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Would Columbus have discovered America if he was married ?

Feb 7, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio): This is a piece in Bengali font floating around the internet. It basically explains why Christopher Columbus would have failed to discover America if he was married. The origin of this piece is unknown to WBRi - any information towards identifying the great humorist who created this would be welcome.

USA is the Theme once again at the 35th Kolkata Book Fair 2011

Feb 6, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) At the conclusion and award ceremony of the 34th Kolkata (Calcutta) 2010, the Consul General of the United States Consulate, Calcutta - Beth Payne - announced that the USA will be the Theme of the 35th Calcutta International Book Fair 2011.

Hindus worldwide urged to extend helping hand to poor on Mahashivratri

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, sending Mahashivrati greetings to one billion Hindus of the world, has asked them each to take a vow of adopting at least one charitable project on this auspicious occasion for less fortunate members of the community.

Washington DC Live Webcam - Winter Storm Blizzard of February 2010

Our live webcam video broadcasting live from our corporate headquarters and studios in Germantown, Maryland in suburbian Washington DC. Coverage of the winter storm / blizzard of February 2010 expected to break a few records. The live video stream will be on as long as we have power at the station - we do not have generators, unfortunately.

Watch the live video broadcasting direct from the stidios of Washington Bangla Radio accompanied to live audio telecast on our Channel-1 station:

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Shah Rukh Khan Stands Up To the Shiv Sena

The Shiv Sena and Shah Rukh Khan controversy continues, with SRK not offering any apology and the Shiv Sena banning the screening of My Name Is Khan in Mumbai. The controversy follows Shiv Sena's interpretation of SRK's sympathetic statemements about the IPL (Indian Premiere League) and participation of Pakistan teams.

According to reports, there has been little concerted reaction from the Indian Bollywood Movie Industry in support of SRK. "Shah Rukh Khan is fighting his own battle, Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’ has been pulled out of cinema halls in Udaipur but nobody is condemning it, ‘Fanaa’ was thrown out of Gujarat," - Mahesh Bhatt is quoted saying in The Times Of India.

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