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Mon Bole Priya Priya (2011) - Bengali Film Trailer, Synopsis, Cast & Crew - Preview

[Mon Bole Priya Priya: Bengali Film Poster]

Calcutta, Feb 27, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mon Bole Priya Priya is a forthcoming Bengali film produced by Sanjay Kr Das under the banner of Weird Industries, directed by Milan Bhowmik

The star cast of the film includes debutant Raj appearing opposite Pamela, with Ashish Vidyarthi, Tapas Pal, Subhasish Mukherjee, Rita Koyral and others.Music is by Soumitra Kundu and the Bengali film song playback singers are Sushati, Aneek, Somchandra and Anwesha.

Read all about the film and watch the theatrical promo-trailer of Mon Bole Priya Priya via Washington Bangla Radio.

Onir's I AM - Actors Sanjay Suri, Purab Kohli, Abhimanyu Singh & Juhi Chawla promote the film in a unique way

[Actress Juhi Chawla with Abhimanyu Singh, Purab Kohli, Onir and Sanjay Suri]
Abhimanyu Singh, Purab Kohli, Onir, Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Suri

Mumbai, Feb 24, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Mumbai: Filmmaker Onir is trying to raise funds from for his Upcoming Film I AM in an unconventional manner with the help of ace actors Sanjay Suri, Abhimanyu Singh, Juhi Chawla & Purab Kohli. Social Mediums like Facebook and other networking sites are used for the purpose; The Director has received a positive response on that front. The cast & crew of the film were present at a festival in Mumbai for the promotion/interaction on their film and received a thunderous ovation for the film which deals with such sensitive issues.

Director Reshmi Mitra talks about Bengali films Pirit Kathaler Atha, Mon Rage Onurage, Ektu Ushnotar Jonno (Interview)

[Tollywood Bengali Kolkata Film Piriti Khataler Atha Poster]Washington, DC, Feb 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film-maker Reshmi Mitra chats with Arijit Chakraborty in a live interview for WBRi. Ms. Mitra talks about her movies, prior work, and future plans. Of her previous movies, her incomplete dream “Char Odhdhay” based on the acclaimed story by Rabindranath Tagore is still the closest to her heart. Her previous movie, Bhalobasha Zindabad was satisfying to make because of its novelty and its realistic flavor. Her docu-features on Pramathesh Barua, Salil Chaudhury, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, junior artists in the movie business, and eunuchs have moved people, and herself, and remain some of her favorites.

Piriti Kanthaler Atha, her latest movie is getting rave reviews in Kolkata. Ms. Mitra attributes this to its appeal to the current, young generation because of the combination of its entertainment factor, original story line, freshness, realistic flavor, and relatability. The fight sequences are exquisitely coordinated and CG (computer graphics) is used effectively. Created by the famous fight master (action director) from Mumbai, Andali Pathan (who has directed action sequences for heroes like Akshay Kumar and Govinda), they have a fancy-ness (“chamak”) to them, while the songs, directed by Indian classical instrumental Santoor artist Pinak Bhattacharya are classical-based and sequenced according to the story line. The lyrics of the songs are penned by Gautam Sushmit.

Listen to Reshmi Mitra talk about her films via Washington Bangla Radio free on-demand audio broadcast service.

Interview: Film-maker Anindo Banerjee on Bengali Movie CHAPLIN (2011)

[ANINDYA BANERJEE - Tollywood Calcutta Bengali Movie CHAPLIN]Washington, DC, Feb 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film-maker Anindo Banerjee chats with Arijit Chakraborty in this informal and intimate chit-chat and presents us with a colorful sketch of his fascinating journey from the hallowed classrooms of Jadavpur University to the Bengali film Chaplin and beyond.

Listen to the free online radio broadcast of the interview exclusively from Washington Bangla Radio.

Interview: Writer Malay Bandopadhyay talks about Bengali films Paribartan, Piriti Kathaler Atha, Kache Acho Tumi, Dujone & more

[Malay Bandopadhyay]Malay debuted in feature films with resounding success with his friend Rajib Kumar in the director's chair with the blockbuster Dujone (2009) which starred Dev and Srabanti as the lead pair. Dujone was the directorial debut in feature films for Rajib as well. In this informal chit-chat with Arijit Chakraborty, Malay reveals quite a few interesting trivia, inlcuding the fact that one of today's leading Tollywood heroines - Srabanti - actually is his student and Malay was a private tutor of the actress!

BHOY (Bengali, 2011) - Shatabdi Roy Plays The Exorcist in the new Tollywood Horror Film: Bengali Movie Review

By Aditya Chakraborty

Bengali Actress Monami at premiere of Tollywood Horror Folm BHOY
Calcutta, Feb 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Horror films are hardly made in Tollywood and it is not a genre which Tollywood is comfortable with handling as they tend to make a mess of it. Hardly any horror films have been made in Tollywood in the recent past. In fact coming to think of it, the only film which has been made is ‘Raat Barota Paanch’ which was a terrible film and a box office disaster as well. Bhoy is supposed to be a horror-thriller, but well what does it turn out to be?

It is about a young couple Amitava and Rupsha who are on the lookout for a place to rent. With the help of a broker, they find a house whose owner Mr. Bhattacharya tells them that the previous tenant of the house, a young lady had commited suicide with her son. From the very day, people around them start acting weird and in fact Rupsha witnesses uncanny happenings in the house.

Read the complete Tollywood Kolkata Bengali horror movie review and watch the trailer via Washington Bangla Radio.

Chalo Paltai (2011) Bengali Film Music Release

Bengali Actor PRASENJIT CHATTERJEE, Singer Raghav Chatterjee and Singer-Composer Anupam Roy at CHOLO PALTAI Bengali Film Songs Release
Tollywood Hero PROSENJIT CHATTERJEE with Raghav and Anupam
Prosenjit Chatterjee, Raghav, Anupam Roy and students of Jadavpur Vidyapit at Cholo Paltai Music Release

Calcutta, Feb 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) True to its name, the The Quite Music Launch was not so quite. Almost 200  children of Jadavpur Vidyapit were witness to it.

The songs of  forthcoming release of SVF's Cholo Paltai were sung by Anupam and Raghab. Bumba-da was overwhelmed by the children who listened, questioned and asked for guidance.

Read all about the event and check out exclusive pictures at Washington Bangla Radio.

Listen to Mehki Mehki Audio Song from Bollywood Movie GAME (Hindi, 2011) feat. Abhishek Bachchan-Sarah Jane Dias

Calcutta, Feb 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Mahki Mahki is a film-song from the Bollywood film Game. Mehki Mehki is a sensually scintillating song sung by Shreya Ghosal and Kshitij Wag.

Still from Hindi Movie GAME (2011)The song is picturised on the hot n raunchy Sarah Jane Dias and Abhishek Bachchan from the movie Game. Game is a forthcoming action thriller starring Abhishek Bachchan, Sarah Jane Dias, Kangana Ranaut, Jimmy Shergill, Anupam Kher, Shahana Goswami and Boman Irani. Watch the music video of Mehki Mehki song from Game exclusively via Washington Bangla Radio.

Interview: Saibal Chakraborty - Producer of Tollywood Bengali supernatural horror films BHOY and BHOY 2

[Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Horror Movie BHOY Press meet]Germantown, MD, Feb 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Saibal Chakrabarty is a well-known producer of movies in Kolkata's Tollywood Bengali film industry. He has produced Amar Bhalolaga Amar Bhalobasha and Fight 1:1, and his horror-thriller Bhoy and it's sequel Bhoy-2 are awaiting release at the time of this interview.

Living legend Lata Mangeshkar has performed a song in Amar Bhalolaga Amar Bhalobasha, thus singing for a Tollywood Bengali movie after sixteen years, and Saibal himself has sung a duet in the film with Lata-ji.

Arijit Chakraborty talks to Saibal in this audio broadcast of an informal chit-chat. Saibal has appeared in a dance number in Bhoy alongside Abhishek Chatterjee, as well sung a song as a playback singer for the movie, too.

Piriti Kathaler Athaa (Bengali, 2011)

Calcutta, Feb 24, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Piriti Kanthaler Atha is a Bengali feature film produced by Niranjan Mistry released under the banner of Arati Chitram 2009. The film is directed by Reshmi Mitra and stars Saurav, Riddhima, Debika Mikherjee, Biplab Chatterjee, Shakuntala Barua and others.

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