“Pizza Katega Toh Sab Mein Batega” film Pizza Song creating a buzz

Microphon3 well you’ll all must be thinking something different from the word itself. We are talking about the well-known Singer/Lyricist Microphon3 who is recognized by this name originally his name is “Tanmya Bahulekar”


Hird Majhare’s music got launched

Hrid Majhare, the debut project of director Ranjan Ghosh got its music launched recently in the presence of actor Abir Chatterjee, Indrasish Roy, Music director Mayukh Bhowmick, Singer Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Kinjal Chatterjee and Ishita Chakrabarty

 Hrid Majhare

Food on the Fast Lane.

There is a sea change in the food scenario across the seas. For one food is to be relished at leisure with pleasure and repose,for others food is blitz, thrill, action and excitement.But who can resist the fatal attraction of fast food?


Mumtaz, Sayani and a host of other celebs glams up High Street market

Mumtaz Sorcar and Sayani Dutta,two beauties from Tollywood recently glammed up High Street Market, an Art, Fashion and Lifestyle expo curated by Lopamudra Mandal Saha at a city Hotel.

 Mumtaz Sorcar ,Sayani Dutta

'Banchbo' conjures a memorable evening with their annual cultural function

Banchbo, a Kolkata based reputed NGO recently organised a colourful evening bringing smiles on the lips of many underprivileged children. The NGO which works for the benevolence of underprivileged children from the Sunderban areas, different red light and slum areas of the state, arranged for the annual felicitation and award programme which was brightened up by the present of the children and many eminent person