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Measures to Check Cheating of Investors by Unscrupulous Companies in India

Complaints of cheating by companies - which promised high rates of interests to investors, have been received against 87 companies.

Minister of Law & Justice Ashwani Kumar Inaugurates Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Conference

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India logo

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“Accountancy profession is rededicating itself to newer level of commitments for meeting demands of trust, relevance, expectation gap and utility”, said Hon’ble Union Minister of Law & Justice Shri Ashwani Kumar at the inauguration of an International Conference by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) on the theme “Accountancy Profession: Enablers of Economic growth” at Mumbai. The Hon’ble Minister added, “Chartered Accountants are known for their adherence to high values, by focusing on sustainability and in process espousing the concerns of varied set of stakeholders including the small & medium sized entities.”

Retail Investors: India Announces Game Changing Measures to Boost Capital Market Participation

While financial sector has become very important in India, the participation in it still remains skewed. It is noticed that apart from banking to a large extent and insurance to some extent, no other financial service has penetrated deep and been accepted widely.

India Post Gold Coin: Excellent Investment Option

Gold Coins from India Post are branded, pure, internationally certified, affordable, reliable, available off the shelf, at a convenient location, anytime of the year and in lower denominations.

Public-Private Partnership Model to Boost India Infrastructure Development

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) is an effective tool for bringing private sector efficiencies in creation of economic and social infrastructure assets and for delivery of quality public services. The extent of private sector participation in creation of infrastructure, especially through PPP, has shown a promising increase in the recent years. As on January 2012, there were 881 PPP projects with Total Project Cost of Rs. 543,045 crore as compared to over 700 projects with TPC of Rs.371,239 crore by March 2011. These projects are at different stages of implementation i.e. under bidding, construction and operational stages. The broad sectors encouraged under the PPP framework are Highways, Railways, Ports, Airports, Power and Urban Infrastructure etc.

FDI in Multi-Brand Retail in India: Advantage All

India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. But the sad fact lingering over it is also that it has very limited integrated cold chain infrastructure and storage facilities, hence causing heavy losses to farmers in terms of wastage in quality and quantity of the fruits and vegetables.

Global Indian Business Meet in New York City

New York, NY, July 16, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Global Indian business leaders, renowned knowledge experts, investors, key government leaders and financial officials from many countries including various Indian states, Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean are converging on Manhattan for the Global Indian Business Meet 2012 in two months. This 3-day conference is being organized to explain and explore how Indian-run organizations are overcoming the odds to succeed and grow in the competitive global economy.

Investing in India: Why you should look beyond gold

By Debanjan Guha Thakurta
The author is an analyst with

All that glitters is not gold- Here’s why you should look beyond gold.

Key Points:
•    Gold has delivered solid returns for the past 5, can it continue that trend?
•    Gold has already reached its peak. When will it cool off?
•    No one knows the fair value of the Gold, which leaves  big scope of speculation
•    It is prudent to focus on the undervalued equity market, not on the metal

Unless you have been living under a rock, the buzzword nowadays is Gold.

Today, whenever you hear Gold, the first question that you tend to ask is how much more has the price of Gold increased? As Indians, Gold is a favoured investment over and above traditional Fixed Deposits and sometime even Real Estate. By now every one of us has either bought some gold or has made investments in Gold through Gold ETFs and Gold Funds.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Investing in India

By Debanjan Guha Thakurta
The author is an analyst with

Mumbai, India, June 14, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The term, ‘investments’, sounds so simple, isn’t it? To all of us it’s a three-step process: buy when the price is low, sell when the prices go up and make money. Sounds simple? I bet it does. But frankly speaking it is not so.

There are some common mistakes which seem to be general for all investors.

This article points out mistakes and also suggests steps to correct them.

Investing in Mutual Funds in India - A Guide for NRIs

By Debanjan Guha Thakurta
The author is an analyst with

Investment Opportunity in Indian Mutual Funds

Mumbai, India, May 31, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Non-resident Indians have very little knowledge about investing into the Indian mutual funds space.  They often have to trade off their savings with lower rates of interest. The interest rates on money market instruments in the U.S. are somewhere between 0.05% to 0.10% annually, compared to our bank account savings rate of 4-6%. Further, when we compare this to the returns from the mutual fund industry, their bank rates seem to a miniscule.In spite of the global weakness in the equity market space, Indian economy’s prospect still looks bright and promising in the years to come and its long-term growth story remains firm as ever.

Before we proceed to the next step, let us know in a nutshell who qualifies to be a NRI?

Who is an NRI?

According to the Indian law, any person who has been not in India for more than 182 days for the financial year and more than 365 days in the preceding four financial years due to employment or business purposes is called as NRI. A person deployed outside India for more than 6 months will also be considered as Non Resident Indian (NRI).

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