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Sonam Kapoor Invokes Hollywood Charm on Cannes 2016 Red Carpet in a Ralph & Russo

Actress SONAM KAPOOR at Cannes International Film Festival Red Carpet

Having won over the toughest fashion critics with her first red carpet appearance at the Festival de Cannes 2016, Sonam Kapoor, gave us another iconic look from her Cannes fashion diaries.

KAVITA MALHOTRA PATTANI - Mrs. Jewel of India Florida 2016 Participates in Jewel of India USA 2016 Pageant

Indian-American Model Kavita Malhotra Pattani
Kavita Malhotra Pattani

Being a first generation American – Indian can be very challenging.  I grew up in Detroit, MI with my amazing and hard-working parents as well as my grandparents and extended family.  I was blessed to have parents that made it a priority to instill within us the beautiful Indian culture, the ethics, the morals, and the desire to reach for the stars.   My parents were instrumental in my accomplishments and success.  They stood behind me, and alongside me to build a strong educational foundation while balancing my social involvements.

FORAM PANDYA - Meet the Gorgeous Miss Jewel of India Pennsylvania and Participant of Jewel of India USA 2016 Pageant

Indian-American Model Foram Pandya
Foram Pandya

Like Mahatma Gandhi once said “let your life be your message”. We are all blessed and gifted with this one life, therefore, make sure it’s inspiring and be passionate and go after your dreams. As well as, face challenges and work hard for what you admire. And remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, as Albert Einstein said, “a person who never made a mistake, never tired anything new”, so eliminate the negatives and accentuate the positives in life. Be better in life not bitter, I don’t believe in treating others the same way as they treat me, I believe in giving love and respect. Who you are is not defined as how educated, talented, wealthy, or famous you think you may be, it’s the way you treat others truly describe who you are. I believe integrity is everything. How you approach your everyday life is your silent message to other, and it touches people in ways you can’t imagine.

High Octane 'Fashion Wednesdays at MasalaBar' with Designer Nishka Lulla

By Merryl Fernandes, ElSol India

Nishika Lulla (left) and Sonal Chauhan

PRIYA JAIN - Meet the Mrs. Jewel of India, Colorado - Participant at Jewel of India Pageant 2016


My belief, as my idol Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene said “I guess life offers you opportunities to live your dream. We just have to accept what comes our way and live those moments completely. You will not get time back again, so live every moment you get.”

And Here I am, at The Jewel of India, USA 2016, living one of the most cherished dreams of my life. Being a part of this pageant is a feeling of pride and achievement. This is so very exciting and fulfilling to me. And representing Colorful Colorado elevates my spirits as high as Mt. Elbert and enthusiasm as vast as the Rockies ...

Prachi Shah is Miss Mumbai Online

Prachi Shah

Mumbai-based 22-year-old Prachi Shah was today declared the Miss Mumbai Online 2016 winner after slugging it out with over 200 participants in a fierce online fight. Miss Mumbai Online is part of the Mr, Miss and Mrs Mumbai clutch of pageants organized by and supported by and is the online version of the actual event. Participants vie for votes, shares and likes primarily on Facebook and other social forums.

Kate Sharma, Anushree Dham, Jiya Khuman and Zeenat Khan Winners Ms Maharashtra Pageant

Ms Maharashtra Queen - Kate Sharma

At a glittering event on Saturday 30th April, upcoming actress and model Kate Sharma was announced as the Ms Maharashtra Queen 2016. The winners were announced based on online votes polled by all the participants. Three other models - Anushree Dham from Pune, Jiya Khuman and Zeenat Khan from Mumbai were selected among the top-three runners-up for the event, according to a press release issued by the organizers.

Teen heart throb Kate Sharma is Miss India Teen Princess 2016

Actress and Model Kate Sharma

Luck seems to favor 19-year-old Mumbai college student Kate Sharma this time of the year. In what seems to be a hat-trick, Kate who was first crowned Selfie Queen, followed by Miss Pune Online 2016 has now been crowned the Miss India Teen Princess for 2016, by international pageants and contests company

Actress and Model Kate Sharma

British Actress Fagun Thakrar Best Dressed at Cannes Film Festival

Actress Fagun Thakrar

Critically acclaimed British Actress Fagun Thakrar was name best dressed during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Let's take a look at what she wore.

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Fagun’s first grand entrance on the red carpet during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival was at the Premiere of 'Mad Max: Fury Road’.  Attending alongside Charlize Theron, Fagun wore an stunning red dress by Claire Pettibone with green tourmaline accents and sapphire diamond earrings by Avakian.  For her clutch, she accessorized with a crimson velvet purse from her personal line, The Fagun Collection.

Indian-American Danseuse and Actress Devika Bhise Gets Color Blocking Right At San Francisco International Film Festival

Actress Devika Bhise
Devika Bhise

Director Matthew Brown’s upcoming film The Man Who Knew Infinity is creating a lot of buzz across the globe and it also earned accolades at the San Francisco International Film Festival, which was held at Castro Theater on April 24 in San Francisco, California.

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