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Interview: Jose Barreto - "For me, Mohan Bagan jersey is the jersey of Brazil"

Barreto (right) scoring a goal against East Be...

Barreto (right) scoring a goal against East Bengal Club. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Partha Pratim Chandra

Kolkata, May 24, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) On 6th May Kolkata bid farewell to a football legend of Mohun Bagan, Jose Barreto; we will never see the Brazilian wearing the Green & Maroon jersey anymore.

The farewell created an emotional atmosphere as he is regarded as one of the greatest non-Indian players in Indian football (soccer) history. After the touching departure of the footballer, I visited him at his own flat. This report captures insights from Barreto on the day he left Mohun Bagan.

I avoided asking cliched questions like about his favorite goal or favorite food. I hope my readers find the conversation refreshing and different.

PPC: This much emotional burst around your retirement, how do you feel?

The city of Kolkata shivers over S classico war

By Partha Pratim Chandra

Kolkata, May 3, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) It’s wartime in Kolkata. In a scorching heat of 40 degree Celsius Kolkata stands in a queue for ticket to watch the war, organizers are getting tons of requests for free tickets. Blackers are happy to give you a ticket in a price enough to give you a heart attack.

Adapting to Changing Face of Soccer in India

休闲足球 Pastime Football, Banting

Pastime Football, Banting (Photo credit: Tianyake)

By Partha Pratim Chandra

Kolkata, March 19, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Remember that old Doordarshan tune? Long before today’s LCD, Plasma, or 3D TVs? The nail biting – adrenalin rushing – black and white East Bengal-Mohan Bagan matches, the eternal ‘Ghati’ and ‘Bangal’ debate over football. And at midnight it was time for European Club football matches. In fact we, Bengalis started to like the Club Football more than World Cup matches. The Clubs had the clusters of stars at that time; the ground was their own, so it had a huge fan following, the atmosphere became electrifying at those times, at times the news papers had headlines like the match of the century is today.

Days passed, now people had colour television and cable line, the door to world football opened before Bengalis. It was not only Club football; it was a unique chance to watch the galaxy of stars together, an intoxicating advantage for a football crazed race.

Downfall of a Soccer-Starved Country

By Partha Pratim Chandra

Calcutta, India, March 14, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Once a FIFA Official mentioned Indian Football (soccer) as a sleeping Goliath. But India’s devastating Performance in International Football Circuit earned them parody, it’s not Goliath any more, only sleeping. It’s only defeat, degradation and darkness that shrouded Indian Football for last two decades.