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Tantra Expert Reyna Puri Hosts New Yoga Workshops

Kundalini Tantra Instructor Reyna PuriTantra is commonly associated with the mysterious ways of love making as depicted in the Kama Sutra. But Tantra is not about sex. Tantra is the concept that everything is connected and expanding and interdependent. According to Puri, “Tantra is related to our subtle energy channels called Chakras which are also known as Kundalini. People associate Tantra only with sexuality; however that is just one area of Tantra.”

Interview: ROHINI VERMA of WEIGHT WATCHERS INTL Shares Secrets of Healthy Living Without Compromising on Food You Love (Audio)

By Bidisha Bagchi

Rohini Verma of Weight Watchers InternationalMichigan, USA, Feb 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) WBRi caught up with Rohini Verma, a Weight Watchers International leader to know the secret of staying slim, trim and healthy without giving up your favorite food.

She described Weight Watchers to be program that educated and informed people on how to navigate and choose healthier food in an ever more challenging environment, while incorporating more activity into their lives.

When asked what kind of plans are available in the United States and was it same across the World, she said that there were two ways of following Weight Watchers. A. In meetings, where members could enjoy the group dynamic, an educated and knowledgeable Leader, accountability and a supportive environment. B. Online, where members could enjoy the convenience of everything Weight Watchers has to offer at the convenience of their home or office or on their mobile device. And these plans were followed by 30 countries all over the World.

She also explained that Weight Watchers’ Points Plus system was a revolutionary method that encouraged and urged people to healthier, more satisfying food choices.

Listen to some very practical advice from a Weight Watchers leader on WBRi.

White House 2013 Budget & AAPIs

President Obama sent his budget for the 2013 fiscal year to Congress earlier today. Below are details about how his budget creates security for Asian American and Pacific Islander families. This year’s budget reflects the President’s firm belief that our country has always done best when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules. It’s a document built around the recognition that this is a make or break moment for the middle class and those trying to reach it. What’s at stake is the very survival of the basic American promise that if you work hard, you can do well enough to raise a family, own a home and put a little away for retirement. This budget continues the Obama Administration’s commitment to keeping that promise alive by creating an economy that’s built to last – with good jobs that pay well and security for the middle class.

Dr. Khanna and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan "The Most Beautiful Woman on Earth" in Elegant Living Magazine

The most beautiful woman on earth

Quote startVision and beauty are two sides of a coinQuote end

Hollywood, CA, January 25, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB)  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been declared as the most beautiful woman on earth. Recently she was featured on the front cover of the Elegant Living Magazine. The article recaptures her rise to stardom from humble beginnings. A few pages apart was a similar story of rise to fame from humble beginnings of Dr khanna, who is considered the LASIK surgeon to the stars. The article illustrates what Dr. Khanna has been able to accomplish for his patients in the field of vision correction surgery. Depending on age and power of eye, a talented eye surgeon can deliver customized solutions ranging from wavefront LASIK, to Prelex with crystalens HD. There is also the option of minimally invasive cataract surgery with multifocal implants.To admire beauty, you need beautiful eyes.

Photo-Feature: Amy Jackson - Prateik Babbar Inaugurate Bone Marrow Donation Camp in Mumbai, India

Prateik and Amy Jackson Join Cause for Greater Good
Prateik and Amy Jackson Join Cause for Greater Good

British Actress Model Amy Jackson

Bollywood Actor Prateik Babbar

Mumbai, Jan 9, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The cast of Ek Deewana Tha, Prateik and Amy Jackson have joined hands to support the cause of Bone Marrow donation.

To show their support for their cause, the stars on January 9, 2012, have inaugurated a registration camp organized by Drishti, the Youth Management festival of Narsee Monjee Management College, in association with Being Human and Marrow Donor Registry India. Amy Jackson said on the micro blogging site twitter, “At NM College to support DRISHTI and BEING HUMAN for their Registering Camp for Bone Marrow!! Such a good cause”!

The Stars have also donated blood under the supervision of experienced doctors from Tata Memorial Hospital. Emphasizing on the importance of blood donation in this camp, Prateik tweeted, “Donating 10ml or 2 teaspoons of blood could potentially add 20+ years to a Cancer patients’ life...Small activity 2day can mean a LIFE 2moro”. To encourage fans to be a part of this just cause, Amy tweeted, “DRISHTI rocks! Just become a blood donor with TATA Memorial Hospital...Donated blood today. Make sure you do the same and make a difference!

The pair has surely taken up a just cause to help the society. Let us all hope that their followers join in their Endeavour and make the camp a successful one. Ekk Deewana Tha releases on February 17, 2012. After all their efforts for the registration camp, let us hope that their movie is a success in the Box Office.

Here is a picture gallery from the event.

Amy Jackson and Prateik Babbar

Amy Jackson and Prateik Babbar

Amy Jackson and Prateik Babbar

British Actress Model Amy Jackson

Its no miracle or diet - Get slim with ‘Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss’ (DVD Review)

Mumbai, Dec 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Many times you wonder people eating too much remain slim and fit and you gain weight with even a controlled diet. Though you too want to relish the delicious food enjoyed by other but you can’t for the fear that you will put on!  Even post pregnancy, women tend to gain weight. What is the solution to all these problems? How can you eat and still mange to stay fit. Here is a key to all these problems.

Shemaroo Entertainment releases ‘Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss’ on home video in dual Language - English and Hindi. The title is one of the simplest solutions to loose weight. This leading edge DVD program conducted by Esther and Jerry Hicks constitutes one of the most effective guides to natural weight loss ever created. Rather than recommending diet and exercise, Abraham teaches you how to modify your thoughts to take advantage of the awesome leverage provided by the Law of Attraction.

It’s not a miracle work out. It’s not a diet plan. It’s not a pill. But it will definitely work. Get your copy of ‘Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss’ DVD.

‘Think And Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss’ DVD is economically priced at Rs 299/- only.

Ayush Camp at Karur, India: an Eye Opener on Alternative Systems of Medicine

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 20:  Ayurveda Yoga th...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

By Dr K Parameswaran

The author is Assistant Director, PIB,Madurai

Madurai, Dec 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB India) There is a legend in Kerala about the famous family of Vaidyas (Ayurveda physicians) called Alathur Nambis. The traditional house of the Alathur Nambis is part of the modern district of Palakkad. They form part of the group of Eight Physician families – each family reputed for their exceptional ability in each branch of medicine.

It seems that once the heavenly twins called Aswini Devas – they are the guardian deities of Health and Medicine – appeared on the form of crows and used to sit on a tree beside a temple pond repeating the sounds “korukku”.

Getting to Zero on 2011 World Aids Day

NPCDCS : Managing Non-Communicable Diseases in India

Age-standardised disability-adjusted life year...

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New Delhi, Sep 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB India) India is experiencing a rapid health transition with a rising burden of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Overall, NCDs are emerging as the leading causes of death in the country accounting for over 42% of all deaths (Registrar General of India). NCDs cause significant morbidity and mortality both in urban and rural population, with considerable loss in potentially productive years (aged 35–64 years) of life.

It is estimated that the overall prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, Ischemic Heart Diseases (IHD) and Stroke is 62.47, 159.46, 37.00 and 1.54 respectively per 1000 population of India. There are an estimated 25 Lakh cancer cases in India.

Bollywood Hero Ranveer Singh at Victor Awards Dedicated to Cancer Survivors

By Raksha Narang

A short speech by Ranveer Singh
A short speech by actor Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh with cancer survivors Nana Chudasama and Vandana
Ranveer with Nana Chudasama and cancer survivor Vandana

Ranveer Singh dances with cancer survivors
Ranveer Singh dances with cancer survivors

Mumbai, Sep 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The V Care Foundation hosted the Victor Award Ceremony, at which none other than Bollywood’s very own rising star Ranveer Singh was present. The dashing young actor, whose dream debut definitely sealed a secure future for him in Bollywood, was seen dancing and singing with those present at the event.

The Victor Awards Ceremony, which was held at the Horniman Circle Garden, awarded cancer survivors and those who have set an example for others in society.  One could meet doctors, get information; take part in various competitions to enhance knowledge of cancer.  Skits, games were conducted to break the myths surrounding cancer. Survivors were present to share their experiences.

It’s great to see actors with such a huge fan following especially, to contribute and share in the joys, hope and love in such events. Ranveer’s cheerful and compassionate nature sure worked wonders on all those present at the event, and we hope and wish him all the best for his next Yash Raj Film, Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl.

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