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Rabindra Sangeet | Kanika Banerjee | Mohor - Soul Of The Ashram | Bengali Rabindranath Thakur Songs

Bengali Rabindra Sangeet Kanika Banerjee, Suchitra Mitra, Hemanta MukherjeeThe album "Mohor - Soul of the Ashram" is a celebration of Kanika Banerjee and her involvement with Shantiniketan. This album surely belongs to every Tagore song collection. The twelve beautiful songs are:

1. Diye genu bosonter ei gaan khaani - Kanika Bandopadhyay With Suchitra Mitra
2. Ami jakhan chhilem aandho
3. A Parobashey robay ke
4. Tumi ebar amaay loho he nath
5. Sakal janam Bhorey, o mor dorodiya
6. Aar rekhona andharey aamai
7. Ami rupay tomai bholabona
8. Kholo kholo daar
9. Toree amar hothat dubey jai
10. Ami phool tulitay alem boney
11. Kichhui to holo na
12. Ami Chitrangada - Kanika Bandapadhyay with Hemanta Mukherjee

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Saradiya Special 2009 - Anondomoyeer Agomone | Rituparna Sen Mitra | Bengali Recitation

WBRi Washington Bangla Radio Live Online Broadcast Internet Radio is a community radio station serving the global Bengali community and brings you performances by independent singers, elocutionists, instrumentalists, poetry and prose recitations and audio and video feature presentations from Bengalis across the world. If you are an independent singer, instrumentalist, performer, elocutionist or artiste, we shall gladly air your performances to our planet wide audience. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to WBRi Bangla Online Live 24x7 Radio broadcasting hits from Kolkata and independent Bengali songs, music and elocution.

Rituparna Sen Mitra | WBRi Live Bangla Radio Broadcast | Bangla Kobita Abritti | Bengali Potry RecitationListen online to my Bengali Elocution Anondomoyeer Agomone by Suchitra Sen on WBRi Bangla Live Broadcast Channel. You can also listen to my recitation on demand below:

  • Anondomoyeer Agomone by Suchitra Sen
  • Birpurush by Rabindranath Tagore
  • Ilse Guri by Satyendranath Dutta
  • Lichu chor by Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Dao Sourjo Dao Dhairjo by Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Aashar by Rabindranath Tagore

Subhomay Mukhopadhyay | Bangla Kobita Abritti | Listen Free Online to Bangla & English Poetry & Prose Recitation on WBRi Radio

Subhomay Mukhopadhyay - Listen Online to Bengali Poetry Recitation | Bangla Abritti Broadcast on Washington Bangla Live Radio Channel

Listen to online English and Bengali Recitation broadcast by Subhamoy Mukhopadhyay on WBRi Kolkata Bangla Online Radio. Submit your recitation / elocution recordings for airing on WBRi global broadcast - use the Contact link for submissions.

Bangla Baul Folk & Tribal Songs Of Bengal - A Guide by Gopal Bandopadhyay | Nimai Sanyas, Prabhati, Poush Parbon, Dehatatwa etc.

The multitude of genres and sub-genres of Bengali Baul / Folk / Tribal music are defined and discussed. Listen to online songs of many types and subtypes of Bangla Folk & Tribal performed by Mr Gopal Bandopadhyay for WBRi.

Gopal Bandopadhyay Presents
Folk & Tribal Music of Bengal - A Guide

Free WBRi Bangla Radio Bengali Online Broadcast | Folk, Tribal songs The following article is a rough guide to the various folk musicals forms of West Bengal, India. This article is penned by Shri Gopal Bandopadhyay. We have previously featured Mr Gopal Banerjee where he has briefly written about Bengali Folk tradiitons and you can watch Mr Banerjee live in concert - click here.

Nimai Sanyas

These songs revolve around the concept of opting for the lifestyle of an ascetic by Nimai and thereby leaving his Grihasthya or family life. These songs were composed on the basis of the pitiful appeal by his wife Bishnupriya and his sorrowful mother Sachimata.


These songs are usually sung in the morning time by Vaishnavas throughout rural Bengal praising the glories of Radha, Lord Shri Krishna and Gauranga. These songs help the villagers ...

Sumantra Mitra | Telephone Interview | WBRi Live 24x7 Bangla Radio Speaks with Sumantra Mitra in Kolkata from Washington DC

Exclusive WBRi Kolkata Radio Telephone Interview of Sumantra Mitra Supratim Sanyal of WBRi recorded this excerpt of a brief Telephone chat with Sumantra Mitra on March 29, 2009, aired on the WBRi Live Bengali Radio Channel before his album was aired on that day. Sumantra talks about his influences, future plans and thoughts on Washington Bangla Radio. A must hear for Bengali Modern Songs / Bangla Adhunik Gaan fans
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