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Rabi Pronam- Susmita Chanda

Listen to Susmita Chanda's tribute to the great poet on his 154th Birthday -


Recitation of Regional poems by Sima Chattopadhyay

Listen to two melodious regional poetry by Sima Chattopadhyay (Bubu)


ধীমানের লেখনী

Online Magazine বিভাগে পয়লা মে থেকে শুরু হচ্ছে 'ধীমানের লেখনী '।

Poila Boishakh---A new Beginning to an End.

A trip down memory lane began at the aisles of the Indian grocery store this weekend. I was doing my usual rounds at the grocery store when a glance by chance at the tender jackfruits sparked all memories of childhood. The spikes on them pricked my emotions and carried me to another day; another time. This was what "Poila Boishakh looked like, felt like and tasted like. Here I share the very essence of this day with you my friends, Walk this emotional journey with me..and...Shubho hok Nobo Borsho shobar.

Sultan of Music Adnan Sami to Perform in Washington DC

Adnan Sami Concert Live in Washington DC USA

Several times a year Indian-Americans and Pakistani-Americans come together to enjoy Bollywood Concerts -  a symbol of peace, brotherhood and unity, amidst the current chaos of the world. Men and Women dressed up, sing and dance to the popular tunes of Bollywood.  This will happen again on Friday, April 3 at Warner Theatre for Adnan Sami's concert thanks to Meenu Sabharwal of EVENTS WORLDWIDE in association with DIYA Restaurant and Karl Kalra (LIVE 2 U Entertainment).

Bengali modern songs by Mrs Juthika Barua - শ্রীমতি যূথিকা বড়ুয়ার কণ্ঠে আধুনিক বাংলা গান

Listen to few bengali modern songs from Toronto- based Indo-Canadian composer, Hindi and Bengali lyricist, story writer and singer Mrs. Juthika Barua's new Bengali album Jiboner Sajghor

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The Spirit of Spring.

I remembered the great Irish men I read about, my favorite Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, the Nobel Prize winning William Butler Yeats and even Jonathan Swift of Gulliver’s Travel I read as a child. This made me eulogize the only Irish connection I had through my years at Loreto House, an establishment by the Irish nuns in India.

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An inspiring change in Kashmir: Women Empowerment

Brokpa women from Kargil, northern Ladakh, in local costumes
Brokpa women from Kargil, northern Ladakh, in local costumes (CC BY 2.0)

Contrary to the 18th and 19th centuries, the 20th Century world in general has witnessed the rise in social status of the women. However, in last few decades, there has been a tremendous surge in the desire among women not to be merely treated as equal to their male counterparts but first among the equals. This phenomenon becomes particularly interesting because this desire of women is backed by a solid endeavour to carve a niche for themselves. Today, women want to weave a world of their  own - a world that promises freedom to make choices, independence to take decisions and indulgence with capacity building activities. Like the rest of the world, Kashmir too is experiencing this transformation among women. The phenomenon of women outshining their male counterparts is a common place occurrence rather than being an exception. Women empowerment, thus, is no more anissue that can be overlooked or given a shoddy treatment.   Despite Kashmir being a male dominated society for centuries and women being restricted behind the four walls, Kashmiri women have proved their mettle in numerous fields around the world. The very fact that they were able to overcome the enigmas of gender inequalities and discrimination, restrictions caused by the conflict and lack of opportunities, there is no more proof required support the argument that the quest for excellence among Kashmiri women was never missing.