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চলো যাই বরফের নদীতে হাঁটতে-- জয়ঢাকের সঙ্গে

  বরফের নদীতে অভিযান--সঙ্গে আছে জয়ঢাক!! পড়তে থাকুন----

্নতুন প্রজন্মের নতুন রুপকথা--সাইফাই ফেয়ারি টেল

ছড়া +রূপকথা+সায়েন্স ফিকশন = ????

4th Issue of Diyala Children's Bengali Online Magazine Published

[Diyala Bengali Online Children's Magazine]Calcutta, April 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The fourth issue of Diyala has been published. Diyala is a Bengali online e-magazine for the under 16 age group that you can read and enjoy with your family, friends and kids.

The Enchanting Verses International - a Serious Poetry Journal from West Bengal

Calcutta, April 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) With the overwhelming popularity of the world wide web, significant e  journals have come up all over the world with different motives and wish to promote poetry on a Global stage. West Bengal in comparison to South India has been a step backward in this regard with only a handful of online journals bringing out issues, that too without consistency except a few like Kaurab or Uharpool. In this context, our own Washington Bangla Radio Online Magazine has been publishing poems, stories and travelogues from independent creative writers for quite a few years now.

দিয়ালা ৩ | Diyala Online Bengali Children's Magazine 3rd issue published

DIYALA Bengali Childrens Online Magazine (Webzine)

The 3rd issue of bilingual Bengali - English children's magazine DIYALA has been published.

Free Online Bengali-English Magazine DIYALA launched - A Kochisamsad Publication

Online Bengali Childrens Magazine Diyala

Germantown, Maryland, Nov 8, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) DIYALA ( is a newly launched Bengali-English bilingual online magazine from Kochisamsad. Though the magazine focuses on children below 16, youngsters as well as grown-ups should find it equally appealing.

DIYALA webzine is a part of Kochisamsad which is bilingual (English and Bengali) and for the under 16 age group. The main motto of the publishers is to connect the schoolchildren worldwide through this webzine and to provide them with some quality reading material. An interesting aspect of DIYALA which derives from it's online nature is the magazine's web-site also servers as a platform for students, parents and teachers to interact online at the Diyala blog on different topics as a part of the Kochisamsad website.

Kochisamsad are involved in diverse social and literary activities, including The Mukti-Kochiknacha Book Bank Project, art workshops, pottery workshops, theater workshops, cooking-health food workshops for mothers, sit and draw and so on, where children under 16 are involved.

Diyala and Kochisamsad are created by Ananya Banerjee and her brother Sanjib Sikder. Ananya is a teacher with about 16 years of continuous teaching experience in reputed schools, presently attached with DPS, Ruby Park, Kolkata. Sanjib Sikder is an IIT Mumbai Research Scholar who is the designer of their web-site.

Ananya and Sanjib are currently the joint editors of Diyala. Their future plan is to come up with an advisory panel as Diyala grows, consisting of teachers, doctors, child psychologists, eminent writers and well wishers. DIYALA in print edition from a good publication house is also envisioned.

Check out DIYALA and Kochisamsad at

Magazines From Kolkata and India

Calcutta, Jan 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Indian magazine scene has exploded in recent years, and a lot of the top Indian magazines are now available in the USA on a subscription bases.

Check out the following links to subscribe to these and more magazines via online order from our affiliate store.

Verve - India: India's premier women's international magazine. Verve reflects the spirit of today s woman - changing with the times, moving with trends, styles, fashion. Verve chooses to cover achievers in every field from fashion, business and style to Bollywood, books and travel.

VERVE INDIAVerve - India : Magazine Subscription Ubs Publishers Distributors >

Check out the Complete list of Indian Magazines for Subscription in America >

নতুন জয়ঢাক বের হল

জয়ঢাক পত্রিকার এ বছরের শীত সংখ্যা প্রকাশিত হল। এই ঠিকানায় দেখুনঃ


Indian superhit Amar Chitra Katha Comics go digital : online download e-book release

Download and Read Amar Chitra Katha Comics ebooks onlineMar 18, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The popular Indian Amar Chitra Katha comics are now available in digital format worldwide. The Amar Chitra Katha comics are an Indian icon, featuring mythological and historical stories from the endless reserves of Indian mythology and history. The colorful comics continue to be a great way of introducing children to the richness of South Asian culture, and multiple generations of Indians have grown up spending endless hours of comic-book reading fun with fascinating stories of kings, queens, religious characters and so on, while simultaneously getting solid lessons in morality and human wisdom, much like Aesop's fables familiar to many children in the West.

Amar Chitra Katha Comics are now available for download in eBook format online for smart phones.

Tambourine--the online english magazine for kids from Kolkata

The 3rd Issue of the Online English Magazine for kids has been uploaded.

Click the image to visit the magazine :

পুজাবার্ষিকী কোলাজ ১৪১৭ | Kolaj Bengali Magazine Sharodiya Pujabarshiki Issue Released by Bengalis in Hyderabad

KOLAJ Sharodiya Bengali Magazine

Hyderabad, India, Oct 25, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengalis In Hyderabad (BIH), an association of Bengali expatriates in Hyderabad, have released this year's annual Sharodiya Pujabarshiki issue of Bengali - English magazine KOLAJ ( কোলাজ ).

Sharadiya Kolaj is available in India for Rs.50 - click here to order online.

The immense effort of the creative editorial team to compile and present a wonderful read is commendable.

After the huge success of কোলাজ – পূজাবার্ষিকী (১৪১৬), BIH determined to give it another try to enthrall readers. The feedback received was so valuable, that they dropped the idea of publishing a বর্ষা সংখ্যা and worked for a year to give their best shot and come out with another edition of পুজাবার্ষিকী (১৪১৭). Rahul Basu of BIH says, "I can vouch on my team, who worked day in and day out inspite of their busy office schedules, to give us a wonderful read."

"কোলাজ ধিক্কার জানাচ্ছে তাদের, যারা ধর্মের মুখোশ পরে মানবিকতাকে উপেক্ষা করেছে প্রতি মুহুর্তে। " says editor Rajarshi Ghosh.

KOLAJ is surely going to make a difference in everyone's life. It is a new lease of hope.

Washington Bangla Radio congratulates the Kolkaj team for delivering a world-class icon associated with Durga Puja - their own Sharodiya Bengali Magazine publication.

The Sharodiyo 2010 issue of the Joydhak has been uploaded

জয়ঢাকের ২০১০ শারদীয় ইস্যু প্রকাশিত হয়েছে। পড়ুন ও সকলকে পড়ান।

Sarodiya Anandabazar Patrika 2010 Pujobarshiki আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা


The 2010 Sharodiya Anandabazar Patrika Pujobarshiki is a must-read for Bengalis during Durga Pujo. Published from Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai by ABP Pvt. Ltd. (an enterprise of Ananda Publishers) and with 1,577,000 daily copies, the parent news daily has the largest circulation for a single-edition, regional language newspaper in India. According to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2010, the newspaper is the eighth most widely read newspaper in India with a total readership of 15,318,000.

Anandabazar is the most circulated Bengali newspaper in India. Other than Kolkata, it is also printed from various other towns in West Bengal. The paper was founded in 1922 by its inaugural editor Prafulla Chandra Sarkar. Presently, the newspaper is edited by Aveek Sarkar.

The contents of the Sharodiya Pujobarshiki ANANDA BAZAAR PATRIKA this year are ...

Ichchhamoti Bengali Online Children's Magazine - Monsoon 2010 Issue Published

ICHCHAMOTI Bengali Children's Online Magazine

The monsoon 2010 issue of the excellent Ichchamoti Bengali Online Magazine for Children (and adults will enjoy it for sure, too!) is now online at

Ichchamoti is one of the most read Bengali online magazines in North America (USA and Canada).

কোলাজ Kolaj Bengali Magazine accepting articles for Pujabarshiki 2010

The editorial team have started working on the KOLAJ magazine for the Pujabarshiki 2010 Edition. The editors are looking for articles of various genres. They are also looking for advertisers who would be interested in partner with them.