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Ensemble of 84 of the world’s top beauties Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas - Paula Shugart, President Miss Universe

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches Ushoshi Sengupta, 22 represented India at the contest this year. Indian beauties have always left their mark at the celebrated contest and so did Ushoshi, with her dusky and beautiful features. Her photo shoot was one of the most viewed among internet circles at this year’s competition.

Ik kudi Punjab di (2010) - Punjabi cinema witnessing an all-time high

Ludhiana, India, Sep 20, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) With Punjabi cinema  witnessing an all-time high in terms of popularity and ratings, the only requirement, if any, seems to be for creative scripts and quality actors. "Along with singers, the cinema is in need of deserving actors and involved producers," says Aman Dhaliwal, who made his debut as Rajkumar Ratan Singh in Ashutosh Gowarikar's 'Jodhaa Akbar'. Aman is in the city to promote his latest flick 'Ik kudi Punjab di'.

Shubhangi's non-coopertion takes popular Indian Hindi TV Show "Do Hanso Ka Joda" in spite of great ratings

Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog) Wondered why all of a sudden, even while experiencing high TRP among the shows on the channel, “Do Hanso Ka Joda” went off air?

By the way, you can watch live Indian TV Channels and shows online on PC or TV - click here.

Believing the sources, the reason was Shubhangi’s non–cooperative ways which led to the serial getting off air. Shubhangi who was nursing a back injury initially accepted to do the close shots from home, the production house was accommodating enough to reduce her scenes and shoot with Shubhangi at her house, but later Shubhangi just refused to do any kind of shoot. And refused to give even half an hour a day for close ups.

Aang, the Last Great Airbender in anime-cartoon TV Show Avatar the Last Airbender

(Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog)  Aang is the main character in the anime-cartoon TV Show - Avatar the Last Airbender. These series have been broadcasted over Nickelodeon's TV. Aang personage was created in accordance with Buddhist tradition, he was a vegetarian. It is the last Airbender and a Monk from his people. He was also the only one who was able to manipulate and control - Air, Land, Water, and Fire.

Howl's Moving Castle - Anime Movie Review - Entertaining, challenging and thought upsetting

(Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog) – Entertaining, challenging and thought upsetting, Howl's Moving Castle is probably not the very best movie ever launched, but it's easily among the best of the year. The movie opens with the eponymous citadel of the title parting the mists of the Waste in a simple, yet breathtaking introduction. The castle doesn't do anything in this opening sequence but transfer, but boy, the way it moves! A complex conglomerate of disparate parts working together in a frenzy of kinetic vitality, the fort is almost Rube Goldbergian in its complexity, setting the stage nicely for the wealthy tale of magic to come. The castle belongs to the type-hearted however self-absorbed wizard Howl, who wanders the Waste in his citadel in the vain hope of avoiding involvement in his country's lengthy-working warfare with a neighboring state.

Throughout certainly one of his brief forays into a metropolis, Howl pauses momentarily to rescue a young woman named Sophie from the unwanted attentions of a pair of amorous soldiers. This, unfortunately, brings Sophie to the attention of the vindictive Witch of the Waste, who transforms Sophie right into a ninety-12 months-outdated woman out of spite for Howl. Determined to interrupt the curse, Sophie hobbles into the Waste hoping to discover a wizard or witch willing to restore her to her former age. She finds herself employed on as housekeeper for Howl and his pig-sty of a fortress after which, as they say, the fun really begins.

Columbia Gorge Film Fest honors TRANS/FORM (2010) Documentary Film on Transgender Females

Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog)  The successful Documentary, Trans/Formed was honored at theColumbia Gorge International Film Festival with the award: Best Documentary. The recent screening of the documentary has sparked agreat amount of media attention since the screening on August 20th.

The film Trans/Formed explores the lives of four transgender females of different ethnic backgrounds living in Los Angeles.  The documentary exposes the truths and challenges to the transgender community by revealing past horrors, present taboos and future dreams.

Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog) Announcing the 13th annual Bible and Archaeology Fest, to be held November 19–21, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia. Twenty leading scholars will convene from around the world to share their research with the public in a dynamic seminar series designed specifically for the interested lay person. Concurrent sessions over the three-day period will address the latest developments in the fields of early Christianity, Gnostic scholarship, the Hebrew Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient Israel and Biblical archaeology.

Project Boobies donates 50% to Kokolulu Farm Free Cancer Retreat Charity on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog) This year, celebrate the gift of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month by supporting Project Boobies (, a new organization that dedicates up to 50% of profits  directly to Kokolulu Farm & Cancer Retreats – a Free Cancer Retreat Charity.

While many organizations support breast cancer by donating percentages of between 1-5 percent of total sales, Project Boobies will deliver up to 50 percent of total profits directly to cancer charities like Kokolulu Farms & Cancer Retreats – a cancer charity focused on the mental side of fighting cancer.

Dengue in Philippines - Anti Mosquito patches best protection especially for children

Mosquito bites cause Dengue Fever in Philippines, threaten children in all cities including upscale residential areas; anti mosquito patches are parents' best means to protect their children and infants in Philippines. Mosquito repellent patches.

Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio - PRLog) – Dengue Fever is one of the greatest threats to living in the Philippines.  This year again, Dengue has reached epidemic levels and many deaths have been caused by Dengue virus here in Philippines.  Dengue fever is as much a threat to adults as it is to children and infants in Philippines. 

অদ্ভুতুরে - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Odbhuture - A Bengali Children's Poem by Santwana Chatterjee

Adbhuture - a bengali poem by Santwana Chatterjee in unicode Bangla font.


সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

মামদো বলে শাঁকচ্চূন্নী এ তোর কেমন ঢঙ,
শণের নুড়ি চুলেতে তোর ঘোর কমলা রঙ।
বেগুন ঠোঁটে ফাহুন হাসি গন্ধ মাখিস পচা বাসী
খ্যাঁকরাকাঠি চেহারা তে সাদা খড়ির টান ...

বুড়িমা - সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায় | Burima - A Bengali Poem by Santwana Chatterjee

Burima - a bengali poem by Santwana Chatterjee in unicode Bangla font.


সান্ত্বনা চট্টোপাধ্যায়

মাগো নীচে ঐ বুড়িমা ছেঁড়া কাপড় গায়,
শুকনো মুখে একলা কেন বসেই আছে ঠায় ?
ঠিক যেন মা ঠাম্মা আমার নিয়েসনা ডেকে,
আমার ঘরে আমার কাছে থাকবে এখন থেকে ...

Interview: PADAKSHEP challenging economic hardship for higher education via scholarships for gifted students in Bengal and India

Salt Lake City, Utah, Sep 22, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio USA) Padakshep (the word in Bengali means "Footsteps") is a philanthropic organization operating from Salt Lake City, Utah, The USA actively providing financial assistance to meritorious students in West Bengal whose capital performance at the high school level would otherwise not have resulted in undergraduate studies due to their inability to bear the financial burden.

They write in their web-site, "Padakshep a dream shared by a group of like-minded people, that rests its faith in the notion that education can make a huge difference in shaping a society. We further believe that the responsibility to realize this dream lies with each and everyone of us who has had the good fortune to avail higher education, and thus the various good opportunities in life. With this vision, plenty of hope, and your generous help we have taken a small step - a Padakshep."

Washington Bangla Radio USA had an opportunity to talk to two of the core members of the organization that truly propels the careers of the gifted. Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio USA talks to Dr. Debansu Chaudhuri, Vice Chairman, and Arnab Rudra, treasurer and enthusiastic member of Padakshep in this audio interview that you can listen to by pressing the Play button in the audio player in the full article.

Be like Betty White: Child Cancer Facebook page appeals to Oprah to spotlight #1 child killing disease

Visit the OPRAH PLEASE DO A SHOW ON CHILDHOOD CANCER -- OUR KIDS NEED YOUR HELP Facebook Page to build awareness for childhood cancer

San Francisco, CA (Washington Bangla Radio - Vocus) September 22, 2010:  If Facebook can help Betty White host SNL, a group of child cancer advocates believe they can win awareness with their own Facebook Page entitled, OPRAH PLEASE DO A SHOW ON CHILDHOOD CANCER -- OUR KIDS NEED YOUR HELP. With 22,000+ active followers in just 17 days since its launch, organizers believe the growing buzz will show the world—and Oprah—how important and devastating an issue childhood cancer truly is.

Hot Flash Havoc at 2010 Aspen Filmfest - New Menopause Documentary Selected for Screening

The definitive film on menopause slated to debut October 2, 2010. Watch the trailer online.

Los Angeles, CA (Washington Bangla Radio - PRWEB) September 22, 2010: Hot Flash Havoc (, one of the most provocative and revealing films made about menopause, has been selected for the annual Aspen Filmfest ( The documentary will be shown at the Wheeler Opera House located at 320 East Hyman Ave., Aspen, CO on Oct. 2, 2010 at 3:00 p.m.

Hollywood Humanitarian Award for Two-time Academy Award Winner Actor SEAN PENN

Sean Penn will be bestowed with the "Hollywood Humanitarian Award" for his incredible selfless and dedicated humanitarian efforts in saving lives, as well as bringing relief to the human suffering in Haiti. Prior recipients of this prestigious award include director of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, Father Rick Frechette, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and President of East Timor, Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Ms. Jody Williams.

Hollywood, CA (Washington Bangla Radio - PRWEB) September 22, 2010: The Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Awards, presented by Starz, are pleased to announce that Sean Penn will be recognized for his outstanding humanitarian achievements at the festival's Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony.