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Actress Rachita Chauhan (Bhattacharya) Talks about Bengali movies Chaplin, Rang Milanti, Uro Chithi and more: Interview

[Actress Rachita Bhattacharya]Germantown, Maryland, Feb 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Rachita Chauhan née Bhattacharya is a rapidly upcoming actress in Indian cinema and has recently appeared in Yogesh Mittal's Hindi film Yeh Faasley (2011) with Anupam Kher, Pawan Malhotra, Sudha Chandran, Seema Biswas and others. Among her widely anticipated Bengali films, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee's (interview) Uro Chithi, Kaushik Ganguly's (interview) Rang Milanti and Anindya Banerjee's Chaplin are awaiting release. Susmita Dasgupta caught up with Rachita in Kolkata in this informal chit-chat where Rachita talks about her background and films.

Apratim Mukhopadhyay: Singer-Songwriter-Composer From Kolkata

Apratim MukhopadhyayGermantown, Maryland, Feb 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Apratim Mukhopadhyay is a Kolkata-based modern Bengali singer-songwriter, musician, poet,  TV presenter, and Entrepreneur.

Subhomoy Mukherjee has an informal chit-chat with Apratim in this audio interview presentation that also features some songs performed by Apratim.

Listen to Cricket World Cup 2011 Song by Kolkata Band KAYA

Washington DC, USA, Feb 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The acclaimed folk-rock fusion band KAYA from Kolkata, India has released their World Cup Cricket 2011 song for the enjoyment of Indians across the world.

This song is also being aired by 94.3 Radio One and Radio Misty in India.

Listen to Band Kaya's Cricket World Cup 2011 song exclusively online via Washington Bangla Radio USA.

Birangona - A Song for The Great Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh - Abeer Noyon, Ahsan Kamrul, Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb

Germantown, Maryland, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali composer Ahsan Kamrul has written and composed the song  Birangona as an expression of an anguished soul for the atrocities caused to women of Bangladesh by the Pakistani Military and Bangladeshi Collaborators (Razakars) in the great Bangladesh Freedom War of 1971, and thereafter a national forgetfulness and sufferings caused by their own families and society to "The Great Freedom Fighters of the Country", "Birangona" - "The Birangona Freedom Fighters". The song is performed by singer Abeer Noyon with music arrangement by Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb.

It is time now, to voice for the "State Honour" of the "Birangona Freedom Fighters". It is time now, for the nation to voice and take the first step towards trying those criminals and honouring the sacrifice of women and men in our Great Freedom War, the process has begun already, which has been awaiting justice for close to four decades.

Listen free online to the full Bengali audio song Birangona and watch the music video via Washington Bangla Radio.

Sanchalika Acharyya - Bengali Poem Recitation (Bangla Kobita Abritti)

Sanchalika Acharya - Bengali Poem Recitation - BANGLA KOBITA ABRITTIGermantown, Maryland, Feb 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sanchalika Acharyya has performed more than 70 stage shows of dance, recitation and sruti natok (Bengali audio drama). She counts Kathak dancing, Recitation and Gardening among her varied interests. Sanchalika is a District-level champion in recitation for three consecutive years, 1996, 1997 and 1998, at the Chatra Yuva Utsav.

Listen to Bangla Kobita Abritti by Sanchalika.

Submit your recitation / elocution recordings for airing on WBRi global broadcast. Use the Contact link for submissions.

Interview: Anik Dutta - Director, Bengali Movie BHUTER BHABISHYAT (2012): Discerning Audience Is Welcome To Read Between Lines

ANEEK DUTTA, Writer-Director - Bengali Film Bhuter Bhabishyat (2011)Germantown, Maryland, Feb 5, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Anik Dutta is the director of the Kolkata Bengali film Bhooter Bhobisshot which will, in all probability, continue and expand on the spectacular streak of fabulous Bengali films started last year by a new crop of smart young film-makers. The story, script and lyrics are also Anik's. Bhuter Bhabishyat is Anik Dutta's first full-length feature film. Anik is presently involved in post-production for the film.

In this candid but informal chat with Subhomoy Mukherjee, Anik Dutta - who is a renowned film-maker in the advertising world - dwells upon the similarities and differences between ad films and full-length feature films, and in his unique witty way describes the challenges and opportunities drawing similarities with one-day cricket versus test matches. He also makes it very clear that he never just wanted to make any film - but wanted to make a film that he would himself love to watch as well as offer a reasonable chance for the producer to recover the investment.

Bhuter Bhobissot
A shooting still from Bhooter Bhobissot

Anik talks about a remarkable convergence of events that quite suddenly made it possible to start making his first full-length feature. With his keen insight, he describes and contrasts various artistic and commercial aspects of film-making in Kolkata with Bollywood or other regions in India.

Of course, Anik talks at length about the film Bhuter Bhabishyot and provides us glimpses of it from the director's perspective. Among the various old mansions in Calcutta in various states of dilapidation exists Chowdhury Palace - a property under dispute and pretty much not cared for other than being rented out to film production companies as a shooting location. The ghosts who live in the mansion are happy - they do not complain much about the short disturbances caused by film crews. Things take a serious turn when a promoter gets control of the property and plans on demolishing it in favor of a new construction - thus threatening the supernatural residents with homelessness. Also a film unit arrives there for shooting, and facing multiple threats including eviction, it looks like the ghosts have no option but to try to hold on to their residence with all resources they have.

Bhuter Bhobishyot  has all the ingredients of a successful commercial film, says Anik - used in a humorous way that stands a very good chance of resonating with the masses. Anik also subtly hints at the presence of deeper layers of interpretation of the film and welcomes the discerning audience to read between the lines, though he jokingly says "if I wanted to send a message, I would have sent SMS' (text messages on mobile devices)".

Anik shares with us his thoughts on attempting to categorize films (including his own) into urban or rural genres - he correctly observes it is incorrect to assume folks in rural Bengal are any less capable of visual arts comprehension than their urban counterparts (the reverse is probably closer to reality, given all the visually rich performing arts forms still actively indulged in at the suburbs and villages).

All in all, you will spend a wonderful time, as we did, listening to Anik speak in his own erudite and witty way. Please join us in wishing Anik Dutta, his crew and cast, spectacular success and continuation of the resurgence in Bengali film.

Actress Swastika Mukherjee in a still from BHUTER BHOBISHYOT
Actress Swastika Mukherjee in a still from Bhuter Bhabishyat

Interview: PUJA PAL - The Young and Fast Rising Tollywood Bengali Movie Actress

[Tollywood Bengali Film Actress POOJA PAUL]Germantown, Maryland, Feb 5, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Pooja Pal is a very young and promising actress from Kolkata who has just started appearing in Bengali feature films. With support and inspiration from her mother, Puja is an accomplished dancer from a very young age, and it was her on-stage appearances as a danseuse that led to her being offered roles in Bengali movies. Arijit Chakraborty caught up with Pooja and in this informal chit-chat Pooja talks about her background and films and shares with us stories from behind the camera.

After quite a few successful appearances in ad films and modeling assignments, actress Pooja Paul debuted in the Tollywood Bangla movie industry with a "item number" (an entertaining song and dance sequence frequently used in Indian commercial cinema for interludes) in Gobindadeb Krishna Haldar's Tumi Kaar. Subsequently, her debut as a full-fledged actress was with her role of Goddess Mangalchandi (a form of Goddess Kali) in Gobindadeb Krishna Haldar's AMAR SATHI (2010) alongside Karan, Pamela, Sumanta Mukhopadhyay, Dipankar De, Dolon Ray, Chaitali Dutta Burman, Mita Chattopadhyay and others.

Her next film after Amar Sathi is Joddha directed by Khokhon Chakrabarty co-starring Abhishek Chatterjee, Soumitra Chatterjee, Rama Prasad Banik, Nimu Bhowmick, Mrinal Mukherjee and others. Joddha - also known as Abahelito Mukti Joddha - is a patriotic film, and it is quite possible it will be released around one of India's independence commemorative holidays in 2011.

Pooja Pal subsequently appears in Shibprosad Chakrabarty (Khokhon) directed Ajo Bhalobashi Tomake co-starring Raj, Pragya, Bibek, Anamika Saha, Mrinal Mukherjee, Subhasish Mukherjee, Kanchan Mullick and others and even features Raza Murad who will be seen in a Bengali film after a long time playing the part of Bhootnath. The film deals with modern youth and post-marital issues in the light of pre-marital affairs and more, and is shot in Bengal and Sikkim.

Listen to our exclusive audio interview broadcast of Tollywood Bengali Movie actress Puja Pal.

Interview: Actor INDRANEIL SENGUPTA talks about Bengali Movies URO CHITHI, SYSTEM & more, shares his thoughts and aspiration

[Indraneil Sengupta]Germantown, Maryland, Feb 2, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Indian model and actor Indraneil Sengupta recently created waves in the Tollywood film industry with his spectacular performance alongside Rituparno Ghosh and Chapal Bhaduri in Kaushik Ganguly's (interview) Arekti Premer Golpo which released in Kolkata on Christmas Eve 2010. Indraneil has also received much acclaim for his prior performances in Bengali films like Srijit Mukherji's (interview) Autograph co-starring Prasenjit Chatterjee (interview) and Nandana Sen, Riingo Banerjee's (interview) Jodi Ekdin, Atanu Ghosh's (interview) Angshumaner Chhobi alongside Indrani Haldar, Buddhadev Dasgupta's Janala and others.

Arijit Chakraborty caught up with Indraneil in Mumbai in this informal but candid interview where Indraneil talks about his fascinating journey in modeling and films and shares with us his thoughts, dreams and aspirations going forward.

Listen to Kolkata Bengali movie actor Indraneil Sengupta via Washington Bangla Radio.

Suvojit Roy - CEO, Orion Entertainment provides a glimpse into the pioneering star ascending in Bengali Film & Music (Interview)

Suvojit Roy, CEO, Orion Entertainment, KolkataGermantown, Maryland, Jan 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Suvojit Roy is CEO of Orion Entertainment of Kolkata, a media organization in a leadership position among only the handful of suave modern enterprises in Bengal who are spearheading a resurgence in Bengali performing arts and culture after a slowdown over the past couple of decades. Suvojit talks to Arijit Chakraborty in this informal and candid interview about Suvojit's background, career, passions, aspirations and of course the rapid ascendancy of Orion Entertainment in a short span of time driven by unique software and a diligent attention to packaging.

Suvojit's career over the last 17 years or so in the entertainment industry is a fascinating one. Suvojit belongs to a family of well established lawyers and accountants, and partly driven by the legacy of elders in his illustrious family, Suvojit is himself an accomplished management accountant with a financial background by training. Like many Bengalees, Suvojit grew up with a strong interest in performing arts and culture - music, film, literature, sports and so on. Though such a diverse set of interests is not uncommon among Bengalees, Suvojit's interests were not just confined to being extra-curricular involvement engaged in at his spare time - Suvojit was, and remains, very serious about his passions, ranging from Rabindranath Tagore to soccer (particularly the East Bengal Club variety of soccer!) Of particular importance within Suvojit's eclectic sphere of interests is his investigation of ways to communicate with large numbers of people effectively, dabbling in and accumulating first-hand experience in mass communications from his very young days.

MON FOKIRA - Lopamudra Mitra YATRA - Ustad Rashid Khan & Nachiketa DOHAR - MATISHWAR
Download Orion Albums As MP3 Audio Songs - Click Here >

Read all about Orion Entertainment and Suvojit Roy and listen to his fascinating words in this Washington Bangla Radio exclusive.

KELDAMUZIK - The Diva of Hip Hop: A Special Force Comes Along Setting Music Back on its Edge

Jan 23, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Through millions of years since time began, music has existed and evolved to bring the art of storytelling to the world, the origins of what is Hip Hop…but through its development, a special force comes along to redefine and reshape these arts thus raising the bar of its present reality. Through the years since music became an industry there have been sad years that music will lose its artistry and flare…..But then a special force comes along to set music back on its edge, a something special that sets itself apart and brings flavor again.

Read all about Diva, listen to her song “I Don’t Care” ft. Eddi Projex and download MP3 tracks via Washington Bangla Radio.

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