar

Tanya Kumar launches Goa's exclusive oasis Tesò

Tanya Kumar

The brainchild of Tanya Kumar and a treasure in the truest sense of the word – Tesò located in Goa, the country’s ultimate party destination, is the perfect way to unwind on the Waterfront at Siolim.

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