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Prosenjit Chatterjee is the new ‘Force’ for Raja Chanda

Tollywood Director Raja Chanda is leaving out none of the top stars from the Bengali film industry from his radar. He has been delivering back to back blockbusters for the last few years and his films have featured top stars like Dev (Challenge 2 and Rangbaaz), Soham (‘Jaaneman’ ,’ Le halua Le’ and ‘Loveria’) and even Mithun Chakrabarty (Le Halua Le).


Helicam Captures Breathtaking Aerial Shots And Insane Action Sequences In Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans

Shooting in one of the most dangerous and mysterious locations in the world is a challenge that the team of Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans willingly accepted. Translating the beauty and danger of this place on to the big screen is a task that producer Abis Rizvi and Kamal Sadanah achieved using cutting edge technology and a talented international crew. Aerial cinematographers Ville Hyvönen and Kristjan Tiimus were specially flown down from Helsinki for the film.


Melodies From Europe Add Splendor To Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans

The makers of Roar: The Tigers Of The Sundarbans, set out with one objective – to enthrall audiences with sights and sounds that would create an experience like no other. Background score is the lifeline of any film, it accentuates the integrity of a scene and the story telling. John Stewart Eduri worked on the score for months until he created compositions that would bring out the magnanimity of the Tigers and the vastness of the Sundarbans. An Orchestra from Budapest was hired to play the string and trumpet sections.


Hindustani Theatre pioneer Qudsia Zaidi’s work staged at Urdu Drama Festival

The uncharacteristic love story between a courtesan and a revolutionary young man was the subject of ‘Janhaar’, the play written by eminent writer and theater personality Qudsia Zaidi, performed here on the fourth day of the Urdu Drama Festival.

 Urdu Drama Festival

Makers of 'Tigers Of The Sundarbans' Rope In Ace Cameraman Michael Watson Of The Skyline Fame

The Sundarbans region of West Bengal is one of the most deadly albeit breathtakingly gorgeous places in the world. Because of the unstable terrain and dangers in the form of lethal reptiles and of course, the majestic Bengal tigers, this area remains secluded in mystery and very few people get to experience the visual splendor that this place has to offer.

 Michael Watson