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Grammy winner American cellist Darling plans to record Hindu-themed album

Grammy winner American maverick cellist and composer David Darling (Buy CD / Download MP3 Online) plans to record a Hindu-themed album.

Titled “Everything Is Heart Breaking”, Darling reportedly wants to record this solo CD with meditation drones and singing in raga scales in collaboration with German producer Manfried Eicher of ECM Records and keyboardist Kit Walker. He has recorded over 20 albums and his “A Prayer for Compassion” won the prestigious Grammy last month.

Congratulating David Darling on winning Grammy, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, called for introduction of “kirtan” as new field of awards at Grammys next year. Outside India, “kirtan” was attracting large audiences in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and many other countries of the world, resulting in various new albums and creation of star “kirtan” artists. It was the time Grammys organizer National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of USA opened its eyes to the sentiments of people, Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, added.

Indiana born Darling, 68, who now lives in Goshen (Connecticut), dabbled in various styles, including jazz, African, classical, Brazilian, and Indian music. He has written and performed in over a dozen movies, including MTV nominated “Heat” (Michael Mann). His other albums include “8-String Religion”.

HIP-HOP Show in India by Music4Peace Tour - “Hip-Hop Summit” November 2010

Feb 28, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) India to have “Hip-Hop Summit” in November.

“Music4Peace Tour” will organize a “Hip-Hop Summit” in India in November, according to reports.

The “Music for Peace Tour Initiative” is a coalition of organizations and non-profits who have banded together to help bring “peace and harmony” to world. It is an attempt to bring social change “by uniting people through the universal language of music”, it is claimed.

Venkatesh Films announces new Bengali movie DUI PRITHIBI (2010) - JEET KOEL DEV

Dui Prithibi Bengali Movie Poster Dev-Koel-JeetFeb 25, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The famous commercial movie prodicers Venkatesh films of Kolkata have announced their latest upcoming Bengali new movie with a fabulous lead star cast of DEV, KOEL and JEET together in the same film.

Resurgance in Bengali Cinema Resonates With International Distribution By Databazaar Media Ventures of USA

Feb 25, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Beginning 2009, a remarkable group of young, highly intelligent and fabulously creative film-makers began to make their presence felt - a trickle turned to a stream, and the stream has now turned into a roaring river of spectacular Bengali films one after another - and even sometimes in parallel as happened on February 4, 2011. We continue to have the pleasure of bringing you some of these glittering directorial minds and the actors, actresses, music directors and crew members in our exclusive features section - and it seems like every successful Bengali film has the welcome effect of inspiring a whole new set of film-makers and the waves keep coming.

It is quite appropriate as another great development in Bengali cinema that a Florida, USA based organization, Databazaar Media Ventures ( DMV), has developed a model for the screening and distribution of quality Bengali films through more than 19,000 retail outlets in the United States and Canada. This begins the 2nd wave of the global Bengali film, and all indications are that if the resurgence in Kolkata sustains, this will be a much longer one due to a globalization of the political and economic environment in Bengal as well. We remain optimistic that some day soon, a mainstream theater in the United States will run a Bengali film for multiple weeks with sold-out crowds consisting mostly of local populations - a feat only Satyajit Ray could achieve so far.

Pop Singer USHA UTHUP and Model Priyanka acting debut in Bengali TV Show BONDHU TOMAY Short Film MAA on Rupshi Bangla Channel

Usha Uthup - Priyanka Pal in MAA - Bondhu Tomay - 
Rupashi Bangla TV Show
Usha Uthup, Priyanka Pal in MAA on Bondhu Tomay, Rupashi Bangla TV Channel

Feb 23, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Usha Uthup, one of the most well-known pop and film song singers in Calcutta and India, is going to act in the Bengali TV Show "Bondhu Tomaye" on Rupashi Bangla Kolkata Bengali TV Channel.

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Usha Uthup will be playing the title role in the Bengali short film MAA (mother) broadcast in the Bondhu Tomay television show. Beautiful Bengali model Priyanka Pal is also debuting as an actress in MA.

MAA is directed by Anindo Banerjee and stars Usha Uthup, Biswajit Chakraborty, Subhrajit and Priyanka Pal. Subhrajit plays a double role in a story of love, emotion and songs. Usha Uthup's role is also of a singer.