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"EBAR SHABOR" - A Never Before Experience awaits!!!


"EBAR SHABOR" - a new movie! A thriller actually!!

But who is Shabor Dasgupta? To begin with what is the meaning of SHABOR? A bengali name which
ia not-so-common... In fact SHABOR mean the Hunter... as the Tagline of this movie says quite subtly -
"The Hunt is On..." Well I, personally 'am a hunter of good thrillers, edgy and crisp movies where I will not
be able to point out any loose ends, something which will impress me, will satiate my hunger for good Khamosh, A Wednesday, ek Hasina Thi, Johnny Gaddar or oldies like Thana Theke Aschhi (Uttam Kumar) and Chupi Chupi Asey (Tarun Kumar)...but alas, my hunt went on... my thirst heightened and then maybe abated...with one or two flicks which I luckily caught on DVD's here and abroad...but the hunt for a good Bengali / hindi thriller went on... especially a Bengali one since nothing worthwhile was churning out of tollywood in the last 3 - 4 yeaars in the name of thrillers!
They all had the same "Food Gone Bad" feel, which gave me nausea and headaches!
Before entering the auditorium, I should confess that I did not expect much from an unread Shabor Dasgupta thriller penned by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. I went inside the theatre with a bit of trepidation along with a sense of joy for this film "EBAR SHABOR" directed by Arindam Sil.
But from the very first shot, and the title credits, with Bickram Ghosh's mind-boggling, dark, cruel, innovative, sometimes pounding and sometimes like a caress, different yet so perfect music made me sit up and take notice of this beautifully crafted, stylish and
perfect thriller. 

Movie of a lifetime - INTERSTELLAR!!!

1_zps9e65af83Before I even begin writing my review for INTERSTELLAR, let me take this opportunity to say that most of the viewers, perhaps many of them will not UNDERSTAND the film fully, I mean watching INTERSTELLAR and claiming it’s title in your ‘watched movie’ list is one thing, and understanding this epic is another, an entirely different ballgame, really, since this film is practically layered with emotions so deep that in quite a few moments I happened to realize that I was holding my breath for so long that my chest cavity ached, and it’s not because of only a few, but very effective stunning visual effects (which is a regular feature in Christopher  Nolan’s movies), it’s because the subtle yet, very powerful emotions and moments of this film ‘hits simply below the belt…’ and where it really hurts!

Film Review by : Nilanjann Nandy (




   4p1x "OTHO NA LOKKHI KATHA" an album of poems by Prajukti Sarkar, a fairly new entrant in the world of recitation is getting warm responses from the "oh-so-aantel" crowd of Kolkata,  and she definitely wins over the hearts of poem lovers who particularly revels in rebellious literature! The cover design (marketed by Cozmik Harmony, and Shuman, the proprietor of the audio company did take pains to do the thing right!) is nice and so is the quality of the production. 

GANESH TALKIES - Anjan's recipe for a Mainstream Bengali Cinema simply entertains and satisfies!!! A Review by Nilanjann N.


I am writing a review in this blog, only because I loved the movie! Really loved it! Loved the songs, the fun and the plot! Loved the way Anjan Dutt, one of the most gifted actor/director that Bengal can offer, gyrated and shifted his position from the typical serious Anjan to the light-hearted, funny, universal and 'go-easy' Anjan to give the commercial Bangla Cinema lovers a true Clean, wholesome entertaining film , a la great films by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee, Tarun Majumdar or even Ajoy Kar. Movie goers, I mean the typical critics who always goes to the theater  "to find a needle embellished with faults in a big haystack" will not be able to find any loose ends here... unless they want to criticize for the sake of criticizing... I mean hey man...stand up! Put your hands together and congratulate the man who at least tried to bring forth a clean and edgy family entertainer in the times of films that reek of snobbery, adultery and other blood curdling emotions that remains hidden under a veil of polish!

The Tale of the Lone Traveller: Kuntal Mukhopadhyay and Sanlap Kolkata; An article written by Nilanjann Nandy.


As I was reading his plays, I mean the paperback publications of his myriad thoughts, put on paper, having been acted out in numerous stages around this country and continent, I was wondering what if this man is not actually writing, in the true sense of the meaning of putting pen to paper, but simply puts his unique thoughts and arranges it in such a pattern that takes the form of “Ghare Phera”/ “Shudrayan”/ “Haye Raam” or Sanlap Kolkata’s latest “Niraasroy”, which mesmerizes with it’s veil like quality underneath which runs the ‘dark rivers of the heart’, which empties into an ocean of conscious understanding...which comes to one only after a thorough travel, a trek through the serpentine by lanes of the human mind...reading every subtle nuance and the whole range of colours which explodes in the deep recesses of our minds when we come face to face with ourselves through the characters in the drama that he portrays and which touches us with a fantastic vibrancy of warm flesh and blood?
 What if, the material that he explains as his script is nothing but the ‘whole result of his life-long search’? What if Kuntal Mukhopadhyay, the PhD holder in specifics of theatre, who is also the ‘main-spring’ of the “Sanlap Kolkata watch”, a professor, educationist, drama director, actor and a playwright is actually not a plain creative person, but a wanderer, a traveler, an explorer?