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Upcoming Bolly movie ‘Identity Card’ got promoted in Kolkata by Cast and Crew

Recently the cast and crew of the Bollywood film ‘Identity Card’ which included Tia Bajpai, Furqan Merchant, Vipin Sharma and Prashant Gupta, visited Kolkata to promote the film and spoke in length about the film and shooting in Kashmir.


Cast of upcoming Bollywood film Identity card inaugurate Fashion Fair ‘Pehchan’ in Kolkata

Cast of upcoming Bollywood film Identity card which included Tia Bajpai and Bollywood Actors Furquan Merchant and Vipin Sharma along with Debasish Chatterjee, Managing Director of Fayre Media today at Ice Skating Rink inaugurated the 15th edition of Kolkata fashion Fair –Pehchan.


                                     Actor Furquan Merchant with actress Tia Bajpai.

LOOMS WEAVES AND MORE : A blend of tradition and elegance

Looms Weaves and More, an exclusive exhibition of natural fibers and jewellery, curated by team Aesthetique (Maitreyee Pathak, Sanchita Ghosh, Tina Roy),was back with its second edition at the Kolkata Ice Skating Rink showcasing the finest of fabrics, textiles, arts and crafts of India ranging from sarees, pret wear, artifacts, home linen, jute diversified products and other accessories. The three day exhibition of Indian weaves and crafts from 19th to 21st August 2014 was a happy reminder to the preparations for the upcoming festive season in Kolkata that is gearing up for its biggest celebration- the Durga Puja.


                                     Fashion designer Agnimitra Paul.

Poland with its charming landscape has been attracting Indian film-makers.

Krzysztof Solek, President, Film Polska Productions ( the company that handled the international production of Salman Khans Kick in Poland) talks about the economic viability and the infrastructure, besides tax benefits that the government offers and the technical expertise and an opportunity for making quality films within a reasonable budget.

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Bipasha Basu's make-up act

Bipasha Basu had decided to wear least make- up as her character required, while shooting for Creature 3D, but the actress had to change her plan by opting for more use of cosmetics when the film was close to its completion.

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