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jagjitsinghGhazal Samraat JAGJIT SINGH passed away this morning at about 0800 hours at the age of 70 in Mumbai.With his demise a very big chapter in Ghazals has come to an end. 

No one will sing and present Ghazals the way he used to do... to be very honest, no one even knows the 'magic' of bringing such a specialized subject like Ghazal into the hearts of common listeners, old and young alike, presenting it in such a romantic and easy manner that the listener is captivated in the very first line.

Born, in Rajasthan on the 08th of February, 1941, Jagjit Singh was and will forever remain the UN-DISPUTED king of Ghazals till Armageddon.

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The Six Scenes That Set MAUSAM (2011) Bollywood Film Apart: Hindi Movie Review


One of the "most well made and unforgettable Romantic Saga" ever made in this country.

Certainly not for those people for whom a romantic film only means over-dramatic situations, mega stars, unrealistic script and unnecessary songs!!!

Jiyo Pankaj Kapur!!!

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The TIGER stops roaring!!!


Tiger Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi is no more!

Bibhu Bhattacharya passes away!

Bivu da recording for his

Veteran actor, Theater personality, Bivu Bhattacharya, these days popularly known as Satyajit Ray's JATAYU, passes away yesterday!