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Bengali Movie LE CHAKKA (LEY CHAKKA) | Un impressive over - boundary - LE Chhakka !! - An Original Bangla Film Review


Bengali movie review by Nilanjann Nandy

Starring: DEV & PAYEL

Gone are the days when Bengali movies were something to watch out for, only for their meaningful content and “film-title” which gave off a distinct fragrance of literature-mindedness; to be brief a Bengali film represented the rock-hard foundation of Bengal’s culture. Films like “Nayak”, “Aranyer Din-ratri” and even commercial films like “Pratham Kadam Phool”, “Picnic”, “Ekhane Pinjar”, Baghbandi Khela”, Chowringhee”, “Mouchak”, Saat Paake Badhaa” etc.are witnesses of the golden period that we have left behind to let in the new era of tasteless and weak films in the name of new-age romance and Gen Y consideration with names like “Le Chhakka”!

Chhakka means a sixer, and here in this movie which is all about “para-cricket” this particular word may represent mirth, but the first word Le, is nothing short of a  slang i.e. A-bey and salaa!

The title of the film could have been a little apt yet polite??!

Releasing on such a day when the world is going crazy over World Cup football which begins in South Africa today. This film on cricket (para-cricket actually) lacks logic in most of the places.

Over dramatic situations, meaningless ululations and shouting all through the film which will definitely appeal to the section of 'mindless youth', for whom primarily these films are being made on a daily basis!

Games and Sports being the central theme of a Bengali film is nothing new. Films like Kony, Striker and Dhonni Meye are milestones in the history of Bengali Commercial movies, but “Le Chhakka” ushers in a new interpretation in film making, especially in Bengal. Raj Chakraborty does give this film a new style and he succeeds to a certain point.
Smart shot taking by Somak, melodious work by Indraadeep Dasgupta, nice artwork and a smart performance by Dev saves the day for the enthusiast watching this movie. Apart from this, there is nothing which “Le Chhakka” has to offer. Raj Chakraborty, the director of the film has tried a different recipe here though I think he will soon lose his recently acquired ‘midas touch’ if he keeps on taking his viewers and the general cinema goers for ‘granted’ by creating dis-jointed screenplays.

The heroine of the film- Payel is paired opposite Dev; gives an average performance, along with Laboni Sarkar, Dipankar Dey etc in supporting roles.

Indraadeep has given his best and scores a perfect ten with "Ali Maula" though the tune sounds magnetic in it's familiarity.Shaan delivers his lines beautifully.

Here in this film, Dev is Abir, a para-cricketer who shifts to Dorjipara in the North from South Kolkata and lands up in the vicinity of the para team ‘eleven bullets’. The beginning of the movie witnesses a match between the ‘bullets’ and the cricket team of South Kolkata, and the ‘bullets’ suffer a sorry loss at the hands of the south team. Now a key player of that team Abir (Dev) has shifted to this para, and the excitement is all about this. The ‘bullets’ suffered humiliation from all the members of their locality after their sad loss in the game and with Aabir of the south team landing up in their midst, he easily becomes their prey.

In the meantime the massive cultural difference between the two ends of the city, Abir is thoroughly irritated and thinks about leaving the locality.

However the story rolls on… and the niece of the landlord where Abir is staying, starts quarrelling with him regularly, and the ‘sands of time’ whishes slowly.

Then one day Abir comes to know that a political leader is trying to take over the Dorjipara, especially the house where he’s staying which the landlord doesn’t want to dispose. But he is forced!

Abir starts protesting by telling the locality people and the ‘bullets’ guys – that they will not be able to survive without protesting to these political pressures.

Thought primarily he meets resistance, Abir soon convinces them and even Rani (Payel), the niece. However, her brother Rajat doesn’t approve of this relationship. In the meanwhile many meaning less and confusing situations take place and Rani’s elder sister dies.

The conclusion lies in Abir challenging the oppressive power in a para-cricket match which is trying to take over the house. And then??

It’s all worked out in the most formulated manner without ANY imagination.

Under Abir’s guidance the ‘eleven bullets’ get their much awaited win and the ‘taking over of the house’ is FOILED, and last but not the least – Abir wins over Rani the heroine.

A typical “and they lived happily ever-after” fairy tale which is SLOW at times.

It is to be noted that, in comparison to the leading cast’s performance here in this movie, Dev’s performance in “Challenge” and “Dujoney” were far more engaging, and Payel gave her best in “Prem Amaar”!  All in all, this film is only "luke-warm" and does not satisfy fully.

I would suggest my friends to skip this movie if possible.

Review by : Nilanjann Nandy

Kolkata – 700074


Littlei events this coming week in Kolkata (June 11 - 18, 2010)

Friday Night Live from Littlei Kolkata live show

Littlei is organizing some stellar shows in the pipeline this week so we thought it would be best to send out a friendly reminder.

TONIGHT (11 June)

LOS AMIGOS return to FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE (FNL) at The Big Ben with their Latin Jazz sound exploring all from Salsa to Rumba. This is followed by IMPROMPTU SYMPHONIC MIND, a world music outfit spearheaded by the BBC award winning percussionist, ABHISHEK BASU.

Football fanatics can come in early as there will be a big projector screening of the game with amble draught beer to go around.

SUNDAY (13 June)

Alliance Franciase presents SAM SMILA, a gypsy-jazz group performing at the Gorky Sadan. This is a free show but you need to pick up invitation passes. Please call 9681453195 or 9830046963 and we can coordinate a pickup.

FRIDAY (18th June)

Teddy Boy Kill ... the vanguard elecro-rock-funk-techno-genre-redefining duo from New Delhi return to play a special 3 hour Friday Night Live @ The Big Ben. These guys have been infamous for pushing the boundaries of live electronic music and they return to this city by popular demand with a whole new arsenal of beats and tales.

So that's the roundup. Hope some of this this tickles your fancy! It's all open to everyone (no cover and entry) so come out and join us in effort at cultural re-evolution.

Premiere of Alice in Wonderland IMAX 3D in Kolkata - A Special Report on Washington Bangla Radio

Kolkata, India, June 11, 2010 : Alice in Wonderland, the highest grossing film of 2010 till date is directed by Tim Burton who has directed weird films like Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory etc- all blockbusters and all of them being fantasy themes. Therefore we can rightly say he is the master of such films and is the ultimate authority to make films on such a subject.

His latest film Alice in Wonderland (an extension of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland) is a brilliant rendition of how live action and animation can help to create a near reality. The story is about Alice, a nineteen year old girl who on the day of her engagement attends a garden party and accidentally falls into a rabbit hole while chasing a rabbit. She is transported into a land called the Underland which she has visited many years back. The Red queen and the White Queen are always at loggerheads and the RED Queen has a dragon like creature called the Jabberwocky who terrorizes the inhabitants of Underland and whom she must fight to save the people of Underland.She does slay the creature and help the people of Underland .She is then transported back to her normal life.

Alice In Wonderland 3D Movie Release

Interview | Canadian-Indian Film-maker Mukesh Asopa right after winning an award for The Taste Of Relation in 2010 Las Vegas IFF

Mukesh Asopa receiving an award for THE  TASTE OF RELATION at 2010 Las Vegas International Film Festival |  Washington Bangla Radio exclusive Washington Bangla Radio caught up with acclaimed Canadian-Indian film-maker Mukesh Asopa just after he received an award for his film THE TASTE OF RELATION (2009) at the 2010 Las Vegas International Film Festival.

The Taste of Relation has received a remarkable number of awards and international recognition, including

  • Rising Star Award- Canada International Film Festival-2010 (Vancouver)
  • Vista India-Global Cinema Festival-2009 (India)
  • Official Selection-Jaipur International Film festival-2010 (India)
  • Golden Palm Award-2010 -Mexico International Film Festival
  • Official Finalist Award-2010-Las Vegas Film Festival
  • Golden Aphrodite Award-Cyprus International Film Festival-2010
  • Van Gogh Award-2010-Amsterdam Film Festival-2010
  • Official Selection-Woshougal International Film Festival-2010-Washington

Listen to Mukesh Asopa talk about his feelings on receiving the award and also news about future projects that Mukesh may undertake with people he meets at these world-class film festivals.

Interview | Anamitra Roy and Sriparna Dey - Young Film Makers and Multi-faceted Creative Artists from Calcutta | WBRi Exclusive

Anamitra Roy - Bengali Movie DirectorANAMITRA ROY is a multi-faceted artistically talented young man from Kolkata. He is a well known parallel / experimental film-maker of the new generation, an accomplished poet, guitar player and artist, and has substantial contribution to and is an enthusiastic supporter of the little magazines in Bengal, among many other things.

Watch the theatrical trailer of Five No Budget Films.

Anamitra is a founding member of the independent film-making group LITTLE FISH EAT BIG FISH which released a five-film DVD in 2009 called Five No Budget Films (download the full movie DVD - click here) that included his own film "Jean Luc Godard Had No Script". He is a firm believer in the alternative / parallel cinema movement, and a strong supporter of the film as an art form more than a commercial product. He is barely out of his teens, and his energy and passion are infectious, and Washington Bangla Radio looks forward to seeing Anamitra as a powerful world-renowned film-maker before long.

Sriparna DeySRIPARNA DEY is also a founding member of Little Fish Eat Big Fish and a great cinema enthusiast herself, and a close friend of Anamitra. Sriparna is an accomplished artist and graphic designer among other things.

In this exclusive audio interview, Arijit Chakrabarty, Washington Bangla Radio, talks to both Anamitra Roy and Sriparna Dey in an informal and intimate setting. Anamitra and Sriparna talk about their childhood, their eclectic interests in various creative arts forms and how they got into film-making. They speak out boldly about the need for continuing importance of parallel / art-house cinema in Bengal and India, and analyze the Bollywoodization of Indian film and audiences preferences. Anamitra and Sriparna dwell on the interpretation of the terms like "Zero-Budget film" and "Micro-budget film", and of course about Little Fish Eat Big Fish, their members and mission.

The sweet voice of NINA RAHMAN - Bengali Modern, Rabindrasangeet & Nazrulgeeti singer from California, USA

Nina Rahman - Bengali SongsNINA RAHMAN has a wonderful sweet voice as you will hear in the player and sings great Bengali modern as well as Rabindra Sangeet.

Born in Barisal, Bangladesh, Nina now lives in California, USA with her husband Dr. Mizanur Rahman and two beautiful children - one son and one daughter.

Read all about Nina and listen to the full audio songs from her album Taray Taray exclusively on Washington Bangla Radio.

Ek Second...Jo Zindagi Badal De (Hindi Film/Teaser)

The Indian cinegoers would probably know Partho Ghosh as the director of thrillers like ‘100 days’ (Madhuri Dixit/Jackie Shroff, the story of a girl’s premonition powers) and even Agnisakshi (Manisha Koirala/Jackie Shroff, inspired by Hollywood’s ‘Sleeping with the Enemy.’

Partho Ghosh is again set to hit the silver screens on June 11th, 2010 with his next venture, featuring his favourite stars (probably) Jackie Shroff & Manisha Koirala in the film ‘Ek second…jo zindagi badal de.’

Both Jackie Shroff and Manisha Koirala are fading stars in the skies of Bollywood but it would be nice to see them together again, both individually and opposite each other. The film will also see a former beauty pageant winner Nikita Anand (Miss India 2003) in a lead role. And even Moammer Rana, a Pakistani film star who will pair opposite the beauty queen. The element of surprise would be to watch Roza Catalano, the ex-flame of the ‘Chhote Nawab’ (between Amrita Singh and Kareena Kapoor)

An Evening In Paris