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Loreto College workshop on Script and camera inaugurated by Rajlakhsmi Syam and Debasish Sen Sharma

Kolkata, March 02, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Recently Loreto College, one of the elite educational institutes of Kolkata organised a unique workshop titled Script, Camera , Lighting which was inaugurated by designer Rajlakshmi, filmmaker Debasish Sen Sharma and model Parijat.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Teaser out, Watch Tom Cruise Take Down the Syndicate

Mumbai, March 23, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): As norm has it, one usually travels in an airplane and not on it! But the brave always take the path that’s less trodden and it’s exactly what Hollywood’s well-known actor Tom Cruise did. In the recently released high octane teaser, for his upcoming action packed film Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, the actor is seen hanging for his life out of a high speed jet giving a sneak-peek into the risky like of an undercover agent.

“Interfaith Space” at University of Nevada will open in January 2016

Interfaith Space” in the $44 million William N. Pennington Student Achievement Center at University of Nevada-Reno (UNR), currently under construction, would open in January 2016; UNR President Dr. Marc A. Johnson told distinguished religious statesman Rajan Zed today.

Elena Kazan dazzles up ILPA leather expo show in Kolkata

Kolkata, March22, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Elena Kazan, who rose to fame with her acting stints in films like John Day and Agent Vinod, recently visited Kolkata to turn showstopper for the fashion show organised by ILPA.

Mrs. India “Priyanka Khurana Goyal” visited Ahmedabad for her ‘Gujarati’ photoshoot

Ahmedabad, March 19, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Mrs. India 2015 Priyanka Khurana Goyal visited Ahmedabad to create her portfolio in the run up to win the next Mrs. Earth Contest. The pageant will be held in October2015 in Jamaica.