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Movie Review: The Expendables 2 (2012): Fast Blazing Guns, Fists and Kicks from No nonsense Action Stars


Hey -  all Adrenaline Junkies out there!!! Roll up your sleeves and dip yourself into 'the best' an action movie can offer - blazing guns, tight punches and 'oh...those' kicks with flames booming sky high- "Expendables II" is just awesome!


Movie Review: EK THA TIGER (2012) Salman Khan, the only "Sher" (Tiger) among Bollywood Khans roars again

Ek Tha Tiger (2012) Bollywood Hindi Movie Poster     

"Ek Tha Tiger" is a a definite action thriller (with a little romance thrown in for that oozy feeling!) which tells the story of a Trinity College scientist suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan. The Indian government sends a secret agent, codenamed Tiger (Salman Khan), to find out about the professor's activities. Tiger falls in love with the professor's caretaker Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who is studying at a fictional dance academy located at TCD, and together they embark on a roller-coaster journey that takes them from Dublin in Ireland the IRA Country of Jack Higgins to Istanbul (Who can forget the 1965 thriller - "The Man is Istanbul" released in Lighthouse, Calcutta starring Horst Buchholz and Klaus Kinski? Or the Ramanand Sagar spy thriller "Aankhen" in 1968, a one of kind film in those days...)  then to Kazakhstan and Chile in South America. Stunts (Action) by Brahim Achabbake, Lee Adamson and James Bamford simple glues the viewers to the seat and makes him gasp for air in tension!

Movie Review: THE BOURNE LEGACY (2012) - Pacy Action but lacks aim and purpose of earlier 'Bourne Movies'

bournelegacyjeremy1 I have read all three of robert Ludlum's Bourne novels, right from "The Bourne Identity (1980), "The Bourne Supremacy (1986) and "The Bourne Ultimatum" (1990), however the series has been further extended by Eric Van Lustbader after the death of Robert Ludlum on the 12th of March, 2001.

However, coming back to the film, before even this new movie on the block- “The Bourne Legacy” gets the attention of hard-core Bourne (played wonderfully by Matt Damon) followers, and here Jeremy Renner as another agent Aaron Cross, who comes out of the Alaskan wilderness to take refuge in a cabin, he meets another of his kind, a superspy with a scowl and enough artillery to invade a small country. By the time they’ve grudgingly warmed up to each other an unmanned drone is blasting everything to bits. It’s an effectively blunt opener for a series that from its start has tracked a different military drone, this one a man fighting to recover first his identity and then his humanity. That you may not remember the name of Jeremy Renner’s agent, after all the dust finally settles, suggests that the fight goes on.

thebournesupremacypaperCross has his own reservations, as flashbacks reveal, but none of Jason Bourne’s deeply felt agonies or his strong sense of purpose. This character of Alan Cross is NO MATCH for Robert Ludlum’s unforgettable personality Jason Bourne, who was so real, so human and so believable!

Movie Review: "GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2" - explosive performances, mindless blood-bath


"GOW II" is simply 'WOW' if you like gore to the fullest and seething revenge is what you want in movie.

"Gangs of Wasseypur II", directed by Anurag Kashyap is the sequel to the film which simply re-defined violence recently in Hindi Cinema. Though quite necessary to depict the happenings in the script, violence of this proportion is actually 'mindless' and actually numbs one's senses after half an hour through the film.

TOTAL RECALL (2012) fails to deliver what it's predecessor offered 20 years ago: Nilanjan Nandy's Review on WBRi


The recently released science-fiction flick Total Recall brought back memories of the Arnie movie I watched 2 decades ago in the now closed down Minerva (also known as Chaplin) Movie hall near New Market, in my city, Calcutta (not Kolkata)

Sci-fi movies such as “Skyfall” or “Transformers” were not the order of the day in that Pre-Cell phone age, and “Total Recall” created quite an excitement among us who starved for movies like this; however Arnie happened to be a bonus.

In the future according to “Total Recall” — the new version, this one starring Collin Farrell (not the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 movieI’m taking about with the same name and the same alleged source) in a Philip K. Dick story — Earth has been devastated by chemical warfare, leaving only two populated areas connected by a tunnel through the planet’s core. On one end of the chute, known as the Fall, is a sleek successor to Britain, an imperial metropolis that exploits the teeming, watery Colony (Australia with elements of futuristic Hong Kong and Bangkok) down below.