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Interview:Actor Indraneil Sengupta on New Tollywood Movie "SYSTEM" (2011): "An attempt to reach the level of a Hollywood"

[Indraneil Sengupta] After the roaring success of his recent Bengali films with some of the best directors in town, top model turned actor Indraneil Sengupta is a Tollywood hot property now. On Saturday (30 July, 2011) Indraneil's new film  "System" was premiered. IBNS correspondent Arnab Chakraborty caught up with him before the show for a little one on one chat.

Note: Washington Bangla Radio's Exclusive Audio Interview Broadcast with Indraneil is available here >

How would you describe “System”?

SYSTEM (2011) Bengali Movie Review : Surreal gangsters rampage a mythical Kolkata

Sabyasachi Cgakraborty

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By Arnab Chakraborty/IBNS

Riingo’s new action thriller flick- “System” which hit the screens on Friday (July 29, 2011) touches a subject with a lot of promise but fails to deliver the goods in all entirety.

The background

“System one” which is the name of the nexus of criminals and gangsters in Kolkata goes about its everyday business under orders from their immoral supremo “Da” which refers to the Don of Kolkata.

The middleman or “Tara” (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) does the job of providing contract killers for doing the dirty work and also manages other matters.

The protagonist “Eklavya” (Indraneil Sengupta) is one such “Cheetah” (assassin) who eventually falls in love with a bar singer “Rani” (Suvra Kundu), who accidentally becomes blind, and matters start to complicate.

DEBATRA (1955) - The Only Old Bengali Classic Film Starring Uttam Kumar and Kanan Devi

Still from Kolkata Bengali Movie Debatra (1955) - Uttam Kumar and Kanan Debi

Calcutta, July 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) In March of 1955, Director Haridas Bhattacharya's Debatra released in move theaters across Kolkata including Rupabani, Bharati and Aruna, under the banner of Kanan Devi's production house Srimati Pictures (who also produced Haridas Bhattacharya's 1954 film Naba Bidhan).

Legendary Flute Player Pandit Pannalal Ghosh (31st July 1911 – 20th April 1960)

Calcutta, 31st July, 2011 (WBRi/OOBE): Exactly 100 years ago in Barisal (Present Bangladesh) was born the legendary Indian Flute Player, Amulya Jyoti Ghosh more famous as Pannalal Ghosh. He was a disciple of Ustad Allauddin Khan, and is credited with giving the flute its status in Hindustani classical music. He is also credited as the inventor of the modern long bansuri. He inherited his love of music and the bamboo flute (bansuri) from his grandfather, Hari Kumar Ghosh who played sitar,tabla,and pakhawaj and learned sitar from his father, Akshay Kumar Ghosh.

Super Junkies Live at Someplace Else, Calcutta

Calcutta, 31st July, 2011 (WBRi/OOBE): The Band Super Junkies go Live again at Someplace Else, Calcutta tonight at 10pm. Super Junkies are heavily influenced by Eagles, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, SRV, Larry Carlton, Jimi Hendrix, Jojo Mayer, John Mayer, Eric Clapton and others. The members of Super Junkies are Nilanjan - Vocals, Arijit - Guitar & Backing Vocals, Nikhil- Guitars, Nabarun - Keyboards & Backing Vocals, Arijit - Bass and Dipayan - Drums. 

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