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Improv Comedy Presents Duo's Comedy Night

Duo night - Improv Comedy, Mumbai

Great things come in twos. Improv Comedy Mumbai will be showcasing some of the best and newest comedy and improv duos in the Mumbai area.

Improv Comedy Mumbai's Unique "Improvised Bollywood" Show Goes to Berlin

Improvised Bollywood: Audience Interactive Indian Theater Production

Have you ever watched a Bollywood movie and thought to yourself, "Are they just making this stuff up?"

Well now Improv Comedy Mumbai have made that into a show! This 40 minute improvised homage to all those bad and good Bollywood movies that the Indian film industry has to offer is now acted out completely unscripted for the audience's entertainment dollar.

Watch a quick-look video.

The Yuva Natya Samaroh Bids Adieu After Eight Days of Power-Packed Performances

Hindi Stage Theater Drama Play ADHE ADHURE

From Ghalib to Kalidas to the urban reality of today. The Yuva Natya Samaroh depicted it all and enthralled the theater lovers of the capital with a series of plays.On the last day of the festival, young performers brought to stage the much-loved and frequently staged play Adhe Adhure that captures the story of an urban middle class family of dissatisfied members in a conformist society.

Over the past week, a wide varity of subjects played out in the form of various plays like Quaid-e-Hayat, Khusar Phusar, Bada Natakia Kaun, Ashadh Ka Ek Din, Kabira Khada Bazar Mei, and Pratigya Yogandhrayad.

"Maharajas of Comedy" kicks off in New York City

The Maharaja's of Comedy
"Maharajas of Comedy" Group Picture Courtesy of Raj Belani Photography

Performing Comedians include Dan Nainan who has recently performed for President Obama and is known to deliver 100% clean material, Anish Shah headliner for the sold-out No Laughing Matter comedy tour in 2012, Kabir "Kabeezy" Singh, who has shared the stage with some of the biggest comedians including Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Bill Burr, and Russell Peters, Mark Saldana, named "The best Indian...if not Asian comic in the country" by The Los Angeles Times, and Paul  Singh, one of the only comedians who can perform in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Lastly, live via tape from India, Papa CJ delivered a special message.  A surprise dance act was also performed by New York based Aatma Performing Arts.

The Tale of the Lone Traveller: Kuntal Mukhopadhyay and Sanlap Kolkata; An article written by Nilanjann Nandy.


As I was reading his plays, I mean the paperback publications of his myriad thoughts, put on paper, having been acted out in numerous stages around this country and continent, I was wondering what if this man is not actually writing, in the true sense of the meaning of putting pen to paper, but simply puts his unique thoughts and arranges it in such a pattern that takes the form of “Ghare Phera”/ “Shudrayan”/ “Haye Raam” or Sanlap Kolkata’s latest “Niraasroy”, which mesmerizes with it’s veil like quality underneath which runs the ‘dark rivers of the heart’, which empties into an ocean of conscious understanding...which comes to one only after a thorough travel, a trek through the serpentine by lanes of the human mind...reading every subtle nuance and the whole range of colours which explodes in the deep recesses of our minds when we come face to face with ourselves through the characters in the drama that he portrays and which touches us with a fantastic vibrancy of warm flesh and blood?
 What if, the material that he explains as his script is nothing but the ‘whole result of his life-long search’? What if Kuntal Mukhopadhyay, the PhD holder in specifics of theatre, who is also the ‘main-spring’ of the “Sanlap Kolkata watch”, a professor, educationist, drama director, actor and a playwright is actually not a plain creative person, but a wanderer, a traveler, an explorer?