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Annual RANG DE BASANTI Event in Washington DC


Washington DC, August 15, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): Every year Indian-Americans and Pakistani-Americans UNITE to celebrate the Independence Day (Pakistan - 14th August; India - 15th August).   Brainchild of  Manan Singh Katohora (JMD CREATIONS),  Shalabh Agrawal (Shalabh Entertainment Group),  and Nitin Verma (Peppertree Entertainment) -  'RANG DE BASANTI' Parties are the Premiere Annual Events for South Asians and International Audience in the DC/metro area  (Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC) - a symbol of peace, brotherhood and unity,  amidst the current chaos of the world. Men and Women dressed up, sing and dance to the popular tunes of Bollywood.

Event is Open to Everyone. Click here for limited discounted tickets »

Singham ‘Returns’ on Independence day with high hopes

Mumbai, August 14, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio):Numerous literary contents & films have explored the issues related to corruption & black money. Directed by Rohit Shetty, Singham Returns is an upcoming Indian action film dealing with this very issue.

Bonny and Ritwika keeping their fingers crossed before the release of Borbaad

Kolkata, August 10, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio):Raj Chakrabarty, arguably the most popular director of Tollywood is once more gearing up to launch two youngsters in a way which he only can. His latest venture ‘Borbaad’ will see the fresh pair Bonny Sengupta and Rittika unleashing a fresh breeze for the Bengali lovers.


'Roar'-ing To Go!

Abis Rizvi and Kamal Sadanah are extremely happy. Kamal's debut directorial venture Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans which has been produced by Abis Rizvi has generated a lot of buzz.


Homage to great poet on his death anniversary by Dalia Basu Saha

Today is 22she Shrabon.Dalia Basu Saha presents her short compilation of recitation and song written by Rabindranath Thakur and Suchitra Mitro to show her admiration towards the great poet.