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TOTAL RECALL (2012) fails to deliver what it's predecessor offered 20 years ago: Nilanjan Nandy's Review on WBRi


The recently released science-fiction flick Total Recall brought back memories of the Arnie movie I watched 2 decades ago in the now closed down Minerva (also known as Chaplin) Movie hall near New Market, in my city, Calcutta (not Kolkata)

Sci-fi movies such as “Skyfall” or “Transformers” were not the order of the day in that Pre-Cell phone age, and “Total Recall” created quite an excitement among us who starved for movies like this; however Arnie happened to be a bonus.

In the future according to “Total Recall” — the new version, this one starring Collin Farrell (not the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 movieI’m taking about with the same name and the same alleged source) in a Philip K. Dick story — Earth has been devastated by chemical warfare, leaving only two populated areas connected by a tunnel through the planet’s core. On one end of the chute, known as the Fall, is a sleek successor to Britain, an imperial metropolis that exploits the teeming, watery Colony (Australia with elements of futuristic Hong Kong and Bangkok) down below.



Rajesh ji is no longer with us... he left for his heavenly abode yesterday, the 18th July 2012 after a prolonged illness in his residence, AASHIRVAAD, No. 2, Carter Road, Bombay.

Along with the mortal body of Rajesh Khanna, the ONLY superstar of India, bits and pieces of people like us, who literally grew up on his films also burned on the pyre today in Bomabay's, Vile Parle Crematorium.

Rajesh -ji has appeared in 163 feature films of which 128 films saw him as the lead protagonist; he appeared in 17 short films as well. 
He won three Filmfare Best Actor Awards and was nominated for the same fourteen times.

He received the most BFJA Awards for Best Actor (Hindi) – four times and was nominated 25 times.
In 1991, he was awarded the Filmfare Special Award for completing 25 years in the industry, appearing in a record 106 films as the single lead protagonist in a span of 25 years.
In 2005, he was awarded the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

Khanna was referred as the "ONLY Superstar" of Hindi cinema, and thats 101% true!!!
He made his debut in 1966 with Aakhri Khat and rose to prominence with his performances in films like Raaz, Baharon Ke Sapne, Ittefaq and Aradhana, Amar Prem, Ajnabee, Mehbooba and of course Aavishkaar and Anand, films that will keep Rajesh Khanna’s name always shining bright way above others for eternity.

He gave 35 Golden Jubilee Hits in the period 1966-1975, three more in 76-78 and 35 more in the period 1979-1991 and gave 22 silver jubilee hits in the period 1966-1991. Kishore Kumar's Songs made Rajesh Khanna a superstar... He also holds a record of making 15 Superhit Golden Jubilee Films year after year in the brief period of 1969 to 1972.
Til Date NO ONE, I repeat - NO ONE has been able to break this RECORD, nor ever anyone will break it!
Because "Romance" literally has died a tragic death yesterday...READ THE FULL ARTICLE INSIDE.........

THE "KING OF THE RING" DEPARTS... an Obituary by Nilanjan Nandy!

darasingh12071263004jpg  Dara Singh was born as "Deedar Singh Randhawa". He was an Indian wrestler and also a successful cinema actor. He passed away today, the 12th of July, 2012 after a cardiac arrest in his residence in Bombay. An era simply gone .........

I still remember those afternoons of early 1970's, when the serpentine que winded out of Khudiram Stadium (adjacent to Akashvani, Kolkata), all afficionados of wrestling waiting to buy tickets for the wrestling match that would take place in the evening there itself.

I used to look forward to it each Sunday, when insertions and advertisements adorned the pages of the Dailies announcing wrestling bouts that are about to take place inciting excitement and a sense of glee as I knew that I'll be witnessing hackle-raising fights by none other than the Rustom-E-Hind Dara Singh-ji.
His "Dead Lock" was a favorite of the final round each Sunday, and I used to look forward to it! I and my dad (the legendary guitarist Batuk Nandy) gloated over the insertions in the Sunday Dailies and planned for our evening out. Once my dad took me backstage and yes, I shook my hands with the Great Dara Singh, a man with crushing power in his arms, yet with a golden heart and a millon dollar smile.

Teri Meri Kahani (2012) - Love doesn't follow a PLAN, it is DESTINED!!!

Bollywood Hindi Film Poster Teri Meri Kahani (2012)

What is Love?Who the hell is Cupid? Does Love 'at first sight' ever existed? Is it only a figure of speech? Actually, is Love Destined? Yeah, it seems so...just go and watch Kunal Kohli's "Teri Meri Kahani"to experience an absolutely different kind of a movie that is definitely a delight to watch, especially for cine-goers who enjoys movies which are treated in an abstract manner, which are 'different' than the rest......Shahid Kapoor has proved that given an opportunity, he excels like no other once again...


GANGS OF WASSEYPUR - Bloodbath all the Way!


This film made by Anurag Kashyap, does not need any fuel to run amok, nor it needs any external force, this film, with it's gallons of blood and violence in the true bihari style,which simply rips your senses, numbs any feeling that is left inside and explodes somewhere in the deep recesses of the mind leaving a burning smell and a smears of blood dripped in agony.

Best-sellers by Stephen King or Dean R. Koontz, no matter how macabre or chilling it may be, still carries a thin line of logic working within, but Gangs of Wasseypur, is pure Violence, slash, dice, cut, pulverize and chop business. That too without mercy! A Film Review By Nilanjan Nandy.