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"Each Character In Roar Is Independent, With Their Own Unique Storyline" - AbisRizvi

Most films have a run-of-the-mill cast- a hero, a heroine and of course, the big bad villain. But when producer AbisRizvi and director Kamal Sadanah decided to make a film, they knew it shouldn't be a 'typical' Bollywood movie.


Jigariyaa’s songs are the USP of the film – Raj Purohit

t’s been said people’s taste changes with time but it’s not completely true. There are still few filmmakers who choose old-school ways to attract the audience towards them and also find success in it. 'Jigariyaa', being a love story based on true events from Agra is depicting the year 1988-89. The film has beautiful melodies which is also happened to be the music of that period in which film is based.


Beauty with Brains 'Neha Murali' talks about Anurag Mohn's 'Kho Gaya'

'Kho Gaya' featuring the gorgeous Miss Universe India Finalist 'Neha Murali' is a debut music video of Singer/Music Director 'Anurag Mohn' released by Times Music.

 Kho Gaya, Neha Murali

Rituparna Sengupta’s latest movie Akarshan deals with critical human relations

Recently Akarshan, Rituparna Sengupta ‘s latest movie showcases a nexus of critical human relations in the scenario of fiercely dynamic urban milieu, where external sophistication has merged with internal conflict, restlessness and psychological insecurity.


Rhea Chakraborty's date clash, release of Sonali cable postponed

Sonali Cable was set to release on big screen on October 10, but now it has been pushed to October 17. Rohan wants his lead actress Rhea to promote the film for some more time; hence the date of release was changed. But unfortunately it turns out that Yash Raj Films, which manages Rhea’s work, has not allotted Rhea’s dates to the filmmaker.

 rhea chakroborty