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Event Review: Tomari Khonjey, a function to launch the web-site of Sraboni Sen (Rabindrasangeet exponent)

Srabani Sen Rabindra SangeetFeb 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Launching of a new website for ace Rabindra Sangeet exponent Sraboni Sen

Read the complete event review by Dr.Sarbani Putatunda, Reader, English Literature. Submitted exclusively to Washington Bangla Radio by Kaustav Goswami.

Backstreet Boys Live Show in Delhi & Bangalore, India - MP3 Audio Download

Backstreet Boys Collection Audio MP3 DownloadFeb 16, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) “Backstreet Boys” in debut live performance in India.
Influential American pop group “Backstreet Boys” will be performing live for the first time in India this coming weekend.
As a part of their “This is Us” world tour, they will be headlining “Rock ‘n India”, claimed to be “India's only international music festival”, in Delhi (NSIC, Saturday February 20) and Bangalore (Palace Grounds, Sunday February 21). Tickets are Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 1,000 respectively.
Other groups performing in Delhi include Prime Circle, Richard Marx, Swarathma, Indigo Children, and Jayce Lewis; while other groups performing at Bangalore include Prime Circle, Richard Marx, Swarathma, Jayce Lewis, and Five Little Indians.

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Formed in 1993 in Florida (USA); its current four members include Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and A. J. McLean; as  fifth Kevin Richardson left in 2006. Its genres include pop, pop rock, R & B, teen pop and adult contemporary. It has released seven studio albums and has sold over 130 million records worldwide, making it one of the most successful groups in music history.
Welcoming “Backstreet Boys” to India, acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, urged business conglomerates and central-state-municipal governments of India to patronize and promote music festivals throughout the country. India had abundance of musical talent (with tradition going back to Sama-Veda), and all it needed was to channelize it and give it a direction, Zed, who is chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, added.

Watch a video of Back Street Boys Live In Concert.

Teen Patti (2010) Hindi Movi Brazilian star Maria Gomez shakes Bollywood with Teri neeyat kharab hai

Teen Patti Hindi Movie PosterFeb 16, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Brazil’s Maria Gomez mesmerizes Bollywood with "Teri neeyat kharab hai".

Brazilian model Maria Gomez is said to have created frenzy in Bollywood circles after her debut appearance in Leena Yadav's “Teen Patti” (BUY DVD) and many filmmakers are reportedly trying to reach her after she left for Brazil.

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Maria's talent has been reportedly compared with Oscar nominated Salma Hayek (Frida) after she made a mark with this song, following selection among about 50 girls in an audition. She reportedly wants to do interesting acting roles in Bollywood in the future.

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I am Afia - a short film directed by Onir on Sperm Donation Mafia shot in Kolkata

I AM AFIA - A Short Film By OnirAFIA, also referred to as I AM AFIA, is a short film by ONIR.  Shot in Kolkata (Calcutta), the film's star cast has Nandita Das and Purab Kohli in lead roles. Screenplay is by Urmi Juvekar. Afia is produced by Sanjay Suri and Onir.

Synopsis from the official facebook page:

The desire to have a child is normal, even mandatory but when a single woman wants a child, debates rage; the very social fabric is threatened.

Afia's story is of one such woman who wants to experience motherhood. Afraid of the ticking clock and unable to trust or even wait for a man; Afia decides to find that perfect donor who can give her the perfect child. Her search to have that child takes her through the underbelly of desire- desperation.

Along the way, what is deeply intimate and personal is questioned and challenged; borders between personal freedom and confirming with the stereotype are blurred. Nothing seems human any more under the high tech electronic microscopes.

Onir is a critically acclaimed director, and has delivered thoughtful movies, including My Brother Nikhil (2005) [Buy DVD Online] starring Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Victor Banerjee, Lillete Dubey, Dipannita Sharma, Gautam Kapoor, Shweta Kwatra, Shayan Munshi, Peeya Rai Chowdhary and Purab Kohli; and Sorry Bhai (2008) [Buy DVD] starring Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi, Chitrangada Singh, Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi.

Watch an online video interview of film-maker Onir in a candid and intimate chat via Eros Entertainment.

Memories (2010) - A new experimental Bengali short film by Abhishek Bhattacharyya released

Young filmmaker Abhishek Bhattacharyya has released his first short film "Memories" (Bengali, 2010). You can view the film in full in three parts on You Tube.

The film starts off with a biographical and rather nostalgic account of grandparents of the narrator, who is assumedly the film-maker himself. The narrator remembers his grandmother who passed away recently, and his grandfather who passed away many years before that, centered around their room in their house, in a way many Bengalis will relate to.

Memories then moves on to a old beat-up cricket bat presented to the narrator when he was very young by his father, who dreamt of his son to be a cricketer. The narrator remembers his father's prophetic vision, wisdom, love for red meat and red wine, and his death.

The film moves on to memories of the narrator's mother, and how her strong religious beliefs and practices carried over into the narrator as well ... and to his best friend.

By the time you reach the end of the first part at You Tube, you will have this strange urge to go on to part-2 and part-3. Therein lies the appeal of this wonderful effort of this promising young film-make. We wish Abhishek a spectacular career ahead.

Watch the film Memories by Abhishek Bhattacharya in full in three parts uploaded to You Tube by the film-maker himself: