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"URO CHITHI" - Bengali Movie Review by Nilanjann N. - this flick is a winner!


Life goes on...

Whatever happens, Life goes on... this is the ultimate truth we all have to face when things go terribly wrong...

Life goes this wretched city...of Kolkata, in this lonely planet which is suddenly hit by "recession" ...the year is 2008... joblessness, suspensions and broken lives abound...and still Life goes on... on and on and on...........................

"URO CHITHI" can be termed as one of this year's best film in terms of performance...and I would rate all the major performers as "fabulous" but Indranil Sengupta, the protagonist of this film called Aniket, his friend Suhas enacted by Biswanath Bose leaves me "speechless"...

It's a film which carries a distinct sheet, which is very much tangible, melancholic Grey in color, dipped in grief and distrust, which sometimes smothers the viewer and suffocates him with it's too real and tight embrace...when this film no longer remains a part of a celluloid dream... when it slaps you hard across the face...

Kamaleswar Mukherjee, like Srijit Mukherjee..., has become a director we will be looking forward to...!

This is film that will surely be in my list of "20 all time favorite movies" !

COWBOYS & ALIENS - contrasting forces collide!!!A movie review by Nilanjann N.


Cowboys and Aliens is an action-packed movie among Wilde, Craig and Ford is the major attraction of the film. The special effects, a tight script penned by nine writers and eye-popping stunts are the USP of his flick.

Its underlying theme is -  although the inhabitants of Earth may have our own differences and grudge against each other resulting in violence and war, we will come together when challenged with a common threat, especially if the threat comes form the sky above!!!

A DAZZLING movie from the director of IRON-MAN - Jon Favreau !

Cowboys and Aliens DVD Release

SINGHAM: Ajay Devgan's much awaited Action 'kaarnama'...!!! A review by Nilanjann N.

singhambanner1 SINGHAM: this much awaited AJAY DEVGAN stylish  action movie, directed by modern day "Golmaal" fame - ROHIT SHETTY, this film made and re-made in Tamil, Telegu and also in Bengali recently (Titled :SHATRU) has most elements that can turn this film into a blockbuster! Truly the LION Roars...!!!

SINGHAM is a full-on masala film that works big time for varied reasons: The energetic and saturated color drama, the terrific confrontations, the raw stunts and of course, for the three 'heroes' - Ajay Devgan, Prakash Raj and director Rohit Shetty, all three simply mesmerize!

It's a complete package of entertainment for the masses and devoted fans of masala movies. This one is sure to roar at the box-office.

It has Blockbuster written all over it!

A Gentle Film You Will Want To Watch Dobara: ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA Hindi Movie Review


Life doesn't give ' second chances'......Dude.........!!!

Jokes about teachers. Fights over girlfriends. Silly word games. Bare chests. Rippling muscles. Streaked hair. Sigh. Glossy looking and beautifully written. I must confess by the time I finished watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara I was convinced that this is the movie for the Generation Y!

DELHI BELLY - Aamir Khan rolls a NEW Dice!!!

delhibelly02 Delhi Belly releases on the 1st July...that is today...Rush to the theatres catch a film...that MAY change your views to so-called youth oriented films...don't forget EAR PLUGS if you're the 'goody goody' type!!!

Quite a 'leap' from the spellbinding DHOBI GHAT to DELHI BELLY... Aamir Khan has proved once again that he is the only producer around in Bollywood, who dares to 'do' different everytime; all the time!

Abhinay Deo's(Director) DELHI BELLY releases tomorrow, the first day of July, with over quite a few million film-enthusiasts panting, waiting,and breathing heavily after going through the long and short promos of the said film... they are simply dying to catch the tail of the 'absconding' D.K.Bose...running and running all the way to the Box Offices of the numerous plexes and regular movie-theatres to catch a 'dekko' of this much talked about film.