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KOEL-ABIR in M K Media's PREM BY CHANCE Bengali Movie directed by Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy | Press Meet

Kolkata, India, June 26, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) On 22nd June, 2010; M K Media Pvt Ltd Director Manoj Kumar Jain has arranged press meet at The Galaxy, The Park Hotel, Kolkata to introduce their 1st film  Prem By Chance directed by sensible and popular duo Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy who always make successful films and soaps with meaningful, humourous and family drama oriented stories.

Jain Group, with infrastructure as its core sector, is renowned for its presence in steel, power, energy and reality sectors. The group is now diversifying in media to entertain and enlighten audience as well as to strengthen Tollywood with meaningful and popular projects.

The film has casts as Koel ( Heroine ), Aabir ( Hero ), Dipankar, Locket, Biswajit, Arijit, Manoj Mitra, Soma De, Tanima Sen, Dwijen Banerjee and others. Crews include Pritikana Paul Roy as script and dialogue writer, Manoj Mishro as cinematographer, Rupankar as Music Director, Sujoy Dutta Roy as editor, K Murlidharan and Sankaraiya as dance directors and Harsh Babu as fight director. PRO of the film is Neil.

The film depicts parallel stories of Raju, who is a typical leader of middle class youth brigade of any Kolkata locality and village girl Purna alias Annapurna who is supposed to marry Bijoy under pressure from her father but loves Sanu. By chance Raju meets Purna. Then what has happened? Hold you breath since you should know the entire story by watching the film at theatres on release!!

The entire event was a gala and glamourous one with presence of at least ninety percent of Tollywood from all the segments of her.

We wish all the success for the upcoming venture.

Sujay, Tanushree in Bengali Movie BANDHU ESHO TUMI (2010) | Audio Songs - Music Launch

Kolkata, India, June 26, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) On 21st June, 2010; basement Dance floor of Hotel Hindusthan International, Underground has hosted Music Release Party of the upcoming Bengali film, Bondhu Esho Tumi, thrown by MCP Productions.

The film is based on love story of a painter, who is son of a flop film director, and sister of a Promoter who is very possessive about her sister and brutally punishes any man weak about his sister. Though the girl is skeptical about the boy first, finally she has felt in his love and as result, the promoter has taken the directors life. The girl flee away then with the boy. But what will happen next?--------

Please go to theatre on release of the movie to see the end.

Purple Music is in charge of the music of the film where Sanchayita is Music Director, Priyo Chattopadhyay is lyricist and playback singers are Amit Kumar, Shaan, Soham, Taushee, Tutu, Rupankar, Anewsha, Shanchita and Anik. Bandhu esho tumi by Rupankar and Sanchitas part at Ei mon sonona kichu katha bolche are very pleasant to listen.

Partha Sarathi Joardar is the director, story writer and script director of this film scripted by Md. Sanowar Hussion and produced by Vikash Madra, Sumit Chand and Saharsh Podder of MCP. Pradip Chakraborty has scored the background music whereas set designer is Ujjal Sarkar, Dance Directors are Baban and Palan and cameraman is Siddartha Dey and PRO is Debashree Chatterjee.

The casting includes Sujay as Hero, Tanushree as Heroine, Victor Banerjee, Rajesh Sharma, Tanima Sen, Pulokita, Lama, Jayanta Dutta Burman, Jayjit, Manu Mukherjee, Ramen Roy chawdhury and others.

We wish all the success for this upcoming film and its music album.

Joydhak Workshop at Devipur, in the Sunderbans – May’30, 2010.

Fifty Kilometers away from Joynagar railway station in the district of South 24 Parganas of the Indian state of West Bengal, there flows a river called Thakurani. One of its banks is covered under the dense canopy of mangroves and on the other bank, surrounded almost on all sides by the various branches of Thakurani as well as by the main river itself, stands a village called Devipur.

Devipur is a very interesting place. Its one of the frontier human settlements standing between the civilized world of mainstream Bengal and the menacing Sunderbans and thus has to serve two masters for survival. The two masters , the nature on one side and the human ‘civilization’ on the other, function at two completely different levels, both equally inscrutable and unpredictable. JOYDHAK WORKSHOP AT DEVIPUR >

The continuous subjugation to two such different , difficult and demanding masters has left an indelible stamp on the entire settlement. It’s a study in contrasts. People discuss the latest nabbing of a burglar or nabbing of a tiger on the village grounds in the same pitch as if there’s no difference between the two.

On 30th May 2010 a Joydhak  Team began the experiment of strengthening these people from inside through its first workshop at Devipur. The work will continue now. Read the detailed report on the workshop at the following link: JOYDHAK WORKSHOP AT DEVIPUR >

জয়ঢাকের ১০ম আন্তর্জাল সংখ্যা (বর্ষা ২০১০) প্রকাশিত হল।

জয়ঢাকের ১০ম আন্তর্জাল সংখ্যা প্রকাশিত হল। আগের সংখ্যাগুলোর মতই এই সংখ্যাটিও সাজানো হয়েছে গল্প, কমিকস, ছড়া উপন্যাস ও আন্যান্য নিয়মিত ফিচারে। কিছু উল্লেখ্য বিষয়ঃ

Tom Pierce's One day at Cochin screening at Max Mueller Bhaban, Kolkata

Kolkata, India, June 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) On the rainy evening of 12th June, 2010 I got the opportunity to attend the premiere of "One day at Cochin" at Max Mueller Bhaban, Kolkata followed by a Cocktail party and performance by Kartick Das Baul at Internatinal Club, Kolkata.

Reputed British Cinematographer Tom Pierce has directed, edited and cinematographed this 94 minute long docu-feature where he has hardly used professional actors as he picked up all most all the casts from common Cochin People.

Bengali Film Awards in Bangkok to open with premiere of EKTI TARAR KHONJE (2010) by Abhik Mukhopadhyay

The entire Tollywood except Prasenjit fly to Bangkok today to attend 1st International Award Ceremony for Bengali Films like IIFA for Bollywood. The show will be opened with premiere of debut directoral venture of renowned cinematographer Abhik Mukhopadhyay " Ekti tarar khoje" - come back film of Prasenjit's wife Arpita with Sayan Munshi as hero. The Tollywood will be almost closed from 14th to 16th June, 2010 due to the award ceremony. But what Bumbada ( Prasenjit ) will do at home when everybody else will be in Bangkok even foes like Rituparna and Debashree??

Joydhak workshop at Asannagar--an unique experiment in alternative education by Priyabala Vidyabithi

Recently a team from Joydhak conducted a follow up workshop at Priyabala Vidyabithi at Asannagar, Nadia.

Littlei events this coming week in Kolkata (June 11 - 18, 2010)

Friday Night Live from Littlei Kolkata live show

Littlei is organizing some stellar shows in the pipeline this week so we thought it would be best to send out a friendly reminder.

TONIGHT (11 June)

LOS AMIGOS return to FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE (FNL) at The Big Ben with their Latin Jazz sound exploring all from Salsa to Rumba. This is followed by IMPROMPTU SYMPHONIC MIND, a world music outfit spearheaded by the BBC award winning percussionist, ABHISHEK BASU.

Football fanatics can come in early as there will be a big projector screening of the game with amble draught beer to go around.

SUNDAY (13 June)

Alliance Franciase presents SAM SMILA, a gypsy-jazz group performing at the Gorky Sadan. This is a free show but you need to pick up invitation passes. Please call 9681453195 or 9830046963 and we can coordinate a pickup.

FRIDAY (18th June)

Teddy Boy Kill ... the vanguard elecro-rock-funk-techno-genre-redefining duo from New Delhi return to play a special 3 hour Friday Night Live @ The Big Ben. These guys have been infamous for pushing the boundaries of live electronic music and they return to this city by popular demand with a whole new arsenal of beats and tales.

So that's the roundup. Hope some of this this tickles your fancy! It's all open to everyone (no cover and entry) so come out and join us in effort at cultural re-evolution.

USA vs India Polo Match | INTERVIEW - Dr Mandira Mehra talks to Celebrity SuperModel Michaele Salahi about the game


The AMERICA'S POLO CUP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on Friday, June 11, 2010, followed by a VIP Polo Party on Saturday, June 12 featuring International Polo - INDIA vs. USA, Rockin the Runway Fashion Show and Live Entertainment.

A special attraction of this event is the BEST SAREE CONTEST.

Watch a video interview where Dr Mandira Mehra  interviews Celebrity SuperModel Michaele Salahi about this unique event - available online here.

Discounted Tickets are Available HERE.

Forum for Hindu Awakening Dharma satsang on Nija Vaishakh Krushna Navami, 6th June 2010, 7.30 to 8.30 pm EST

The Akshardham temple in Delhi is the largest ...

Image via Wikipedia

Forum for Hindu Awakening is organizing the next Dharma satsang on Nija Vaishakh Krushna Navami, 6th June 2010, 7.30 to 8.30 pm EST time (US time).

The satsang will be held via phone conference.
Phone Number: 1-218-936-4141
Participant code: 443194
Please try to log on 5 minutes before the satsang time.

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