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Music Mania Begins Outdoor Promotion With Global Advertisers

Global Advertiser has displayed hoardings in the prominent areas of Mumbai including Juhu and Andheri to promote young talents for Music Mania

Indian Cuisine powerhouse, VARLI Magazine launches cookbook with top 20 recipes

VARLI Magazine launches cookbook

Indian Cuisine powerhouse, VARLI Magazine celebrated 3 successful years at the First Annual Summer Tasting Event in Long Island on August 7th.  VARLI Magazine, known for promoting Indian cuisine, hosted an outdoor food tasting event at Mint restaurant in Garden City, with celebrity guest, Bollywood Actress Aarti Chabria. Over 300 guests enjoyed eclectic dishes from various Indian restaurants and celebrity chefs, Chef Gary Sikka, Chef Bachan Rawat, Chef Navjot Arora, Chef Kausik Roy, Parul Patel and an array of wonderful summer cocktails.  The evening was hosted by New York based Comedian, Anish Shah.

Global Advertisers gets right of premium bus shelters

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India’s premier outdoor agency, Global Advertisers adds strategically positioned bus shelter of Marine Drive, Dadar, Andheri and Borivali into its portfolio. With an aim to offer the best solutions to their client, Global Advertisers has expanded its services in bounce & leaps, adding further to the celebration of its 17th anniversary.

Real Image Media Technologies installs 4K systems for Wave Cinemas

Wave Cinemas now boasts 10 E-cinema screens and 15 2K screens in addition to the 3 4K screens, across Noida, Rajouri Gardens, Moradabad, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Kaushambi and Haridwar.

জয়ঢাক বর্ষা ২০১২ সংখ্যা বের হলো

এসে গেল নতুন জয়ঢাক। পড়ুন, পড়ান ও আনন্দ পান।

জয়ঢাক বর্ষা ২০১২

Writer-Poet DIBYENDU GHOSAL: Life and Works

Calcutta, May 21, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The random  nature of Dibyendu Ghosal’s education have surfaced in his writing, leading to criticism of  his poems’ obscurities. And like the Victorian era British poets Robert Browning and Lord Byron . Writers are the most respected in the world . when an author is said to be obscure, it implies that readers have not been able to grasp  his  works. An intellectual person, poet Dibyendu have never held  his readers  in contempt or ignorance and there is not even  an iota of false sense of pride in his powers. .. His poems are not only for the elites , these are for the masses.

Buy Dibyendu Ghosal’s Books Online »

Arabian Nights


Arabian cuisine is sometimes described as refined art; such is its diversity and richness. It is influenced by dozens of cultures, and its spicy dishes reflect the fact that the Arabian nations that also includes Egypt was either the source or the way for spices that eventually spread to the whole world. Rice and various legumes, especially lentils and chickpeas are staples of main course dishes and it also includes lots of salads made from both fresh vegetables and fruits. Meaty items like lamb, chicken and beef plays an important role in the cuisine, be it in grilled or barbequed form and blends of common ingredients like coriander, cumin, mint and other Arabian spices adds to the uniqueness of this fare. Lebanese cuisine plays a very important role in placing Arabian food in the world map of exotic food.

Interview: Reiki and Magnified Healing Master Sukirta Chopra on Distant Healing, Reiki & Theta

By Bidisha Bagchi

Reiki and Magnified Healing Master Sukirta ChopraReiki pronounced as Ray-Key, is a Japanese word given to an ancient healing system which was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a theologist and a teacher in the 19 Century. Ki means life force energy and has various names like Chi in China, Prana in Sanskrit. This is present in all of existence and can be tapped to benefit all. This vibrational technique balances, harmonizes and restores our energy system by channelling energy through the energy centres in the palms of our hands.

WBRi chatted with Reiki and Magnified Healing Master Sukirta Chopra on how the spiritual practices help to heal.

What is Reiki?

জয়ঢাকের নতুন সংখ্যা বের হলো

ridoyer golpoপ্রকাশিত হল শিশু কিশোরদের ওয়েবপত্রিকা জয়ঢাক বসন্ত ২০১২ সংখ্যা


Interview: Feng Shui expert Nalini Rawal on the ancient science and its impact on our lives

By Bidisha Bagchi


An interior designer by profession in India, Nalini Rawal studied Vaastu and her interest grew in Astro Sciences. She also studied Feng Shui (Fung-Shway) and is now an expert in it. WBRi chatted with her to know more about these ancient sciences and how it works.

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