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ABORTO (2013) Bengali Movie Debutant Director Arindam Sil's Tribute to Satyajit Ray (Interview)

Arindam Sil
Arindam Sil (Photo via Facebook)

“I grew within myself in these two decades and in this time I came across some very good actors - Tota being one of them. I decided to attempt to bring back some of the old flavors of Ray's films. Duli - a character from the master's ‘Aranyaner din Ratri’ - returns in my film played by Reshmi Ghosh. Reshmi plays the sensuous woman here and tantalizes Shyamal Sen (Tota Roy Chowdhury), resulting in Shyamal maintaining a distance from his wife Charu. Charu, played immaculately by Jaya Ahsan, is once again a sex deprived married woman like in ‘Charulata’.” - Arindam Sil.

Final Mission (2013) Bengali Movie OST Music Release

Sudipto Sengupta, Rimjhim Mitra, Mehtab Hossain, Sonali Chowdhury, Raja Chatterjee and Hriju Roy Chowdhury
Sudipto Sengupta, Rimjhim Mitra, Mehtab Hossain, Sonali Chowdhury, Raja Chatterjee and Hriju Roy Chowdhury

The seven songs are “Ure ure bohudure”, “Rappa rappa sara rappa”, “Tomay dekhe mone elo”, “Chai hoye ure gelo”, “Sudhu tumi ei sandhyay”, “Maa aar santan” and “Andho samaje tufan aante”. The songs have diverse emotions ranging from love to melancholy.

Bawali Starts at Bijoli Cinema Hall Kolkata

Indian Tollywood Kolkata Bangla Movie Bawali Unlimited 2012
Picture via Facebook

Payel Sarkar, the lead actress of the film wearing a black mid-length dress, was present at the release whose other movie Bojhena Se Bojhena directed by Raj Chakraborty released the same day. Payel told WBRi, “It is absolutely a co-incidence that both my films Bojhena Se Bojhena and Bawali Unlimited are being released on the same day. I have enjoyed working in both the films. But yes - now I am feeling the pressure of it. Hoping both my films will do well at the box-office. Keeping fingers crossed”.

BAWALI UNLIMITED (2012) - a reason to laugh aloud: WBRi Bengali Movie Review

Bawali Unlimited (Bawaali Unlimited) Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Audio Songs Music Soundtrack OST
Bawali Unlimited (Bengali, 2012) Music Release in Kolkata

Bawali Unlimited is the latest Indian Bengali comedy movie directed by Sujit Mandal and one of the most hilarious additions to the list of laugh riots of 2012.

Tota Roy Chowdhury to Present "Tiger Dance" in BIYE NOT OUT (2013) Co-Starring Rituparna Sengupta (WBRi Bengali Movie Preview)

Rituparna Sengupta's short-hair look in Biye Not Out
Rituparna Sengupta in Biye Not Out (Bengali, 2013) - Image Courtesy Rose Valley Films

Speaking with WBRi, Tota explained his character in the film. “Biye Not Out is a very different movie in my life because my real personality and my character in this movie are so much reversed. I am playing a very frivolous character here, who loves to enjoy every bit of life. He never cares for discipline - even does not want to bind himself in any restricted orbit of life. He is playful - his most passionate obsession in life is photography. Wildlife photography attracts him and makes him devote himself to nature and animals. He goes out by himself to enjoy safaris and nightlife in forest areas. In this film for the first time I have applied my dance prowess in a diverse manner. Before this I have used many dance forms right from Salsa and break-dance to modern. But for this film I have danced in tribal form as directed by my choreographer. One of the dances in this film is a mixture of Bengali and Odiya dance forms. The integration has given birth to a distinct dance form for this movie. The most interesting thing is that it is called ‘Tiger dance’ and is folkish in nature. I believe the audience will get to see a very unusual dance from my side after a long time’’.