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Michigan: February 18, 2011: In Japanese, teppan means an iron plate or a steel sheet, and yaki, stir-fried food or stir-frying and Teppanyaki is stir-fried meat and vegetables cooked and eaten off a large, table-top grill.

Street Light (Bengali, 2011) Audio Film Songs Released


Locket Chatterjee, Abhishek, Arjun, Nivedita and others at Bengali film STREET LIGHT Music Launch
Nivedita, Locket Chatterjee, Arjun, Abhishek, Pulakita and others

Locket Chatterjee, Abhishek, Arjun, Nivedita and others at Bengali film STREET LIGHT Music Launch
Images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, Feb 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Purple Music has been the audio label for many albums in the past including music albums of several Bengali films as well. Recently they have turned producers by producing their first Bengali film ‘Street Light’ under their banner Purple Motion Pictures.

Click here to download audio albums from Purple music in MP3 format >

The movie, starring Abhishek Chatterjee, Arjun Chakrabarty, newcomer Nivedita, Pulakita Ghosh, Ranjan Bhattacharya and Locket Chatterjee (WBRi interview), centers around the focal character who is torn between two worlds and looks for pleasures outside when he is getting along with his wife and he gets completely transported along a different path. You have a few other characters who are part of this journey advising him along the way. The film needs to be watched by people to know what happens next.

7 KHOON MAAF - the new vishal bharadwaj film

Immensely Boring and none-the-less confusing!!!

I wonder how a film-maker who has given at least 3 consistent films in row that made the viewers and critics alike to sit up and take notice, falters in his next films, degenerates and completely loses balance and 'touch'  hence forth, to come out with films (KAMINEY in 2009  and 7 KHOON MAAF in 2011) that are full of  such situations that haven't completed their 'full-circle', unwanted scenes seems to be 'wedged' in tight with such force that it seems to be absolutely alien and out of rhythm, the pace of the script that does not advance as needed and to top it all - the 'disjointed and half-baked' ideas that are adequate enough to KILL a film!

A Film Review by Nilanjann Nandy.

Cheryl Cole - Most Loved at the Watercooler

Cheryl Cole - The Most Loved at the Watercooler

February 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): What is it that Cherly Cole has but even a mogul like Simon Cowell lacks? The answer is not too difficult… capacity to be gossiped about! A survey by clearly states this. In the survey, office going men were asked what they talk about the most. About a fifth of them conceded that they often made Cheryl the subject of their conversation.

NASA Confirms Chandrayan’s Discovery of Water on Moon

Moon Impact Probe

Image by Harsha 24/7 via Flickr

New Delhi, Feb 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PIB-India) The discovery of water on moon was till recently attributed to NASA’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper, M3 on board India’s Chandrayan space craft. It was claimed that the  instrument detected water on moon’s polar region on 14 November 2008 while the space craft was rotating the earth’s natural satellite in a 100 kilo meter circular orbit. In an important development that wrong was set right on February 12, 2011 when the American Astronomical Society announced that the NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (HST) had confirmed the discovery of water on moon by the Indian built Moon Impact Probe (MIP) on board Chandrayan. The MIP, a 34 kg box shaped object carried the Chandra Altitudinal Composition Explorer, CHANCE which had three devices,  a video imaging instrument, a radar altimeter and a mass spectrometer. While the video imaging instrument was for taking pictures of the moon’s surface as MIP approached it, the radar altimeter was for measuring the rate of descent of the probe to the lunar surface. The mass spectrometer was for studying the extremely thin lunar atmosphere. It took the MIP 25 minutes after it was detached from the orbiting space craft to reach the moon’s surface. During that time before hard landing on moon’s surface, the MIP radioed all the information to Chandrayan which it instantly recorded in its onboard memory for reading out later. With the MIP’s sending of information to Chandrayan, India’s very first attempt to send a lunar probe was successfully concluded.

DLF IPL 4 2011 Match Schedule: Dates, Venues, Fixtures: Indian Premiere League Cricket Championship

Calcutta, Feb 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The 4th season of the Indian Premiere League (DLF IPL) will commence on April 8, 2011 with last year's champions Chennai Super Kings taking on Kolkata Knight Riders at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai.

10 teams, including the new entrants Kochi and Sahara Pune Warriors, will play 74 matches at 13 avenues across India over 51 days. A new play-off system has been introduced this year.

Indian Cricket lovers are looking forward to a enjoyable couple of months.

The provisional IPL 2011 match schedule:

Landing In Mumbai: Mumbai Goes to Washington DC - Web Series Star Takes Fashion to a Whole OM Level

NEW YORK (Feb 16, 2011) – With its first season’s finale just around the corner (February 20th), the big buzz continues about Landing in Mumbai (, the little web series that breaks the mold of well-known Indian stereotypes. The popular comedy web series, chronicles the antics of 22-year old Mumbai Chopra™, the sweet yet materialistic daughter of a spiritual guru who endures a highly publicized video scandal and haphazardly tries to find enlightenment in her life.

They are also official entries for The 2011Webby Awards (Online Oscars) for Best Comedy Series, Best Episode, Best Music (provided by Rishi Rich) and Best Website Homepage. Some highlights of the series include the highly entertaining Christmas special (Jingle Ladies), a music video parody and a trip to India! “Now that’s OM!” ™. Yep, that’s Mumbai’s tag line.

Hindus decry racist jibes at The X-Factor finalist British Roma singer Cher Lloyd

Nevada, Feb 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Hindus have come to the aid of “The X-Factor” finalist songstress Cher Lloyd in view of her racism filled bullying because of her Traveler (Gypsy) roots.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it was unfair or rather immoral to abuse an upcoming young star on race stereotypes. British society should be ashamed of itself for tolerating such racist incidents and not doing anything about it.