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Bengali Actress GITA DEY Film Collection - Bengali Movie DVD Release in USA

[Gita Dey in Bengali Film Komal Gandhar 1961]Calcutta, Jan 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Award-winning film and theater actress Gita Dey (1931 - 2011) received the Star Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the then West Bengal Governor Narul Hasan on behalf of the Calcutta University. Gita Dey acted in more than 200 films since her debut in 1937 as a child artiste in the Bengali film Ahutee directed by Dhiren Ganguly. She had been with Tollywood film industry since 1938. She acted in both the theatre and cinema right up to the age of 14. Her marriage at the age of 15 to Ashim Kumar Dey, a businessman at Taltala, stalled her acting career for a while. After five years of marital bliss, she returned to the world of show biz. She came in touch with the veteran of the Bengali stage Sisir Bhaduri. He took the young star under his fold. The last play she acted in was Badsahi Chaal in 1996 directed by Ganesh Mukherjee staged at Ragana theatre in north Kolkata. 

Gita Dey, specialised in character role, acted with all artistes and under acclaimed directors including Ritwick Ghatak, Debaki Kumar Bose and Satyajit Ray. A few years back, she also acted in the Hindi version of Parineeta starring Saif Ali Khan and Vidya Balan. She had worked practically with most of the mainstream and off-beat directors of Bengal. Her long association with All India Radio (AIR) since 1954 came in the shape of her regular assignment as actress in radio plays with which she was involved until recently.  In a career spanning more than six decades, she has acted in 200 Bengali films and more than 2000 stage shows.

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Sadhana Pictures launches Bengali film Simanaheen (Without Borders)

CHICAGO, IL, January 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sadhana Pictures’ next feature film production, entitled Simanaheen, is set for production. The film will begin production in the late Spring of 2011 and release in Fall/Winter of 2011. Simanaheen is a forthcoming film that tells the stories of two Hindu-Muslim relationships from different times in history and different regions of the world. Come dance, laugh, cry and love in a world that is Simanaheen (Without Borders).

Previously, Sadhana Pictures released Kings of Devon, its premiere feature film production, in association with Reliance BIG Pictures (India), Reliance BIG Cinemas (USA) and Channel i (Bangladesh). Simanaheen is set to be Sadhana Pictures’ largest production to date and will be a story that will reach the global community.

The Institute of Company Secretaries in India felicitates Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Artists

By Aditya Chakraborty

Sandip Roy, Lalita Chatterjee, Mamta Binani, Bulbul Choudhury, Jayasree Sen, Arati Das (Miss_Shefali), Agnimitra Paul and members of Gita Dey's family
Sandip Roy, Lalita Chatterjee, Mamta Binani, Bulbul Choudhury, Jayasree Sen, Arati Das (Miss_Shefali), Agnimitra Paul and members of Gita Dey's family

Biplab Chatterjee,Arati Das, Miss_Shefali, Sandip_Roy
Biplab Chattopadhyay,Arati Das (Miss Shefali), Sandip Roy - images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) 'Corporate Social Responsibility' is a part of parcel of every organization which undertakes a responsibility of giving back to the society in their own way. Each company undertakes this role in a different way.

The ICSI (The Institute of Company Secretaries in India) is a premier body under the Companies Secretaries Act where there are about 25,00 members and most of the members occupy key positions in the Corporate sectors as well as in the government.

Jeet establishes himself as the top Tollywood action hero: Fighter (2011) Bengali Film Review

Tollywood hero Jeet actress Srabanti director Ravi Kinnagi in FIGHTER Bengali Movie
Tollywood Hero JEET, Bengali Actress Srabanti, Director Ravi Kinnagi in FIGHTER (Bangla, 2011) Press Meet
Image by Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Jeet takes off from where he left in Josh in his current film Fighter. Wanted, Josh, Fighter (Buy Bengali Movie DVD in USA) – all of them have been action films with the last two also revenge films and with Fighter Jeet has establishes himself as the number one action hero of Tollywood. With Wanted we saw the reemergence of Jeet as one of the leading heroes of Tollywood and now with Josh and Fighter, there is no stopping him. The point is Wanted with which he started his second innings in Tollywood has so far been the best film of the three as it was a tight, taut thriller and had been packaged very well. Josh was okay as well, but Fighter is a little letdown in that respect. The story and the script is hayward and things happen because they have to happen. A lot of it is unbelievable and it is just not acceptable. Therefore the selling point of the film is Jeet’s eight pack. The first Tollywood hero to sport one, he looks great and it does wonders to his image. Firstly a little about the film ...

Read the complete movie review on Washington Bangla Radio - the top Bengali entertainment online service in USA.

Interview: Anjana Basu goes to Bangkok with door-to-door cookie salesman - Bye Bye Bangkok

[Tollywood Bengali Actress Anjana Basu]Washington DC, Jan 14. 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Tollywood actress Anjana Basu is surely one of liveliest guests we have ever had in our studios and Arijit Chakraborty had a blast chatting with her, as you will hear in this interview that is guaranteed to lighten your heart and bring you a smile.

Anjana talks about her background, career and her films, especially Bye Bye Bangkok - Aniket Chattopadhyay's Bengali comedy movie where she travels to Bangkok with a cookie salesman leaving her husband behind !

Bye Bye Bangkok is Anjana's second film written and directed by Aniket Chattapadhyay (interview) - Anjana has also acted in Aniket's debut feature Cha-E-Chuti (BUY BENGALI MOVIE DVD IN USA). Anjana describes Bye Bye Bangkok as a glittering film that celebrates joy for over two hours, and it is remarkable that Aniket could establish and maintain the relationships across the characters given the big cast and complex web of relationships. Bye Bye Bangkok is a story of five couples, with Anjana and singer-actor Shilajit playing one couple [other couples are played by Sonali Chowdhury-Kharaj Mukherjee (interview), Kanchan-Kanchana Moitra (interview), Neil Mukherjee-Locket Chatterjee (interview)]. As Aniket said, all these couples are post honey and post moon, and they all happen to be present in Bangkok where a complex web of opportunities and extra-marital attractions result in hilarious circumstances. Shilajit hooks up with Sonali, Kanchana with Kharaj and so on ... Anjana describes the situation as spaghetti !

Film Preview: Srijit Mukherjee to act and Kaushiki Desikan to sing in CHAPLIN (Bengali, 2011)

Chaplin bengali movie: Rudranil, Soham, Rachita
Rudranil, Soham, Rachita

Chaplin: Mir, Rudranil, Soham
Mir, Rudranil and Soham

Anindya Banerjee - Kolkata Bengali Movie Director
Anindo Banerjee, Director, Chaplin - Pictures © Aditya Chakrabarty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali film-maker Anindo Banerjee's first film (since his previous film has been stalled for some reason), Chaplin is about a man Bangshi who is a a very big fan of the legendary Charles Chaplin. Bangshi hails from a lower middle class colony and stays with his son. He has grown up watching films of Chaplin and wanting to be like Chaplin.

In fact Bangshi earns his living by imitating Chaplin and trying to impersonate him at small programs and events and to walk and talk like Chaplin is the only thing he knows and can perform best. His son Nemoa sees young kids like him celebrating their birthdays in style where his father performs and he also desires to do the same.

Read all about CHAPLIN on Washington Bangla Radio.

Moroner Pore (1954) Bengali Movie DVD Release Available In USA

[Maroner Pare Bengali Movie DVD in USA]Calcutta, Jan 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Maroner Pore directed by Satish Dasgupta opened in Kolkata in 1954 starring Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Bharati Devi, Nabadwip Haldar, Bhanu Bannerjee, Ajit Banerjee, Dhiraj Bhattacharya, Nilima Das, Pranoti Ghosh and more. The music director was Gopen Mallick.

Read all about the oldie classic and buy the Bengali movie on DVD in USA and world-wide via Washington Bangla Radio.

অ্যাণ্টোনি ফিরিংগী Antony Firingi (Bengali, 1967) Uttam Kumar-Tanuja Tollywood Classic | First National Award for the Mahanayak

[Antony Firingee Tollywood Bengali Movie Poster]Washington DC, Jan 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Directed by Sunil Bannerjee, the evergreen Bengali black-and-white oldie Anthony Firingi opened in theaters in Kolkata in 1967 and quickly became a box-office blockbuster film.

Antony Firangi starred Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and Tanuja as the hero and heroine supported by Ruma Guha Thakurta, Asitbaran, Bhanu Bannerjee, Jahar Ray, Lolita Chatterjee, Chhaya Devi, Tarun Kumar, Haridhan Mukherjee and other great Tollywood actors and actresses of the time. The film featured Manna Dey and Anil Bagchi as the music composer and director.

Watch the full movie for free online or order the Bengali movie on DVD in USA and worldwide via Washington Bangla Radio.

TAKKAR on Rupashi Bangla

TAKKAR Bengali TV Show on Rupashi Bangla channel
Chiranjeet, Mouli Ganguly and the mentors and hosts at the sets of TAKKAR Rupashi Bangla TV Show
Picture © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Jan 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) A new reality show called ‘Takkar’ has just started being aired on Rupashi Bangla channel. The show which is somewhat similar on the lines of ‘India’s Got Talent’ is completely conceived by the superstar of Bengal, Prosenjit  (WBRi Exclusive Interview) who is also the producer of the show.

The show Takkar aims to showcase the various talents of the people of Bengal some who even hail from the remotest areas of Bengal and will appear on the show overcoming all their obstacles and trouble along the way. The show will even have 3 mentors - Kamalika, Prasun and Priya Karfa who are going to guide each participant along the way. The show will have two permanent judges - Chiranjeet and TV actress Mouli Ganguly. Prasenjit will also appear on certain episodes as a special guest.

Interview: Actress Kanchana Moitra talks about Bye Bye Bangkok, Accident and her Tollywood Kolkata Bengali films

Actress Kanchana MoitraGermantown, Maryland, Jan 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Arijit Chakraborty caught up with actress Kanchana Moitra in Kolkata while she was actually going to work. Kanchana speaks with us after pulling into a gas station and you will hear the lovely sonic ambience of Kolkata city in the background while Arijit and Kanchana talk about Kanchana's background and career in film.

Kanchana started modeling when she was sixteen, appearing in the acclaimed SANANDA women's magazine edited by Aparna Sen, and subsequently in a host of fashion events and shows, walking down the ramps for some of the best designers in Indian fashion. Not complacent with her early success as a fashion model, Kanchana felt an urge to try different things - but acting was not initially in the list of things she wanted to try, not being sure of herself in front of a camera.

Eventually, she gave up modeling in the interest of concentrating on her college degree, after which Kanchana, encouraged by her friends and loved ones, took up the role of anchoring the popular television show Shrimati dealing with women's issues, and then a major role in the Bengali TV Mega Serial Poush Faguner Pala. She was selected for the serial Mallika on ETV Bangla as well - and in spite of less-than-encouraging remarks by director Goutam Sen (which only reinforced her determination to succeed as an actress), went on to bigger things as a heroine in the Tollywood Bengali film industry.

Listen to Kanchana Moitra in an informal and candid interview exclusively on Washington Bangla Radio.

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