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SWACHH BHARAT rally was flagged in Kolkata

On the morning of October 19, 2014, about 300 students from 20 leading schools of Kolkata along with members of Rotary club of Kolkata and other Dignitaries participated in an awareness walk on ‘Swachh Bharat’ or ‘Clean India’ from Victoria Memorial Main Gate, organized by The Rotary Club of Belur & District Interact Council Team.

 Swachh Bharat

“Money is wasted on 100 crs budget film” – Rhea Chakraborty

Be careful not to call SONALI CABLE a small budget film when you meet Rhea Chakraborty, the doe-eyed lass will give you an earful! Rhea says, “Sonali Cable is not a low budget film, it’s a normal budget film. I don’t think of any movie as big or small, after all what matters is content of the film. I have seen many times in 100Crs films there is no content, in short only money is wasted.”

 Rhea Chakraborty

'Borbaad' : WBRi exclusive Movie review

A young guy, a college going girl and a bike forms the crux of Raj Chakrabarty’s latest cinematic venture ‘Borbaad’, a remake of Tamil film Polladhavan (2007) starring regional superstar Dhanush.


Tollywood heartthrob Dev launches fairness product for men

Tollywood superstar Dev is riding the Pegasus of success in every aspect of his life. Whether it is his movie career or political stint or attracting brands that are looking for the perfect guy to be their ambassador, he is at his best at the moment. The Chander Pahar star is presently the moment most followed after star in Tollywood and is thus the greatest catch for the brands who wants their youth oriented products to be endorsed.

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WBRi exclusive Review of ‘Golpo Holeo Sottie’

After ‘Abhisipto Nightie’, Birsa Dasgupta has once again showed that he is among the best in Tollywood who can deal with supernatural elements.

 Golpo Holeo Sottie