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Film Preview: TERA KYA HOGA JOHNY (Hindi, 2010) - A curtain raiser

Calcutta, Dec 16, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) "Samundar mein har kisi ke naam ki ek lehar aati hai; Pakad liya toh naseeb varna sab vada pav": this could have been the TAG line of this film !

Chhutta, the drug king Tera Kya Hoga Johnny (the name Johny taken from the super thriller Sriram Raghavan's "Johny Gaddar" where Neil Nitin named himself "Johny") is a thrilling drama written and directed by  Sudhir Mishra where emotions like greed, lust, love, betrayal and hope acquire a new meaning in a Mumbai that desperately wants to be Shanghai. Whether this movie will be just another celluloid caper which delves into the underbelly of Mumbai like so many flop underworld movies or it's going to be able to leave a still to be seen... by the by Sudhir Mishra's last film with Shiny Ahuja and Soha Ali in the lead cast called "Khoya Khoya Chaand" had failed miserably, since it did not have a proper script, and that extra exra fizz which is so necessary to make a film 'extraordinary'.

Here the story is of Parvez (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who wants to be a part of the 'India Shining'  dream. His life is torn between his desperation to run away with the love of his life Divya (Sahana Goswami) who is married to a corrupt encounter cop Chipley (Kay Kay Menon) and his
commitment to his family.

Bengali Movie Review: GOROSTHANE SABDHAN (2010) The New Feluda Film By Sandip Ray - Felu Mitter is back with a bang !

[Gorosthane Sabdhan]

KOLKATA, Dec 10, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Felu Mitter is back with a bang!

While watching "Gorosthaney Sabdhaan", directed by Sandip Ray, the new Felu-da film which released today, I was wondering how the senior Ray would have thought of shooting this particular scene? How he would have picturised the action sequence? What kind of a musical instrument would he have used in the background music (I miss his music soooo much!!) while going through the shots of Ripon Lane, the stairs of Bourne and Shepherd or the moving vista of Park Street?? 

Thinking of an alternative while watching something like this which has been long-awaited may seem a little queer, but I had nothing else to do but , think of senior Ray, with whom , and with his immortal creation's I, and my entire generation has grown up, this is a fact which cannot be overlooked! It is only because of this, whenever I watch a movie concerning Felu-da, apart from "Sonar Kella" and "Joy Baba Felunath", I ponder about all that I have witnessed in my teens; firstly the non-melodramatic Jatayu aka Lalmohon-babu played to the 'tee' by none other than Santosh Dutta, a typical North Calcutta Bengali character who- though, provided something called 'comic relief' from time to time in a Felu-da caper, but had his wits all tightened up and expressions sharpened as a scalpel which will keep him alive for generations to come. Here in this current film Bibhu Bhattacharya has tried quite hard to bring Lalmohon to life but seriously failed and evoked nothing but yawns out of his mindless bufoonery and over board reactions. Siddhartha Chatterjee's Topshey was nothing but Topshey, anyone will agree to that. Though Parambrata has been replaced by Saheb (Zee Bangla Anchor), the pure smile, the innocence and the intelligent sparkle in the eye is no where to be seen.

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Gorosthane Sabdhaan (Bengali, 2010) - A preview of Sandip Ray's New Feluda Movie

By Nilanjan Nandy

Calcutta, Dec 10, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) At last "Gorosthane Sabhdaan" (Beware of the Cemetary) the movie, is releasing today in Calcutta and all over. I fondly remember, I was in class 7 or 8, when I had the wonderful-unforgettable opportunity to take a walk with my Dad, Late Batuk Nandy, down College Street to buy a fresh copy of this particular Feluda novel, I believe it was priced somewhere between Rs.7 and Rs.10. 

I still remember it was an overcast day and after buying the book we went down to taste the "Cocoa Malai Sharbat" the famous sharbat place called 'Paramount', which still stands upright and bright and is thronged by keen sharbat drinkers all day long. It's location is beside the Viswa Bharati book shop at the East end of the College Square (Gol-Dighi), a few steps away from the Mahabodhi Society.

Coming back to "Gorosthane Sabdhaan" ; I had finished the novel at one go! It was different, it was unputdownable and far far better than any Bengali detective character novels that I have read all through my young and adult  life.

Movie Review: Moner Manush (Bengali, 2010) A Goutam Ghose film: Prosenjit in a magnum opus, Paoli strives to deliver

[Image: Tollywood Hero PROSENJIT CHATTERJEE as LALON FAKIR in MONER MANUSH (Bengali, 2010)] The Search within - Unending and unrelenting

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Movie Review: RAKTA CHARITRA 2 (2010) - Measured RGV Finale to the Blood-Bath

Measured RGV Finale to the Blood-Bath!

Calcutta, Dec 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) I generally make it a point to see my favorite director's film on it's first day of release. I am a film buff since a mere boy of ten; traveling through typical Bollywood commercial hits and through most of the Hollywood releases too, I have traveled through some unforgettable films from the  Masters of World Cinema, namely Satyajit Ray, Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha, M.S.Sathyu, Ozu, Felini, Tarkovsky, Kazan, Jean L Godard (especially the 60's 'Alphaville' and 80's 'Detective'), Truffaut and Almodovar.

The directors listed above will always remain as my favorite directors of World Cinema and I try to catch them the very first day, or at least the first one to hire the DVD when its hitting the stores allover ...