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Saregama Classical App Uploads Rare and Unheard Musical Works of Gauhar Jaan, Gets 50k downloads in 2 weeks

Gauhar Jaan

Saregama Classical App  launched by RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group owned music label Saregama India Ltd., has in the first 2 weeks of its launch seen 50,000+ downloads from listeners.  To mark this milestone, Saregama has added a rare collection of Gauhar Jaan’s musical works to the application. Download the Saregama Classical app.

HE NAMED ME MALALA (2015) Premieres in New York and Los Angeles, Opens in Theaters Nationwide USA on October 9

“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world." – Malala

HE NAMED ME MALALA opened exclusively this Friday, October 2, at the Lincoln Square and Sunshine theaters in New York City and the Arclight and Landmark theaters in Los Angeles.

Washington, DC, Oct 4, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai took New York City by storm ahead of the release of her new documentary film HE NAMED ME MALALA which opened in New York and Los Angeles this Friday October 2. The release date in theaters nationwide is October 9. The film is directed by Davis Guggenheim.

শব্দগল্পদ্রুম | New Bengali Audio Magazine Launched by Bangla Childrens' Magazine JOYDHAK

SHOBDOKOLPODRUM Free Bengali Online Childrens Audio Magazine

বাংলা গল্প, কমিকস, কবিতা, ইতিহাস, সব শাখার মূল্যবান কাজগুলোই এইখানে থাকছে , কিন্তু পড়বার বদলে তা চোখে দেখা ও কানে শোনার ফর্ম্যাটে।

Bengali poem by Neela Das Nath

Bengali poem written by Shrimati Neela Nath Das-

A Crave For A Crepe.

One fine morning I have discovered some great savory crepes right in New Jersey which are very akin to the ones I have tasted on the streets of Paris. Having tried crepes in different parts of United States and also in Canada, in Ottawa, Montreal and at Quebec city, no where did they serve the savory crepes that I am so fond of. A browse through the menu at this eatery was like a child being at a toy store, but then I kept my calm and decided to stick to my all time favorite crepe of ham and cheese. And sure enough I remain a happy soul.

প্রকাশিত হল শারদ ২০১৫ জয়ঢাক

চারটে জিনিস ফ্রি তে মেলে--আলো, হাওয়া, জল আর জয়ঢাক-->

Ashitava now at WBRI.

Here is an exciting news to share with my WBRI family. We have on board Ashitava Sircar, an ace Ad Man by profession for more than two decades now. He has a natural flair in expressing himself through his art of writing. He is now here to enthrall the readers of WBRI with his impeccable and brilliant eloquence through his many artistic compositions.

রূপান্তর আছে ক্ষয় নেই – মৃগাঙ্ক

তোমার লেখা, তোমার গান আর কবিতা নিয়ে চটকাবে, তেঁতো করবে, ছিবড়ে করবে তার পর ভেবে নেবে তোমার প্রয়োজন ফুরিয়েছে। তখন ফেলে রাখবে কোণাতে অযত্নে...