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Gay For Johnny Depp New Album and 2011 UK Tour Dates

London, UK, Dec 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / ContactMusic) Controversial Brooklyn hardcore punk band GFJD (GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP) will release its sophomore album What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You on February 14, 2011 via Shinebox Recordings. Mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport (The Melvins, Sepultura, Pissed Jeans), the Valentine's Day release brims with electro-fury and has been called a "faster, meaner, rawer, leaner" update on the band's fierce sound.

Nandan decides Aarekti Premer Galpo (Bengali, 2011) not appropriate for it's audience for portrayal of homosexuality

Calcutta, Dec 21, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) After a long wait, the film Just Another Love Story (Aarekti Premer Galpo) directed by Kaushik Ganguly will be released on Christmas Eve - Dec 24, 2010. But Santa has failed to fulfill the expectations of movie-lovers of Kolkata who always expect to watch offbeat films at the state-controller Nandan theaters.

TROMA'S Chainsaw Sally Show Proves that power tools aren't just for Bob Vila and Lesbians!

“A riotous and rockin’ uproar…you’re going to love what’s in store for you!”  Brutal As Hell
“A riotous and rockin’ uproar…you’re going to love what’s in store for you!”  - Brutal As Hell

December 21, 2010 (New York, NY) – Are you fed up with the philistine who takes a full shopping cart through the express checkout lane? What about the one who parks in handicapped spaces? Sally (April Monique Burril) is and she’s not going to stay quiet! With the hum of her trusty chainsaw to announce her return, she is picking up where the movie of the same name left off, repurposing the use of power tools for every disgruntled member of society!

Available January 11, 2011, you can get in on the bone-cutting action from director Jimmyo Burril and executive producer Herschell Gordon Lewis by pre-ordering The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season 1 DVD here >

THE TOXIC AVENGER listed among IFTA's 30 most significant independent films

December 17, 2010 (New York, NY) – Recently, the Independent Film & Television Alliance published a list of the 30 most significant independent films of the last 30 years, and included THE TOXIC AVENGER in its Honorable Mention category!

MICHAEL - Tata Docomo & Sony Music Launches Michael Jackson Album - Available Online

Calcutta, Dec 11, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Mobile telephony brand Tata DOCOMO and Sony Music together in partnership have launched the much anticipated album ‘Michael’, not the last, but the posthumous release of the priceless songs recorded by the legendry King of Pop – Michael Jackson.

The album carries a total of 10 tracks including the “Hold My Hand” duet with Akon, this song is one of the greatest piece of works created by Michael Jackson and is surely going to be a chartbuster.

Tahiti 80 New Album - The Past, The Present & The Possible

London, UK, Dec 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Tahiti 80 have proven themselves true originals who've touched our souls with carefully crafted delights for over fifteen years. Their latest offering however, is their most radical departure yet. Comparable to Blur's transition from Leisure to Modern Life Is Rubbish or perhaps clutching towards Bowie's chameleon-like early day personas, the entitlement of the word "rebirth" stands evident. Released as the first full-length on their self-owned label Human Sounds, boundaries are finally limitless, something the band did not take for granted this time and wont do going forward.

For starters, Tahiti 80 is now a six-piece unit. The additions include long time touring members Julien Barbagallo & Raphaël Léger on backing vocals, keyboards, and percussions/drums changing the position of co-writer Sylvain Marchand due to chronic ear damage. The album was produced by Xavier Boyer and Pedro Resende; mixed by Tahiti alumni Tony Lash (Wallpaper For The Soul, Axe Riverboy, Cardinal, Eric Matthews) and Tore Johansson (Puzzle, Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand). The return of both Tony and Tore was a way for the band to be surrounded with familiarity, ensuring their foundation would not become compromised during this new exploration.

Genius Is In Genes Artist Ed Copley Brings Global Attention to Western Art Show

Stage Stop - Oil on Canvas - by Ed Copley will be offered for sale at the WAA Show & Sale 2010

Scottsdale, AZ, December 9, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus) Cowboy boots, ten gallon hats and blue jeans may make the cowboy but the genes of artistic genius make Ed Copley ( one of America’s finest painters. Copley is known as a modern-day old master when it comes to art because he paints with an ‘old master’ technique - mixing his own paints, adding glazes, stretching his own canvas and even carving a frame for that special masterpiece. And for artistic genes, John Singleton Copley was the greatest American painter of the 18th century. His great, great, great grandson Ed Copley is following in those footsteps in the 21st century.

Copley notes that longevity is the test of the legacy of an artist.

"Look around at the great museums and see what stands the test of time. It is classical art, which is something that people can relate to and understand,” explains Copley. “It is a responsibility if you are going to execute quality paintings. It requires a lot of study, work and sensitivity. Every artist must try to accomplish his or her highest level of excellence.”

- PRWeb

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour

Los Angeles, CA, December 09, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus/PRWEB) Singer Adam Lambert rocketed to fame with his powerful renditions of rock classics during the 2009 season of American Idol. His debut CD For Your Entertainment has topped one million in sales worldwide, and his 100-city “Glam Nation” tour sold out in nearly every venue across the U.S., Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Along the way, he has collected an armload of Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum certifications.

As he returns home this month, Lambert continues to see his star rise, with a Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his hit single “Whataya Want From Me.” His Live Acoustic EP, released on December 6, 2010, soared to the number one spot on iTunes Album Charts by the next day and is receiving raves from music critics. The Houston Chronicle praised his “flawless, fearless vocals,” and said “He approaches every song with a ferocity that soars above most of today’s pop stars.”

With his affinity for diverse musical genres, Lambert does not fit neatly into a marketing pigeonhole. But his stellar vocals, good looks and showmanship have earned the devotion of fans who not only are buying his music and concert tickets, but have also poured considerable energy and ingenuity into promoting Lambert’s career.

Fans have set up blogs, orchestrated Twitter coverage of concerts and uploaded hundreds of videos to YouTube documenting virtually every performance. They tweet incessantly to spread the latest news, urge fans to vote in online polls, request his songs on the radio, tune in to his media appearances and buy his albums, singles and music videos.

Bollywood Hero DEV Anand unhappy on Saregama (previously HMV) selling DUM MARO DUM to Ramesh and Rohan Sippy

Mumbai, Dec 7, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog Press Release) The evergreen song “Dum maaro dum” sung by Asha Bhosle from the movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna, a trendsetter movie which was released in 1971 based on life of youth obsessed with drugs, has slipped out of Dev Anand’s hand. The anthem of seditious youth living in their own world has been sold without any concent of Dev Anand. The evergreen actor filmmaker was in a state of shock ever since the song was sold without his knowledge.

On Wednesday the veteran actor said that the song was his and his banner Navketans alone, the music company Saregama (HMV) which holds the rights to the film had sold the rights of the song to Ramesh Sippy and his son Rohan sippy, without informing Dev Anand.

CEO of Saregama(HMV), Apurva Nagpal confirmed that the track has been sold to the Sippys. "We sold the copyright of Dum maro dum to the Sippys, and no, we did not see the need to inform Dev Anand. He might have an emotional connect with the song but he has absolutely no legal rights over it."

SISKI - The Sigh (Hindi, 2010) - A Chilling Night of Indian Horror Movie in Estonia

TALLINN, Estonia, Dec 4, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRUrgent) It is ten in the night at Von Krahl Theater Tallin. In the chilling night, the Indian horror film “The Sigh” (Siski) sends a chill running down the audiences’ spine. The film tells the compelling story of a young couple who move to a new house where the pregnant wife starts complaining about feeling and even seeing a stranger in the house. Her husband, a professor of psychology initially thinks that she is under stress of pregnancy, but eventually a shocking truth about past relationships is revealed under mysterious circumstances.

The occasion was “Sleepwalkers” (11th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers), the only international short film festival in Estonia, bringing together the freshest student and professional films and the most innovative visual ideas from around the world. The festival was held from 20-24th Nov 2010. Eleven years has been a period during which Sleepwalkers, together with its audience, has grown and discovered new fabulous forms in the short film genre and gained more and more international notoriety.

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