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Counter Culture, Counter Cinema - An Avant-Garde Film Festival

Los Angeles, CA, October 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), with Pacific Design Center, and Charles S. Cohen present Counter Culture, Counter Cinema: An Avant-Garde Film Festival, a three-day celebration of films focusing on the long-term alliance between experimental cinema and counter-culture activity. The festival will be held at the SilverScreen Theater at the Pacific Design Center October 14 through October 16, 2010, and will cover the half-century from the early 1960s to the present, featuring films and videos that explore sexuality, politics, communal experiments, and transgressive appropriations. Co-curated by David E. James and MM Serra, the festival is comprised of films selected from the collection of the New American Cinema Group/New York’s Film-Makers’ Cooperative (

“This is an historic event that gives Los Angeles the opportunity to look back on the past 50 years of avant-garde cinema, “ says Charles S. Cohen, PDC President/Owner and a MOCA Trustee. “We’re honored to have some of the pioneers of the genre here in person to discuss their contribution to the art form.”

Hollywood Actress Laura Niemi Joins the Hallmark Channel for Christmas

Hollywood Actress LAURA NIEMILos Angeles, CA, October 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Actress Laura Niemi joins Christine Taylor (“The Brady Bunch Movie,” “Zoolander”) and Vivica Fox (“Kill Bill Vol. 1”, “Independence Day”) for Hallmark’s 2010 heartwarming Christmas movie Farewell, Mr. Kringle.

Niemi plays Emily, a dress shop owner who defends the reputation of an aging and eccentric town hero to a presumptuous New York reporter on the rise (Christine Taylor). In one of the more heartwarming scenes Niemi discloses the loss of a loved one and the hero who helped her through it.

This will mark the second collaboration for Niemi and Hallmark. The first was Final Approach in 2007 with Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”), Anthony Michael Hall (“The Breakfast Club”, “Edward Scissorhands”) and Lea Thompson (“Back To The Future I, II & III”). An action filled account of an Ex FBI negotiator who uses all his skills to save a jumbo jet headed for Los Angeles California from the terrorists who have placed a bomb on board.

Pakistan Floods cost a staggering $9.7 Billion - World Bank / Asia Development Bank Report

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, 14 October 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The floods that swept across Pakistan since July caused an estimated $9.7 billion in damage to infrastructure, farms, homes, as well as other direct and indirect losses, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank (WB) said today.

The estimate was presented in the Damage and Needs Assessment (DNA), a survey conducted nationwide by ADB and the World Bank to assess the extent of the flood damage. The concluded survey was earlier submitted to the Government of Pakistan and today made public at the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

John Travolta feels Hollywood needs Bollywood

CALCUTTA, Oct 13, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Hollywood star John Travolta, who was recently in Mumbai (India), was quoted in the India’s media as saying that Hollywood needed Bollywood more than the other way around.

He also reportedly pointed out that there might be a potentiality of financing coming from India as Hollywood faced financial crisis caused by recession.

Travolta reportedly said that Europeans brought changes and made huge contribution to American cinema and added that it was now Bollywood's turn.

*Exclusive* Interview | Hollywood hero Michael J. Fox: “Could they laugh at somebody they knew was sick?”

Trevose, PA,October 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus) Michael J. Fox discussed overcoming the challenge of his Parkinson’s diagnosis by recognizing opportunities and becoming an activist on ASI Radio on Tuesday.

He appeared on the b-to-b radio program -- the “voice” of the promotional products industry -- to promote an upcoming speech entitled “Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist” he’s giving January 25 at an ASI trade show in Orlando. To listen to the interview, click here or go to .

“Fox was exactly what I’d expect: frank, funny and fast,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). “He didn’t dodge a single question and barreled through the interview in his unmistakable voice. He talked about everything from overcoming challenges to the way his wife calls him ‘Mr. Mayor’ when they stroll the streets of New York, because of all the people who recognize him.”

Here are some edited excerpts from the interview:

Q: How did you react when first diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
A: Obviously, it was a shock. I was 29 or 30, and not thinking about Parkinson’s. I thought it was something elderly people got. I originally thought I had a physiological injury and it turned out to be neurological. It took a while to sink in. Then, it was just a matter of dealing with it. But accepting it is not the same as being resigned to it. Second, it was becoming an activist.

Q: What does it take to battle the disease while becoming a force for change?
A: When you face struggle, you face the truth of it. You go moment to moment. When you do that, you don’t recognize loss, you recognize opportunity.

Megan Fox Ripped Look and Rhianna Biker Chic New Celebrity Style Jeans at USC

Megan Fox, Rihanna

London, UK, October 13, 2010  (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) USC has launched some great new looks with this Autumn / Winter seasons hottest trends, taking inspiration from the star styles of Megan Fox with a ripped jeans rebellious look and Rhianna’s biker deluxe mode. Celebrity style fans can now lay their hands on these looks with matching key pieces from Abandon, Mischa Barton, Firetrap and Diesel.

Megan Fox’s ripped rebellion
USC’s update on this classic denim trend combines an autumnal knit cover up and shoe boots, keeping Ms Fox’s ripped jeans style very much in the fore.

NASA, JPL Scientists Among First to Endorse Billy Meier UFO Photos

After numerous scientific experts went on record supporting authenticity of Meier’s physical UFO evidence, extraordinary efforts at damage control were undertaken by governmental and media agencies, according to U.S. media rep.

Playa Del Rey, CA, October 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus) Recently published information from Gary Kinder’s Open Letter to the UFO Community shows that among the stellar scientists and experts who first found for the authenticity of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, films and other evidence were Michael Malin, Robert Post, Marcel Vogel, David Froning and others.

Independent Filmmakers Launch Crowd Funding Organization

New York, NY, October 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) With the growing fundraising trend for filmmaking in full effect, three independent filmmakers today announced the launch of The Independent Collective (TIC) – an organization that offers visual and performing artists a crowd funding system fueled by donations. Intended to inspire anyone with an interest in entertainment, TIC will facilitate fundraising for artistic projects by connecting individuals, companies and non-profit organizations that will allow TIC’s members the opportunity to develop various projects in the arts that they cannot afford or maintain easily on their own.