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Joydhak workshop on non formal education - a unique experiment taking place in Nadia district, West Bengal

Priyabala Vidyavithi, Asannagar, Nadia

The editors and the team who publish the excellent Joydhak Bengali Children's Online Magazine also keep conducting workshops with children belonging to various non formal educational formations across rural Bengal. The idea is to study the patterns and suggest improvement.

Read all about the unique endeavor by Joydhak.

Bengali Online Childrens Magazine JOYDHAK Durga Puja 2009 Issue (7th Issue) Published

Online Bengali Magazine | Joydhak

The editors of Bangla online e-zine "JOYDHAK" have announced the publication of the 7TH  INTERNET ISSUE of the webzine.

Send Durga Pujo greeting with Ichchamoti's new e-card service just launched

Ichchamoti, the popular Bengali Online Children's Magazine, has launched a great Bengali e-card service for you to use to send Durga Puja greetings (Sharadiya Shubheccha) to your loved one.

Ichchhamoti Bengali Online Children's Magazine Durga Pujo 2009 Issue published in e-zine format

Icchamoti Bengali Childrens Magazine Durga Pujo 2009 Issue

Living up to the excellent standard set by previous issues, the Sarat issue of Icchamoti features a fine collection of Bengali poetry, stories, travelogues, art, movie and entertainment reviews and informative articles of interest to children as well as grown-ups.

Kolaj - Bengalis In Hyderabad publish the first Bangla Magazine in Hyderabad

Bengali Online Magazine | Kolkaj

The not-for-profit Bengali organization "Bengalis In Hyderabad" (BIH) have published "KOLAJ", the first Bangla magazine in Hyderabad. The creative editorial team of Kolaj richly deserve commendation for their immense effort to compile and present a wonderful read.

ইচ্ছামতী (Ichchhamoti) - The Bengali Online Children's Magazine - Official Blog

Icchamoti Bengali Childrens Magazine - Official Blog

ICHCHAMOTI and JOYDHAK are the most read children's magazines in the United States. Now both of these wonderful e-zines have their own blogs that contain upadates to their main Bengali Online Magazine sites.

Bengali Online Childrens Magazine Ichchhamoti - Monsoon 2009 Issue Published

Bengali Online Magazine | Bangla Childrens' eZine

The Monsoon 2009 (Barsha 2009) issue of the fantastic Icchamoti Bengali Childrens' Magazine has been published.

Silhouette - The Annual Bilingual (Bengali - English) Film Magazine

Silhouette MagazineSilhouette is a great annual magazine published in English and Bangla (Bengali) about films, movies and related creative arts forms.

Kolaj - Hyderabad's first Bengali magazine | Pujabarshiki Submissions Wanted

KOLAJ - the first and most-read Bengali magazine in Hyderabad, India, have informed us that theyare soon producing their very first Pujabarshiki, the first Pujabarshiki to be published from outside Bengal.

KOLAJ would appreciate if you can help this project by contributing some articles for the magazine. They are eyeing a September 15, 2009  release. It is the goal of KOLAJ to bring all Non-Resident Bengalees  together and Kolaj is a small step towards it.

More information in the full post - click on "Read More" below.

Barnali Saha | Born Into A Brothel | A Short Fiction | Muse India Literary Journal (Online Magazine)

Muse India / Barnali SahaThe literary magazine Muse India has published a short fiction titled Born Into A Brothel by Barnali Saha. You can read Muse India online at their web-site Check out Barnali's writing.

Barnali can be reached t

Image Credit:

Born Into Brothels (2004) DVDNote: If you are looking for the DVD edition of the Academy Award winning 2004 American Documentary film "Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids" about the children of prostitutes in Sonagachi, Kolkata's red light district, written and directed by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman, it is available online - CLICK HERE ».

Bengali Online Magazine | Kolaj (Collage) | The First Bengali Magazine In Hyderabad - download and read the Bangla e-zine

'KOLAJ' (Collage) is the first bengali magazine in Hyderabad in association with 'Bengalis in Hyderabad'. Washington Bangla Radio congratulates the their creative editorial team for compiling and presenting this wonderful read. Download and read this wonderful new Online Bangla Magazine.

Joydhak - The Online Bengali (Bangla) Magazine - Vol 1 Issue 6

Icchamoti & Joydhak are among the most read Bangla (Bengali) magazines published by Calcuttans with top readership from USA. Send your contribution and refer Joydhak & Ichchamoti to your friends and family. Write for Bangla Webzine Joydhak & Icchamoti. Washington Bangla Radio is proud to have as friends these top quality magazines with best readership in the USA. If you want to contribute, please use our Contact form - we will get you in touch with the editors.

Bengali Online Magazine
Vol 1 Issue 6, June 2009
Bangla Bengali Online Magazine ezine webzine patrika journal periodical

The 6th internet edition of the online Bangla children's quarterly magazine has just been published. As always, you will spend quite a few wonderful hours reading this edition, irrespective of your age. Just in time for the beautiful (?) rainy season in Bengal, this edition contains a bunch of stories, comics, puzzles, sports and so on.

The following is what the editors (Joydhaki Dada-ra!)say about this issue:

Our Bengal | New Bengali Online Magazine / Bangla eZine / Bengali Webzine | Banglar Emotion Bangalir e-Patrika

Our Bengal

"Our ... Bengal" is a great new Bengali Online Magazine published at the URL  It is a welcome addition to the excellent and growing number of Bangla Online Magazines (eZines). Their debut issue is now online, and in an open letter, the editors have expressed their vision and their path forward. The Bengali Webzine will publish an eclectic mix of articles and reviews, including stories, poems, essays, plays, film and movie reviews, politics, a little magazine section, and of course Rabindranath Tagore related content.

Washington Bangla Radio wishes all the best to this great endeavor. Please visit their website and check out their wonderful effort.

Ichchamoti Bangla Online Childrens' Magazine | Summer 2009 | Online Bengali Webzine for Kids, Tweens, Teens | Free Download

Read Free Bangla Magazine Books Online

The SUMMER 2009 issue of Ichchamoti Bangla Magazine Online for children has just been published. The Bengali Magazine is available for reading online on their website - - written in Unicode Bangla. For those who wish to read a hard-copy or have problems with Bengali Unicode display on their computer, a free download for a PDF version is provided on the web-site as well.

Like in past issues, the new issue of Ichchhamoti is fun to read, and will provide simple pleasure reminiscent of far less complicated  and more innocent timesto adult readers as well.

Joydhak Bengali Magazine | Quarterly Bangla Webzine for Teens Tweens Youth | 5th Issue published, Read Online Bangla Magazine

The 5th issue of JOYDHAK internet magazine (Bangla Webzine / eZine) has been published. JOYDHAK is a Bengali quarterly webzine oriented towards pre-teens, teens and the youth.

জযঢাকের্ কথা
আজ্ থেকে অনেক কাল্ আগে "শুকতারা'' পত্রিকার্ শক্তিমান হিরো বাটুল দি গ্রেট মাঝে মাঝে হাংরের রোস্ট দিযে ব্রেকফাস্ট করতে করতে একটা খবরের কাগজ পডত | তার নাম দৈনিক জযঢাক | একবার তিন স্কুলপডুযা বন্ধু মিলে একটা পোস্টকার্ডে শুকতারার্ দপ্তরে এই মর্মে চিঠি পাঠিযেছিল যে দৈনিক জযঢাক পত্রিকার সদস্য হতে চায তারা | "পযসা লাগিলে বাবা দিযা দিবে"| তা, ডাকবাক্সে চিঠি ফেলে প্রায ছটি মাস অপেক্ষা করেও যখন তার কোন জবাব পাওযা গেল না, তখন কাগজওলাদের ওপর রাগ করে তিনজন মিলে ঠিক করল, না পাঠালো তো বযেই গেল, তারা নিজেরাই তৈরি করে নেবে জযঢাক কাগজ ...