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Hindus can’t raise Hanuman statue on Oklahoma Capitol grounds as moratorium enters 16th month

Hindus are heartbroken as moratorium on erecting new monuments on Oklahoma (USA) Capitol grounds declared by Oklahoma State Capitol Preservation Commission (OSCPC) on December 19, 2013, continues.
Universal Society of Hinduism had planned to apply to OSCPC for permission to place a statue of Lord Hanuman in the statehouse grounds and hoped that Commission would approve it. Lord Hanuman is greatly revered and worshipped in Hinduism and is known for incredible strength and was a perfect grammarian.

“Kevin Costner’s” McFarland to have 1st Hindu invocation in its 57 years

McFarland City Council in California (USA), incorporated in 1957 and made famous by Kevin Costner lead movie “McFarland, USA” currently in theaters, will have its first historic Hindu opening prayer on April 23, containing verses from world’s oldest existing scripture.

“Interfaith Space” at University of Nevada will open in January 2016

Interfaith Space” in the $44 million William N. Pennington Student Achievement Center at University of Nevada-Reno (UNR), currently under construction, would open in January 2016; UNR President Dr. Marc A. Johnson told distinguished religious statesman Rajan Zed today.

Catholic Diocese distances itself from Idaho Catholic Senator’s labeling Hindu faith & gods “false”

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, which comprises the entire state of Idaho, appears to have distanced itself from comments of Idaho Senator from Cottonwood, Sheryl L. "Sherry" Nuxoll, who reportedly said on March three: "Hindu is a false faith with false gods".

An inspiring change in Kashmir: Women Empowerment

Brokpa women from Kargil, northern Ladakh, in local costumes
Brokpa women from Kargil, northern Ladakh, in local costumes (CC BY 2.0)

Contrary to the 18th and 19th centuries, the 20th Century world in general has witnessed the rise in social status of the women. However, in last few decades, there has been a tremendous surge in the desire among women not to be merely treated as equal to their male counterparts but first among the equals. This phenomenon becomes particularly interesting because this desire of women is backed by a solid endeavour to carve a niche for themselves. Today, women want to weave a world of their  own - a world that promises freedom to make choices, independence to take decisions and indulgence with capacity building activities. Like the rest of the world, Kashmir too is experiencing this transformation among women. The phenomenon of women outshining their male counterparts is a common place occurrence rather than being an exception. Women empowerment, thus, is no more anissue that can be overlooked or given a shoddy treatment.   Despite Kashmir being a male dominated society for centuries and women being restricted behind the four walls, Kashmiri women have proved their mettle in numerous fields around the world. The very fact that they were able to overcome the enigmas of gender inequalities and discrimination, restrictions caused by the conflict and lack of opportunities, there is no more proof required support the argument that the quest for excellence among Kashmiri women was never missing.