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India Builds World’s Largest Telescope at the Highest Altitude: MACE

Cerenkov Effect

Cerenkov Effect (Photo credit: NRCgov)

Major Atmospheric Cerenkov Experiment Telescope or MACE Hanle, is the world's largest telescope at the highest altitude being established at Hanle, Ladakh. It is being built by ECIL, Hyderabad for BARC. It will be built in Hyderabad and will be assembled at the campus of Indian Astronomical Observatory at Hanle. It will be remotely operated and will run on Solar Power.

It will help to explore the exciting energy range of gamma ray energy region in between satellite and the traditional Atmospheric Cerenkov experiments. The telescope is named after the Russian scientist Cerenkov who predicted that charged particles moving at high speeds in a medium, emit light.

Mir Introduces Wireless Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot to Kolkata

Umang Lalani and Mir
Umang Lalani and Mir

Mir told WBRi, "It is not my birthday today but I am feeling very fortunate to get the opportunity of being the first user of this awesome device. As I have to travel a lot with my friends and team members of Bandage, we need to be connected all the time with wi-fi technology.  It will be a great support system for all hi-tech youngsters who eat, drink and live with super advanced technology."

Latest Technique in Mineral Exploration: Technology Infusion envisaged during India's XII Five Year Plan

Gsi kolkata

Gsi kolkata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Delhi, Feb 22, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB Features): The Geological Survey of India (GSI) has made phenomenal contributions in the mineral sector and is carrying out systematic investigation for mineral resource assessment of the country in geologically potential areas through modern and sophisticated exploration methods involving modern geological mapping techniques, geomorphological and lineament mapping through study of satellite imageries, aero and ground geophysical studies and geochemical mapping. As part of this GSI has initiated extensive programme of modernization on the advice of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industries, and as per guidelines laid down by an Expert Panel on Modernization of GSI. The modernization program is aimed to improve the regional exploration for assessment of natural resources by infusion of latest state of art technology.  The technology infusion envisaged during the 12th Five Year Plan period is ...

EATLApps concludes final round of evaluation Top ten talent hunt in ICT sector

EATLApps Mobile Development Contest 'Final Round' Mobile Apps Presentation of one of the contestants with JURY Board@BRAC INN 22nd March, 2013
EATLApps Mobile Development Contest 'Final Round' Mobile Apps Presentation of one of the contestants with JURY Board@BRAC INN 22nd March, 2013

JURY Board of EATLApps Mobile Development Contest (from left Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman, Dr. Rajesh Palit & Dr. Md. Yousuf Sarwar Uddin@BRAC INN, 22nd March 2013
JURY Board of EATLApps Mobile Development Contest: from left Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman, Dr. Rajesh Palit & Dr. Md. Yousuf Sarwar Uddin@BRAC INN, 22nd March 2013

Today, 22 March, 2013, a day long Mobile Development Contest – Final Round was held at BRAC Inn, for selecting the Top Ten mobile Apps contesters. Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL), a leading application developer in the country, launched and officially inaugurated its nationwide Talent Hunt program for Mobile Apps on 17 November 2012. On this occasion a welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Nizam Uddin Ahmed, CEO, EATL, amounting and M. A. Mubin Khan, MD, EATL, was present at the contest. The initiative has intrigued a massive response among the brightest talents who are representing the innovative, new-edge topnotch technology from various private and public universities, to a total of 200 concept notes from participants.

Data Security and India - EU Trade Negotiations

As we know that India- EU relations go back to the early 1960s. India was among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the (then) European Economic Community (EEC).  India-EU relations have grown exponentially from what used to be mostly a trade and economic issues driven relationship to one covering all areas of interaction. The two sides have agreed on a Strategic Partnership and adopted a Joint Action Plan. Today, EU is one of our largest trading partners, and an important source of technology and home to a large and influential Diaspora.  While trade and investment still continue to be an important aspect of our bilateral relationship, the relations stand qualitatively transformed as signified by our bilateral efforts to develop common approaches to addressing new and emerging challenges.

Interview: Dr. Shehla Agarwal on Skin care, Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

By Bidisha Bagchi

Dr. Shehla AgarwalDr.Shehla Agarwal is a well known name in the field of Dermatology, Skin care and Cosmetic Surgery. With years of practice, she conducts workshops on educating people on skin care, anti- ageing and other skin and hair related problems all over the country and abroad. She is closely involved with the print media as she regularly writes monthly columns on skin care for leading dailies in India. She spared some time from her busy schedule and spoke to WBRi about skin care, treatments and cosmetic surgery.

Why did you choose Dermatology as your specialization?

Biogas Plant at SMV Government School in Thiruvananthapuram

By Pallavi Chinya
The author is Joint Director (Media & Communication), PIB, Thiruvananthapuram.

Biogas Plant at SMV Government School in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB India) Sree Moola Vilasom (SMV) Government Model Higher Secondary School is one of the oldest schools in Thiruvananthapuram city. Established by Swathi Thirunal Maharaja of the Travancore Kingdom in 1836. Today this school is imparting education to more than 3000 children studying from 5th standard to plus two. The children of this school have been provided with an opportunity to learn beyond what is taught from the text books. They are getting one of the important civic lessons i.e. solid waste management. Under the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP), the Thiruvanathapuram city corporation set up a Biogas plant with an approximate cost of Rs3.85 lakh on the school premises in 2009. Initially it was operated by an agency but since 2011 the school authorities with the active participation of staff comprising nearly 100 teaching and non-teaching staff and students are operating and maintaining the biogas plant.

India's Entertainment Industry Rides High on WAP Technology

By Avishikta Ray / EveryMedia

Mumbai, Feb 23, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The entertainment industry in India, is currently riding on a wave of innovations and unique way of distributing the content to the masses. All the major names in Bollywood are tied in a cut throat competition to invent the best delivery option with an intention to make huge profits in the process. Other than the normal video medium, media houses have come up with alternate methods like mobile marketing or better known as the WAP services to increase revenue in the system.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu Launches 'Groom You' App

Mumbai, Jan 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hindi movie fans are all set to get a makeover from our hairstylist Riana. The EMAET team has come up with a very unique application called ‘Groom You’ on their official Facebook page.

‘Groom you’ is a fun application, where fans can redefine their style with a virtual makeover. The user simply has to upload a picture and follow the instructions given. Our Riana will give him a cool hairstyle that suits the user. The user can then share their new hairstyle with their friends.

Computerization of Consumer Forums in India

New Delhi, Nov 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB India) Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution has given very high priority to the consumer protection. Accordingly, the Department of Consumer Affairs has taken up computerization and computer networking of consumer forums in country . This has enabled easy access of information and facilitate quick disposal of cases at consumer forums.

Now the consumer can obtain required information about the provisions in Consumer Protection Act, details of consumer redressal mechanism, addresses of consumer forums and the status of his case filed at the consumer forum just with the click at the website  NGOs and lawyers can also access  the list of cases to be heard on particular day and judgments delivered in the past by the consumer forums at the website.

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